~ Please Enjoy this Gift of Spirit ~

- Learn to Meditate -

Become more Spiritual by

Mindfully Practicing

The Seven Sacred Services

  • Personally Fulfilling Marriage Counseling

    • Premarital Counseling


      Personally Fulfilling Marriage Enlightenment Guidance


      Stages of Awakening Soul Mates


      1.  Introducing couples to the Essential Elements of Spirituality

      Establishing a common base of Calm Tranquil Mindful Practices

      Enhancing Both Individual and Marital Growth

      Balancing All Perspectives

      Mind - Body - Spirit - Emotions

      Through the perspectives of

      ~ Equanimity ~


      2.  Transition to Married Life

      Facilitate and coach a process that enables the couple to discover their

      Personal and Relationship strengths and weaknesses

      and stimulates relational growth.

      We bring to the discussion, all thoughts on

      Individual & Marital - Goals, Dreams, Plans


      3. Development of Relationship Skills

      Starting with the basic responsibilities and contributions each will bring to ‘the Team’…

      Then Integrating the growing ‘depth of Spirit’ as is arises through

      the Self-Realizations that each one will Awaken to both Individually

      and as a Union of Two Interwoven Soul-Mates


      4.  ‘Reiterate the Resolve’ of the couple's decision to marry each other…

      In this day and age, there is much less obligatory, authority mandated, pressures to marry.

      If really young or somewhat unsure or… really sensible…

      Consider a Commitment Ceremony at the completion of your Course

      It’s OK to commit your Love to your Love

      It does not need to be a ‘trinity’ with you, your love and big brother....

      Along with this ménage à trois... there will be the

      Litany of Litigious Lawyers Lurking in the Lining...

      We are no longer required to

      Fornicate Under the Consent of the King’…

      In other words,…

      The Government Does Not need to know who we are currently in love with

      The whole guidance course, wedding and life ...will go on exactly the same.

      The only difference is one single marriage license form filled out on-line.

      At this point, we just bring to Awareness the 'core reasons to get legally married'.


      There are countless reasons to get married...

      We will discuss the virtues and pitfalls

      of the main reasons how each particular couple feels about

      'Why They Truly Want To Get Married'




      I help you to get in touch with your ‘inner teacher’.

      In most cases

      Just bringing an Awareness to an issue

      Will bring it into the light for a better look.

      Your inner teacher is ‘Always Already’ up to speed on all your challenges…

      Tap Into It

      As we open up to a flowing discourse…

      A Synergy of wisdoms are shared and mutually gained.

      At any point down one’s path…

      New issues or wisdoms can be easily integrated into an ongoing relationship.


    • Couples Mid-Marriage Counseling


      'Medicine' for a ‘Mid Wife Crises’ or a 'Groom of Doom Syndrome'

      Personally Fulfilling Marriage Enlightenment Guidance


      ~ Stages of Awakening Soul Mates ~


      1 - Introduce the couple to the Essential Elements of Spirituality

      Establishing a common base of Calm Tranquil Mindful Practices

      Enhancing Both Individual and Marital Growth

      Balancing All Perspectives

      Mind - Body - Spirit - Emotions

      Through the perspectives of

      ~ Equanimity ~


      This offers each a 'uniting and healthy distraction'.

      By beginning a simple meditation practice

      A lot of positive results will just naturally occur

      Past trivial issues... Won't even BE issues...

      and the remaining issues... the reason why you are seeking this counseling...

      Will be much easier to 'Transcend'' when approached with

      The calm clear mind set of Equanimity.


      2 - Get in Depth with the Transition from the Blissful newly-Weds

      To 'Mid-married life'...

      and to possibly, 'the edge of it all'...

      Facilitate and coach a process that enables the couple to

      Stand back and empirically bring to Awareness their discovered

      Personal and Relationship strengths and weaknesses

      and stimulates relational growth.

      We bring to the discussion, all thoughts on

      Individual & Marital - Goals, Dreams, Plans

      At the beginning stages,

      We are not trying solve or fix anything...

      "We're just gettin' the facts Mame"

      The meditation, with a wee bit of Spiritual insights

      Will naturally influence one to a more loving, more compassionate 'way'...

      While being less emotionally egotistical


      3 -  Development of 'New' Relationship Skills

      Starting with the basic responsibilities and contributions each have brought to ‘the Team’…

      Then Integrating the growing ‘depth of Spirit’ as is arises through

      the Self-Realizations that each one will Awaken to both Individually

      and as a Union of Two Interwoven Soul-Mates

      In other-words...


