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Essential Stages of

Growing Up and Waking Up

  •  of our Human Evolution and Developmental Stages along with Spiritual Practices that Inspire one to Naturally take the Next Big Step ‘Within’' Just Click for Deeper Understandings
    • Resting in Pure Witnessing Awareness

      Practice resting in pure Witnessing awareness

      or pure mindfulness

      This is something that you will want to do as a formal practice for a set period of time Once or twice a day, and then randomly throughout the day

      whenever the thought strikes you.

      The formal practice is, with one exception, quite similar to the way

      mindfulness is usually practiced by any number of teachers and schools.


       Follow my Meditation guidlines from my

      Spirituality page


      Simply rest with attention focused on the now moment

      With calm clarity, notice whatever is happening to you,

      both inwardly and outwardly


      Simply be aware of whatever it is that arises

      but definitely remain Aware, resting in the ever-present Now-moment.

      Rest your awareness in the position of the Witness in the timeless Present.

       You are resting as pure Awareness,

      and you are being Awareness itself as it is

      Aware of any of its contents.


      You are Awareness, but NOT any of its contents

      Neti, Net, “not this, not that.”

      You are resting as the

      Pure Witness

      Aware of any and all objects that are arising.

      Simply rest as that Witness in the Eternal Now Moment

      ~  That’s the practice  ~

      Do this for 10 to 40 minutes once or twice a day, and then randomly throughout the day when the thought strikes you

      In addition to your formal meditation sessions,

      Do this throughout the day whenever the thought strikes you

      that is, recognize your own ever-present Witness


      I AMness in the Timeless Now


      You will probably find it especially helpful to do this

      if you get into states or situations that are particularly uncomfortable

      ~  Anxiety, Fear, Depression, Envy  ~

    • Developmental Growth Stages

      Level 1 Infared - Archaic



      We all spend the first 18 months of our lives at this stage


      It is possible for one to be at much higher stage developments

      while struggling with unsolved 'issues' not fully transcend at this level.

      These psychological 'Shadow' issues cause symptoms of overweight, obesity,

      Bulimia Nervosa and many other eating disorders.


      With about 40% of Americans overweight and about 30% obesely overweight

      One would benefit from fully getting Acquainted with the simple but powerful

      Motivating Influence this stage has on one's behavior.


      Begin each session by assuming the attitude of the

      Observing Self, the Mindful Witness

      as describled above

      Resting in Pure Witnessing Awareness


      Beginning with the first stage of ‘Food’ –

      Visualize ‘hunger’ from many perspective for 2 to 5 minuets.


      Then rest in the pure detached witness… back and forth.

      Hunger – pure awareness – repeat ...


      The next meditation – integral –

      Be Thirsty -

      then after 2 to 10 minuets ease back into pure witness.

      Boundless Awareness

      Has no characteristics at all –

      It is a liberating freedom from all descriptions


      The next Stage #2 -

      Characteristics,  Impulsiveness

      Imagine the circumstance where you ‘must Have’

      Must have it now…

      Bring this characteristic to full ‘integral video taping Witness’.

      Same routine- 2 to 5 minutes of being impulsive – then 2 to mins of Pure Awareness

    • Level 2— Magenta - Magic Tribal


      Humans were at this level soon after we

      Hopped down from the monkey trees around 200,000 years ago

      and began evolving up to the next level about 50.000 years ago


      We now typically begin this stage at around 18 months old

      and began evolving up to the next level around 3 or 4 years old


      Begining to make that fundamental distinction between self and other

      on an emotional and feeling level, and so

      it can genuinely begin to tell the difference between its own self and its surroundings


      This stage, level 2, is often called “impulsive” or “magical” or “emotional-sexual”

      because the basic emotions especially start developing here along with the separate self


      It’s called “impulsive” because it’s dominated by

      “immediate gratification”

      It hasn’t had the chance to develop many control capacities, and so

      Any Desire that arises, it wants them fulfilled right now!

      The Classic

      "I Want what I Want and I Want It Now!"