      4 - All couples that earnestly participate in this program will end up with

      Absolutely no room for doubt

      The all-embracing, unconditional, emotionally ego-less nature that

      One will be inclined to roll with,

      Exudes and attracts Peace, Love, and Harmony.

      ~ If ~

      Only one partner is inspired to actively participate…

      Then at least they can learn the patience and understanding from a higher perspective…

      If this perspective still proves to be… UN-fulfilling…

      Then one will be in a better position to make an appropriate decision

      when that moment arises.


      I help you to get in touch with your ‘inner teacher’.

      In most cases

      Just bringing an Awareness to an issue

      Will bring it into the light for a better look.

      Your inner teacher is ‘Always Already’ up to speed on all your challenges…

      Tap Into It

      As we open up to a flowing discourse…

      A Synergy of wisdoms are shared and mutually gained.

      At any point down one’s path…

      New issues or wisdoms can be easily integrated into an ongoing relationship.


  • Mindfully Centering Awareness Program

    • The Science - Philosophy -Theology - Psychology and Zen of "It" all


      ~ You will learn ~

      The Essential yet simple forms of Meditating,

      Bringing a Calming and Focused mental perspectives

      That follow both Ancient Zen and Modern Psychology Practices


      Introduction Guidance to:

      ~ the Big Mind Process ~

      Compartmentalizes the countless processes of our mind

      How 'it' thinks about certain situations...

      How the basic departments, or parts of 'us' operate.


      Once aware of these 'departments',

      we can 'Stand back' & study them

      Empirically and not Emotionally

      Then see any particular life issue from a broader perspective

      and render a better plan of action.


      We Achieve Equanimity through the balanced outlook of

      Being Aware of our Emotions


      Not Allowing them to Over-ride our better judgments

      This process - Is what

      Modern psychoanalyzing psychology strives to accomplish.



      ~ Mindful ways for Daily Practice ~


      Seven Sacred Services that practiced Daily by

      the Top Seven Sacred Spiritual Traditions

      These are

      the Core Contemplative, Individually Experienced

      Deeply Spiritual - World-Centric Practices

      Without any distracting Dogmas or

      the obligatory need to believe completely man made up myths



      You will learn about the

      Eight Human Developmental Stage Growth Levels

      This will help you

      Identify the general degree of Growth Development

      that some,

      Including one's own self,

      are operating at.


      If you have ever wondered why people behave they way they do...

      Why do certain people

      & occasionally ourselves

      ~ Act so ~

      Self Centered,

      Egotistical or EgoCentric - Can Only love themselves -

      Cannot grasp the perspectives of others

      EthnoCentric - Can only love ones IN their group


      Although one can generally be operating at a 'Higher Level'

      Most have many 'lower stage' issues

      That have Not been fully Transcended.

      'Disowned or Repressed' issues,

      become what psychologists refer to as

      'Shadow' influences


      Hidden 'mental road maps' of how we perceive, relate to, respond

      and interact with our 'world'


      Realize that

      It is easy to relate to and understand lower stages...


      One's at Lower stages can Not relate to Higher stages


      You will learn that not only can one not generally comprehend the

      Higher Developmental Stage Levels,


      To their Limited level of human stage development and Spiritual Awareness

      They intrinsically believe that their (lower) perspective

      is the very best of all stages or perspectives.


      Learning a Patience for ones on the lower levels

      while at the same time - Striving towards

      A Higher Path Within


      I make suggestions to follow a general and reasonable goal of

      Integrating these 'states of mind' into one's normal life routines.

      Balancing our sedentary life of computers and meditation

      with a Daily routine of Focused Intense Training... Physical Strengthening Perspectives


      Deep and lengthy meditations require very good posture and physical strength.

      A strong mind is balanced by the limitations of our physical form.


      I also Integrate the Philosophies and

      Integral Theories of Ken Wilber

      Into a 'Life Practice'

      that he lays out in vast detail within his All Inclusive Perspectives of Life

      He is very deep and thorough in his Wisdoms,

      And portrays a surprisingly simple and easy to comprehend explanation of


       He takes the otherwise inconceivable and most complex aspects that have created life from the first spark of the Big Bang

      Points out how the earlies forms of "Life" formed from simple small things

      to bigger and more complex things.