       Mild aspects of this stage remain in adults where you find

      superstitious magical thinking, items like Voodoo and Santieri, where if you make an

      image of a person in the form of a doll, and stick a pin in that doll, it will actually damage

      the real person—a holdover of this stage’s “magical” thinking, where all you have to do

      is wish something and it magically comes about.

      Because self and environment, subject and object,

      thought and things are still poorly differentiated, thus

      to manipulate the thought or image of a thing is to directly affect that thing itself—magic!

      Every 3-year old thinks this way

      and so they will imagine that if they stick their head under a pillow

      so that they can’t see anybody, then behold!, magically, nobody can see them either

      much to the amusement of adults sitting around looking at the kid’s rear-end

      sticking in the air with its head under the pillow.



      Some aspects of the major religions, believe quite literally in the

      magic stories of, say, the Bible,

      such as Moses parting the Red Sea, Lot’s wife being turned into a sac of salt, and so on

      some aspects of these religions are holdovers from this early magic period in our evolution,

       and some adults, to this day

      are attracted to this magical element in their religions

      they basically got involved with the religion in the first place

      because they are drawn to anybody being able to magically

      walk on water, raise the dead, heal the sick, turn water into wine and

      magically create fish and bread, and so on.

      Their religious practices might include things like handling live, poisonous snakes,

      believing that their faith will magically protect them...


       And some present-day spiritual approaches appeals to what’s called the egocentric

      or self-aggrandizing aspects of ourselves.

      This fantasy magic is a hidden map in several New-Age notions.


      ~  Sex Drive  ~

      Repeat the formula with the ‘sexiest’ image you can image,

      Most likely for guys a fairly pornographic image

      While a gal may view ‘sexy’ as a romantic candle light dinner or such...


      2 to 5 mins & cycle with Pure Awareness…

      At this stage watch for hidden shadows such as:

      Addictions and ‘allergies’ – addictions to sex or allergies that repel sex.

      Re-own  and re-integrate the previously disassociated characteristic of

      a repressed sexual drive.

      Maintain even hovering awareness – with no judgment, no condemnation,

      justification and certainly no Identification.

      Lust is present, I am Aware of lust.

      But ‘I am’ not lust.  ‘I am’ radically free of it.

      I am free to enjoy it and fully be in the momment,

      but it does Not Drive Me - I Drive It


      After cycling thru this rest once again in the pure Awareness.

      Limitless, self liberating awareness.

      I Am-ness’, before you were anything, you were…

      when you begin to be aware of a particular idea or feeling,

      simply notice that some sort of Witnessing was already going on,

      even before you directly noticed it. You were already Aware of various events,

      one way or another.

       So simply bring that ever-present Witnessing to bear on your present issue,

      and hold that issue in the Mirror-Mind of this ongoing Witnessing Awareness,

      definitely making that phenomenon

      an object of Awareness,

       not a hidden subject or self of Awareness.


       You can’t start Witnessing;

      you can only notice that you already are Witnessing,

      and then consciously just rest in that ongoing Awareness.


      As one of the earliest 2 or 3 stages of development,

      another characteristic of this stage is its

      Egocentricity - Its self-focused, self-aggrandizing nature

      in short,

       its utterly special and significant status—the wonder of being me.

      So view this feeling of extraordinary specialness in many perspectives.


      See yourself as world famous—walking the red carpet at the Cannes Festival,

      with numerous media photographing you, critics all praising you,

      fans screaming out for you.

      Hold that feeling of pure fame—just unflinchingly feel it, see it, look at it,

      just as if you were videotaping it

      not judging it, condemning it, or identifying with it, just meeting it with pure awareness.

      Make it an object instead of a subject or a self,

      thus clearing the slate for a new and higher level of self and awareness to emerge.

      Seeing the hidden map means you have converted it into an object of awareness,

      You’ve made it “un-hidden,” and so it stops governing your behavior,

      making room for higher, more accurate and adequate, maps.