      Each simple 'thing' Transcends and Includes others, until these organisms became the first 'Life' in the Pre-Historic oceans, then to the fish that we were, swam out of the sea and became the reptilian aspect of our evolution, through the Mammalian monkey phase,

      and the earliest forms of Humans.


      Ken Wilber

      Brilliantly points out the formations of early societies and

      marks their progress through history and up to now.

      Points out the early practices of 'worship' and sacrifices, the various stages of development and governing bodies and how it all ties in with,

       which types of 'society' behavior thrived and those that fundamentally failed.


      He takes all the data and history of our entire existence and compiles a

      'Theory of Everything"

      by explaining how academic disciplines and every form of knowledge and experience

      Fit together coherently.

      He breaks down How 'we' view life in four quadrants of perspectives...

      How we view our selfs from our inner most thoughts

      Our surface appearance of how others view us

      How 'we' fit into our society,

      and how the 'society' ingrates with everything...




      the Ultimate goal of All "Inspired" ones...

      The True Awaken, Self Realized, Awaken ones...

      Is a path of 'Unity Consciousness -

      and Realization of the 'Non-Duel' perspective


       This experience appears to us 'less Enlightened' ones'

      To be 'Ineffable' -  Indescribable.

      There is simply nothing in our perspectives or vocabulary

      that can remotely close to portraying this 'State of Enlightenment'...


      Sri Maharaj

      Does about the best job of presenting his real life "Enlightened" experiences


      It is profoundly inspiring at practically any stage to at least

      attempt to let this wisdom sink in... however subtly it can.

      I present my Highlights of the Enlightened Experiences of

      Sri Maharaj

      He portrays the depth of expressing the feelings of over 40 years of

      Fully Awakened,

      Self Realized, 'Non-Duel' Enlightenment


      The level of Spiritual Development of Sri Maharaj is way beyond most...

      but just around the corner to many Spiritual Seekers.

      Most of us will use his Perspectives as guidelines or reference of achievement.

      His perspectives speak eloquently of

      Unconditional Love

      Spoken in simple matter of fact




      Life in general is all about Transcending and Including,

      In order to

      Grow and Go beyond the bend of Perceptions


      There is much wisdom in viewing all issues of Life

      with as many perspectives as possible.


      This states a very fundamental simple view of 'things'...

      Things in Life

      that have taken into consideration

      the widest possible amount of perspectives

      Have the greatest chance at prosperity


    • Awakening Guidance


      All of these Practices are very simple in concept

      and can be taught in a rather effectuate manor


      I offer a well balenced teaching appraoch to gaining the insight one would need

      to proceed toward their own indiviudel custom 'Path' along their own 'Way'

      ~ A 'Way' ~

      That Resonates and Inspires the Individual towards an

      'Inner Understanding'

      of one's Self and the pursuit of a Deeper perspective of Life in general


      ~ Call it what you wish ~

      Spirituality, Mindfulness training, common sense living...

      This "Insight"

      is like an instrument.

      We all begin life knowing absolutely nothing about this 'instrument '

      or how it works.

      Notes on the pages seem like random dots...

      At first, it may seem like a daunting task

      To take on something that from our first perspective, appears to be

      Much Deeper than we can comprehend...


      From the first performance of 'mary had a little lamb'...

      Something Deep inside of you starts to arise in your awareness...

      You are Inspired....

      And where you take this musical inspiration ... is your personal path.


      As the years of 'practice' goes by, your Depth of Ability becomes part of your 'being'...

      and the joy of this connection of our 'being' grows with time and experience.


      These Fundamental Life Practices may seem daunting and new at first...

      but after your first deep mindful meditation session, it will be like your first

      'Mary Had A Little Lamb'...

      But on a level of profoundness

      That just can not compare to anything we've been led to experience

      Each step along this path helps one

      See through the 'Vail' that hides our

      'True Self'


      This Introduction Training is not an attempt to show you

      "The Way",

      but rather,

      To show you how to go Within


      You can find your own 'Way'


    • Well Balanced Approach


      ~ Full On-Line course ~

      Fully Presented One Section at a time.

      With up to about Two Hours of Email Correspondence

      and some phone consultation (If required)


      Feed back in the form of Journaling your experience

      and any questions you may have along the way.


      a simple question may waste many hours of time.

      I can quickly keep you on ‘the path’ with email correspondence.


      With help of an engaging suggestion form

      You will Prepare the beginings of a

      Personal Journal

      Starting with your Insightful thoughts on the

      Main factors of One's Individual Considerations

      and also As a Couple


      The writings help to solidify ones understanding,


      By expanding upon with deep thoughts


      Quite Contemplation and Meditation


      This Journaling becomes an essential tool right from the start

      With in depth and personal interaction of Counsel


      Parts can be interwoven into an Optional

      A Maui Beach Wedding Ceremony

      Vow Renewal or Commitment Ceremony

      ...as inspired.


      No matter what your depth of ‘Awareness’…

      These various aspects Human Developmental Growth

      and Spiritual Conscious Awakening

      Allows one to

      Grow up & Wake up


      Gaining Perspectives that

      - Far and Beyond -

      Excels the potential reach of your



    • ~ Subjects Covered ~

      • Meditation Basics


        I quickly get rusty meditators and neophytes up to speed

         "within a few calming breaths"

        Later down the 'road of meditation', one will experience the many ways a more

        "Zen Like Way" can be integrated into our Daily routines.


        With consistent focused 'practice', one will become Aware of the

        State of Mind That Arises in Meditation

        and then perform many ordinary tasks with a calm level of focus that

        effectively sustains one's 'meditative state of mind'.


        From Brain surgery to Bingo

        Having a calm focused mind for many hours of the day

        Becomes a way to be connected to All things.

        A sense of well being is discovered among the most ordinary aspects of our life

        Bringing a meaning and purpose to live more and more

        Consistently in the Ever Present Moment


        With enough focused practice, this 'state of mind Awareness' begins

        to arise in one's perseption of Dreams.

        Where as while one is Dreaming,

        they become Aware that they are conscious of the fact that they are

        'Witnessing' their Dreams

        If one is so inclined ,as I used to be, they can take control of the dream

        and lead it towards preferable outcomes in the form called:

        Lucid Dreaming.

        This also worked great as a kid to change the outcome of a scary dream into

        a really fun and engaging experience.


        But with experience,

        One begins to naturally become the Witness of the Dreams

        To take it in from a wider deeper perspective.

        Whereas with Lusid Dreaming, the goal is to 'control' the dream.


        It is far better to 'practice' with a 'Witnessing' perspective'

        Be Aware that you are dreaming

        but in a non judgmental way with no inclination to change the dream

        This is helpful in the waking states to help one be more inclined to

        "Be" in the "Moment"


        In the Dream State

        the brain waves that are typically recorded at this state of mind are

        magnitudes less cluttered with stray random thoughts than

         normal waking brain wave activity.


        When the Dream then moves on to the most quite and restful

        Dreamless Sleep

        An experienced meditater can witness the Deepest part of sleep,

        where the brain waves are recorded to be the absolute calmest

        It's like being in a Spiritual Isolation Tank

        Floating in the Reverence of a profound Stillness




        Meditative Visualization Exercises


        I go  through the top 13 Meditations for Essential Spirituality

        Giving Insights to the subtle perspectives that will quickly bring an understanding.


        I will go into simple details the of importance of taking notes

        We will create a simple methodology for documenting your 'Path' & Progress

        Also pointing out

        How, with writhing your thoughts down, that one can begin

        to become more Aware of our Inner thoughts.

        These Meditations

        Will bring to our awareness the subtle details of ourselves that are often

        Far too overshadowed to realize their presents or effects

        on our way of thinking or perceptions.


        I will actively help outline the process of  a 'Life Review'

        From the the entire life review and documenting your thoughts in writing.

        Reflecting on the various 'cross roads' or Life changing events

        Here you find within yourself hidden desires, unfulfilled issues

        and even 'disowned "Shadows" of our psyche


        Here we can allow these Life experiences arise in our awareness,

        so we can explore them.  Then with the new perspectives we have gained,


        Old 'issues' dissolve quickly in the light of one's new level of Awareness

        and better understanding of the 'Ways of Life'


        All of these Meditations lead to a way for one to

        "Contact Your Inner Teacher"

        This Visualization Meditation is a very useful tool to help us

        Gain the Insights that we 'Always Already have Within us'


        Working in conjuction with all of these meditaions,

        a deep level of 'understanding one's own self' is allowed to

        arise in ones subtle awareness.