    • Level 3— Red - Power Magic Mythic


      As the self continues to grow and

      increasingly differentiate itself from its surroundings

      and thus moves from previous level 2 to the present level, level 3—

      it becomes more and more aware of its tenuous separate existence,

      and starts to worry about its own safety and security and self-protectio

      after all, it’s now separate from the big bad world out there;

      as recourse, it develops a strong set of power drives.


       So this is often called the

      “self-protective,” “security,” “safety,” “power,” or “opportunistic” stage


      One developmental model, Spiral Dynamics, calls this the

      PowerGods” stage, because it’s still egocentric or self-focused

      and is thus its own God and it’s also suffused with power.


      This stage, when it remains into adulthood in an unhealthy fashion,

      is often the source of criminal behavior and significant corruption.

      The person’s power drives, as their hidden map

      or unconscious grammar rules - control their behavior,


      They haven’t evolved yet to the next higher stage

      The conformist law and order stage


      So they set their own standards and create their own laws

      Driven by their hidden map’s need for security and power.


       Whatever they want is what is right, and

      they set about to simply take it, society be damned

      they are, after all,


      It sees the world as a survival of the fittest;

      the biggest and strongest win;

      Do it to somebody else before they do it to you; it’s a law of the jungle,

      a dog-eat-dog world, red in tooth and claw,


      Individuals operating from this level are capable of some truly vicious acts.

      Joseph Stalin, for instance, when he instituted the Great Famine

      starving to death upwards of around 8 million Ukrainians

      and the Great Terror—where upwards of 4/5ths of the entire cultural elite in Ukraine

      were murdered, both during the 1930s

      Is a perfect example of

      an individual operating from pathological red level 3,

      a sick PowerGod indeed

       (not to mention perennial UN-favorites from Hitler to Pol Pot & Vladimir Putin)


      These first 3 major levels or stages

      Infrared Archaic, magenta Magic-impulsive and red powe

      are all what is called “narcissistic” or “egocentric,”

      which means the self is stuck in a 1st -person, “me/mine” perspective


      It literally can’t yet take the role of other, it can’t put itself in somebody else’s shoes

      and feel what they are feeling, it can’t take a perspective other than its own.


      This is a perfect example of the types of things that most of us think are somehow simply present in a human from the start—but the capacity

      to actually feel what another person is feeling, to see things from their point of view,

       is an emergent trait,

      It is something that comes into being only with growth and development

      you are not born with it.


      Now, you might have some degree of this egocentric power-driven hidden map

      still in you. If you think you do, then apply Integral Mindfulness


      There’s probably some area of life, however small,

      That reactivates this stage, and leaves you in the grip of a real

      self-centered drive for power and control


      Then hold that feeling or image directly in awareness,

      and practice mindfulness with that as an object.

      What does it directly feel like, this desire for power, for sheer control?


      A brief note on the name “Magic-Mythic.”

      In many ways, this is a transition stage between the pure Magic of the previous stage

      and the pure Mythic of the following stage.

      The difference between “magic” and “mythic” depends primarily on

      where “miracle” power is located.


      Historically, by the time that Mythic began to emerge,

      humankind had begun to understand that it couldn’t really perform magic

      but supernatural, transcendental, mythic Beings could

      God, Goddess, Spirit—if only I could find the correct ritual, or

      right prayer, or workable action which would please Spirit and have it

      magically intervene in history on my behalf, to make the crops grow, or make the rain fall,

      or insure the day’s hunt...


      Exaggerated power drives often show up in individuals as an “inner critic” or

      “inner controller,” which is always watching everything they do with a critical, negative,

      controlling drive—always making you feel inferior, lacking, a looser, a worthless

      good-for-nothing. One of the ways of contacting such a “subpersonality”—in this case, a

      power or controller subpersonality—is to engage it in “voice dialogue.”

      This is fully explained in Ken's course and described in great detail on my

      Big Mind page

    • Level 4—Amber Mythic Traditional


      This next major stage of development, is also called the

      “conventional,” “conformist,” “mythic-membership,” “diplomat,” or “belongingness” stage


      The self can indeed begin to take the role of other, and thus

      its identity can expand from its own self to belongingness in various groups—its family,

      its clan, its tribe, its nation, its religion, its political party, and so on

      which is referred to as the switch from an “egocentric” to an “ethnocentric” identity

      a switch from “me-focused” to “us-focused” or “group-focused.”