        By quiteing our minds, we are able to focus on this subtle awareness.

        With consistency, this Awareness becomes more and more

         'Present'... more of the time...


      • Yoga like Limbering stretches



        I state Yoga "Like" practices to emphisize

        That each individual should always be very mindfull of the difference between

        'Good' Pain and Damaging Pain'

        For those with physical challenges, old injuries,

        or just growin' a wee bit 'old


        I suggest to

        Be very Aware of the subtle needs of you own body.

        I have taken proper traditional Yoga concepts


        Modified them to suite my particular needs.


        In my Spiritual Retreat Experience

        I explain how keep achy breaky knees

        and all other pesky body parts in a lubricated liquid healthy flowing state.


        Stay with the focus of the sensations and listen to your body


        The key

        to good meditation is good posture

        The core of every move we make is centered in our 'center'

        near our lowest Qi (sChe)

        Our lower back, the lower spine and the connecting muscles that

        holds up 'this carriage we ride through life on'

        Must be kept fixable and strong.

        There are a series of simple Yoga stretches that brings one's awareness to

        the flexibility of this most critical area.

        For me:

        A life time of fairly consistent athletic activities and exercises did not present me with

        The many ways to limber, stretch and strengthen this ‘Universal Joint’.

        Although I could still touch my toes and even

        place my palms on the ground with legs straight…

        I never seemed to get the full spectrum of movement and flexibility


        One should always be Mindful of this most crucial area.


        With about 15 to 30 minutes each morning, you will benefit greatly

         in ways you did not think you are just not aware of.

        For example,

        I thought I was already fairly flexible,

        my lower back did not have any issues I was aware of…


        after a few days I was already enjoying a freedom of movement that

        I didn’t expect to be so… liberating.

        Within a few weeks others were noticing a very noticeable improvement

        in my waist and posture.

         My wife, a professional vocal coach, even observed my singing voice has improvised

        and my depth of range and support is quite a bit more solid.

        ~     ~     ~     ~

        A long morning meditation followed by a period of Yoga stretches,

        will carry yourself through your day with more focus, direction and grace.


        Once these Yoga stretches are memorized and understood,

        they can be done anytime anywhere.

        Even for short periods at work, just to get off your chair and get your circulation going…


        There are ways to strengthen these core muscles in very mindful ways.

        Soon you will begin to hold your own stance and balance with more…

        Simple elegance or refinement of movement... and grace.


        They are easy to understand and to do

        With a wee bit of guidance,

        I can quickly get one up to speed while personally coaching the movements

        along with explaining the finer detail of what we are trying to achieve,

        how to do it, and how to be Mindful of our bodies and the movements.


        This is a critical focus point, so that

        we are properly working the muscles we want to, while not inducing damage in others.


        I am in my mid 50’s and observing many new challenges with doing normal things like,

        Jumping up to quick to turn around and… do about anything… OUCH!

        It’s almost like beginning at this age we might need to do stretches

        before we do anything physical…

        I’d like to be kidding, but then I’d just be kidding myself


        I can recall an alarming number of acquaintances that have endured

        an alarming number of bizarro injuries…

        From doing normal things like

        Walking the dog, planting a plant, taking out the garbage…

        Then there was Anna, done to death by a banna


        These simple Yoga Stretches will make everything you do more of a joy.

        You will have more strength and proper mindset of being mindful of your core

        so as to avoid purposely damaging yourself.


        The meditations will put you into a certain ‘mind set, which along with the

        Buddha Mindfulness practices mentioned on

        my Life Practice Course:


        Introducing ~ Mindful Ways for Daily Practice ~


        I out line a ‘state of mind’ one can strive for in their normal daily routines

        That will transform their perspectives

        Instead of mindlessly and ‘automatically reacting’ through your day

        You will soon naturally tend to ‘ZenFully flow through your day

        with your mindfulness focused on the task at hand.

        Most car accidents are caused by distracted drivers.

        This ‘Way of Life’ cures that and much more


        Contact for Awakening Guidance


      • Focused Intense Training - Meditative Workout Insights



        SHAWN PHILLIPS – Developed this ‘perspective of working out’

        which can be applied to just about any activity.

        The most basic,

        Comprehensible and effective exercise to demonstrate this technique

        Is weight lifting or resistive training

        For most of us mere mortals I will demonstrate on light hand weights

        and elastic resistance bands.


        Focused Intense Training – F.I.T.

        Integrates a meditative mindset directly to the area of focus.


        There is a simple but orderly way to proceed through this process that

        transforms your normal hand weight or resistive band workouts

        Into a meditative workout.


        Just like learning to meditate,

        When we began to discover how many useless diversions our minds are busy with

        When it should be focused on the task at hand.

        That sounds like a simple concept, right?

        With the meditations taught already, one gains this ‘mindset’ of

        Concentrating the mind to focus on the task… and the understanding to

        Gently bring one’s focus back to task when it appears to wander.


        Zen Masters and Sages describe ‘meditation’ generally as a ‘state of mind’.

        One that consistently meditates,

        Will naturally flow into this ‘state of mind’ during moments throughout the day.

        This way of Integrating your Meditative Mindset with your Physical workout

        will seem like a natural progression along this ‘Path’ I’ve laid out.

        Plus help you begin to Transcend your ‘sitting meditations’ to a ‘stat of mind’ that allows you to be in that moment many hours of your normal day.


        All of these Areas of Guidance builds upon the others

        like Ken Wilber’s Holon theories…

        Together – These areas of focus combine to

        Transcend to infinite heights while Including the Essential elements

        Which creates a result that is greater than the sum of it’s parts.


      • Implementing Mindful Daily Practices


        I Present about

        16 Mindful Practices that are very easy to

        Comprehend, Understand and put into Action.


        These practices are in common with the core teachings of

        The Seven top Spiritual Traditions and likely many more


        These various ‘mindful way’ practices help us connect with our natural inclination to Broaden our awareness and deepen our compassion

        to a wider circle of Un-Conditional Love


        It is one thing to read of these practices,

        It is yet another to journal and reflect on such things,


        It is only in putting this knowledge into action,

        Only then, can one experience

        the Wisdom of it All


        Each of these particular practices helps increase the time you can

        be in ‘a state of mind’ that is…


        Each with it’s own lesson on our

        Path towards Awakening


        One then begins to become aware of the profound difference

        just a slight shift in one’s perspective can make

        on how we perceive and navigate through our life.


        These practices

        Build Bridges Towards A Deeper Understanding Of Ourselves


        The seemingly simple tasks

        Done with a focused awareness can be

        A Profound 'Awakening' for Spiritual Growth


        Transform Daily Activities into Sacred Rituals

        Turning Work into Service


        Much of what we do each day is already a service.

        Whether it is cleaning, cooking, or accounting, a lot of it is for the benefit

        of other people, whether they are clients, friends, or family.


      • In Depth and Personal Big Mind 'Introduction'


        I Present a basic yet thorough Introduction to this in depth meditative visualization.

        The basic concept of the process can be presented on a personal level

        or with a group participation.


        Integrating Jungian Phycology techniques, thus,

        Manifesting a 'way'

        To look at the way ‘we - our -self' initially sees ... Life

        By putting a 'voice' to the many components of our thought process

        'Voice Dialog'

        We are able to compartmentalize our perspectives on Life

        Which allows us to 'Stand back from the overwheling and distracting

        Emotional influence our egos tend to dominate us with

        Allowing clear empirical and well thought out responses to Life


        The guidance of this introduction along with inspiration towards effective journaling…

        Which includes reflection, deep contemplation and the understanding of it all…

        by putting your experience into writing…


        Adding to your journal helps to view one’s progress towards a goal or to identify an issue that can use some form of Resolution.


        A reasonably healthy mind could read through and find some

        'awakening' understanding

        of the many aspects of our Mind's Processes...

        Thus gaining better 'perspectives' towards

        More balanced and Integrated mental decisions.


        This helps greatly with one’s ability to compartmentalize our various thought processes

        so we can stand back and empirically and unemotionally observe

        and come to a balanced conclusion based on many perspectives.


        ~    ~    ~    ~


        From Ancient Zen

        to Modern Psychology and most Spiritual Traditions


        Is the core method towards Deepening one's Awareness



        Refers to the discipline of cultivating a crucial capacity of mind,

        such as Wisdom and Concentration.

         Practices are rehearsals of desired qualities, which eventually become

        Spontaneous and Natural Ways of Being


        ~  Ineffable  ~

        Too great or extreme to be expressed, described or comprehended  in words

        That is your soul,

        your Awareness of Spirit and everything that is such...