      This is a very important switch.

      But, those in this stage are trapped into a vicious cycle that will perpetuate war, strife

      and dis-harmony with the strong motto's of most countries

      "My country right or wrong"

      "My religion right or wrong"

      "My ethnocentric narrow view against the world.... Right or WRONG!!!!"

      This level is stuck in this Divide and Conquer mentality - Very selff defeating and limiting.


      Thinking is very concrete here, and thus often has what is called a “mythic-literal” view

      Myths, such as those in the Bible

      God killed the first-born male children of all Egyptians, Elijah rose straight to heaven

      in his chariot while still alive, Lot’s wife was turned into a sac of salt

      or that Lao Tzu was 900 years old when he was born, and so on,

      are taken to be concretely, literally, absolutely true


      Religions that survive into the future will be transcending these myths

      while Including the core True Spiritual meanings and

      'Metaphorically' refer to the Myths as myths

      Instead of misleading people in the name of 'God'

      This is a 'stage' driven characteristic or 'road map of life tenancies'

      Absolutistic, or completely and utterly “unquestionable” beliefs,

      can be a tip-off that this stage is activated.

      This could apply to fundamentalist Christianity,

      or fundamentalist Marxism, or fundamentalist feminism, or

      Fundamentalist science (so-called “scientism”), or fundamentalist criminal families, and so on


      Whole branches of corrupt governments, street gangs, imperialistic and

      colonialist self-serving rulers (who always claim they’re doing it “for their people”), and so on.


      Governments with this ethnocentric identity, especially if infested with any lingering

      power drives, are deeply imperialistic and colonialist,

      Always looking to expand their empires with any means possible,

      from economic forces to actual warfare and physical invasion


      This Type of mentality is often affectionately referred to as

      "The Ways' of our People"

      and are very proud to kill for "My country or religion or gang... Right or Wrong


      They believe in strict law and order, and what are often called “family values”

      or “God’s values”; they are nationalistic and extremely patriotic,

      worried about immigration and the dilution of family values and the work ethic;

      they’re in favor of no gun control at all

      feeling that they need guns to protect them against those who don’t

      share their fundamentalist beliefs,

      they’re often homophobic and sexist to a great degree


      If you have a fair amount of this stage of development as part of your hidden

      maps, governing many areas of your life, and you decide to take up meditation,

      you will likely—to the degree you’re coming from this stage—appreciate the structure,

      the fixed routine, the daily pattern, of helping bring your life into greater order and stability; and a steady, constant, fixed practice with a set of rules,

      unchanging in its nature and its ways.


      This Mythic absolutistic stage first started to come into prominence around 4,000 BCE Reached a peak of power starting around 1,000 BCE;

      and continued to dominate civilization until the Renaissance and the Enlightenment,

      where the next higher, Rational stage began to emerge.


      Today, it is typical in a 7-to-12 year-old; but absolutistic,

      unquestionable, one-and-only true-way beliefs are a very common place that this stage

      hides out in many adults’ lives today.


      Do you have any of this stage left in you,

      as part of your hidden maps governing some important areas of your life?

      Once again

      First, become aware of it.

      Look at each subject from many perspectives of thought,

      then Rest in the Pure Witness.

      Start to take notice of the subtle 'Un-Burdening' the Pure Witness mode feels like.

      Cycle back and forth from these particular stage subjects to the Higher Perspectives of Awareness.

      Let this ease your path towards transcendence


      Look for ways  where you seem to be thinking in an absolutistic,

      fundamentalist, only-one-true-way fashion

      Focus particularly on the feeling of being right, absolutely right


      The second major characteristic of this Amber belongingness level

      The often conformist feeling of belongingness itself, the feeling of being a “we.”