        Can only be felt for themselves from Within


        You can't just read about Spirit,

        You must go Within and experience it yourself


        To Fully Begin Your Journey Along Your Personal Path

        Use these Meditation skills I've laid out and

        Follow the Top Meditations I detail in my sessions


        Just because it seems like one is way to overburdened to have,

        If not a Full enlightenment, but at least just an inspiring glimpse…

        In times of intense life issues,

        Intense energies race like random firecrackers

        but with a practice such as this,

        These energies can be directed at the goal…

        And not the fear or overwhelming dread of it.


        As we get more in touch with our ‘True Witness’ within…

        We begin to view, at times,


        ‘Experience of the experience’.

        This view feels like we are riding this vehicle… through those particular moments

        That we can be aware of this perspective.

        We become the perspective of our True Witness


        It can even come in times of an overwhelming headache during a real bad cold…

        Witnessing the waves of pain that brings some sort of intriguing curiosity to this

        new awareness within that can witness yet know ‘it’

         is not the one feeling the discomfort.

        The pain

        is transcended in such a way that ‘We’ are free to Witness this experience

        from a more adequate perspective.


        I do not attempt to proove ‘God’, 'Spirit' or 'Souls'...

        I only provide a Path that leads toward a ‘state of mind’

        that can more adequately experience the ‘non-duel’ relation

        to our ‘True Self’ and the Source of our 'Inner Pull'


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    - Special offer! -

    Two - Couples or Friends for only $300





    Lone Wolf’ Style – No consultation

    $100 each Value - NOW FREE!

    A Service of Spirit

    You get everything that is included in the current course -  all at once,

    laid out in the order they should be done.

    Ideal for experienced or ‘Rusty Seekers’



    The On-Line courses create the perfect prerequisite to the

    Spiritual Retreat Experience on Maui

    Meet at an Oasis of Beauty in a serene location


    In Depth Elaboration of All the subjects outlined above in 'Subjects covered'

    Along with The Classic  ~  'Park Table' Meditation

    and various Meditative 'Sitting' styles that are better suited to us 'westeners' that are not Culturally trained to sitting with our leg twisted like a pretzel.

    We Integrate our 'Meditative State of Mind' into more and more of our daily activities.

    Physical Exercise and Yoga accelerate this Integration.


    With the focused mindset to Integrate the Meditative 'State of Mind' into into our yoga and various physical workouts including walking, running, hiking, biking, swiming, paddling...

    Many of the activities we already do, naturally bring our awareness to the 'task at hand'.

    Every physical activity we can engage in centers around

    our Core

    Our lower spine, hips and the many connecting elements

    The Knees...

    Are the next critical body part,

    Emphasis on stretching, flexing/pulling, a fluid motion to keep the moving parts moving




    The First In-Person Session will be an

    Introductory 4 Hour Session

    All consecutive sessions can be arranging in flexible scheduling

    Based on these pricing


    First 4 hours session

    Individual -  $200 or $50/hour

    Two - Partner or Friend  -  $300 or $37.50/hour each

    Three - $425  or $35.42/hour each

    Four - $500  or $31.25/hour each


    Secure your special date with only a

    $50 deposit for each person






    All Inclusive Awakening Union Package


    ~ Couples On-Line Spirituality Course with Personal Correspondence Guidance ~

    ~ Four Hour Maui Spritiual Retreat Experience ~

    ~ Maui Beach Wedding ~

    Integrated whole Life Union Ceremony

    Individually Customized with the Fulfilment of Undertaking this

    ’Course of Life’


    One Hour of Pro Photography, Flower Lei...


    Pay in Full




    Pay for On-Line Course $300

    $100 deposit for Maui Spriitual Retreat

    $100 Deposit for Maui Beach Wedding Ceremony

    $500 down

    with $700 due on or before services




    Fully Integrated Marital Enlightenment Guidance

    With A Maui Beach Ceremony


    Months of Engaging Fulfilment Inspiration and

    A Life Time of Blissful Contentedness



    Make Payments of any amount


    Donations of Gratitude for any Gifts of Spirit enjoyed and realized








    Treat your best man & gal to join your Spiritual Awakening!


    Treat your parents and the whole Wedding Party

    to an Awakening Experience


    Gratuities Not Included
Contact for Awakening Guidance







Contact by email for more info about the

 ~ Full On-Line Spirituality Course ~