      This level, as we saw, adds the capacity for a 2nd-person perspective,

      and this “you” perspective

      allows awareness to expand from an egocentric “I” identity

      to an ethnocentric group or “we” identity


      Focus on that “we” feeling,

      and the expansion of the feeling of

      “love” that this “we”

      brings with it

      Love Transcends to Higher and Deeper-ness ,

      Embracing a Wider Circle of care and compassion.

      When this is taken to the Next and Higher Stages,

      More and more of Humanity is Included.

      More Love less pain and suffering for ALL

      ~  Not just Me & My Gang  ~


      This is a delicate topic.

      But if you are, for instance, a strong fundamentalist believer

      and imagine that you and your brethren alone are

      God’s favorites and bound for Heaven


      the other side of that love is a strong hate,

      or at least some form of truly negative feelings towards

      the non-believers of your particular faith

      those who are not part of your chosen group...

      at the least, you feel sorry for them;

      a little stronger, you resent and depise them;

      stronger still, you loathe and even hate them

      They are deliberately turning their backs on God and God’s truth.

      And your job is to convince them; or, stronger, coerce them;

      or strongest, kill them

      All in the name of God.

      "As it has been the Way of our People since stone-age"


      But if God is truly love

      How to you decide exactly whom to hate?

      It’s true that in the Old Testament of the Christian Bible,

      there are over 1000 passages describing the angry and vengeful nature of God;

      and over 100 passages where God directly orders his followers to commit murder.

      Yet by the end of the Bible, We find Christ saying,

      “A new command I bring you: that you love your neighbor as yourself”

      and also {quote}

      “love your enemy.”


      The Bible

      is the story of God growing up

      As the humans who encountered and worshipped God

      themselves grew and developed,

      Resulting in the command of the New Testament,

      not just for ethnocentric love

      which we find everywhere in the Old Testament

      but the demand for a “worldcentric love,”

      To love each and every being as yourself

      With no exceptions, including your enemies.



      Please Note:

      These are just Introductions to the concepts of

      Ken Wilber's Full Spectral Mindfulness


      To take full advantage of these Practices and learn them fully yourself,

      Follow the Link to Ken's Intagral Courses at the bottom of this list.


       This process is the actual way that each stage of evolution becomes

      more conscious, more open, more inclusive, freer and fuller,

      more embracing, more whole, more evolved.

      By dis-identifying with a lower, narrower, more restricted self,

      seeing it as an object, letting go of it, and simultaneously shifting identity

      to a new, higher, more inclusive, more conscious, more embracing self,

      then to just that degree we open ourselves to higher and higher,

      wider and wider, deeper and deeper,

      more and more whole and unified stages of evolution,

      of consciousness development, of expanding identity.


    • Level 5— Orange Rational Modern


      At this very next higher level, the emergence of the next higher perspective,

      a 3rd-person perspective, or the capacity to take an

      Objective, Scientific, Universal Perspective

      and thus the switch in identity from a local ethnocentric identity

      to a universal or global worldcentric identity occurs

      A switch from “us”

      to “all of us.”

       This more universal, global, expansive awareness occurs because

      Consciousness moves from what is called a concrete operational mode

       to a formal operational mode; and all that means is that

      thought can operate not just on the concrete material world,

       but thought can now operate on thought itself.

      Thought can actually be aware of itself, and thus an introspective,

      self-esteem-concerned, conscientious, self-reflective, universal identity

      a cosmopolitan identity—can become possible.


       Immanuel Kant defined “cosmopolitan” awareness basically as one where

      if a person anywhere suffers, I suffer.

      In other words, there is a deeply felt solidarity with all of humanity,

      and the issue of the Universal Rights of Humans comes to the fore for the first time in history (as it did with the Enlightenment).

      Not the rights of just a particular

      clan, tribe, club, religion, nation, or group of individuals

      but all groups, all humans, all nations

      None of them are alien to me as my consciousness expands once again,

      Continuing its evolutionary march to deeper and deeper and wider and wider

      and higher and higher levels of being and wholeness and awareness and identity.


       This stage, is marked by

      A formal operational awareness

      Thought operating on thought

      It is often referred with names such as reason, rationality,

      formal operational, conscientious, achievement, excellence, self-esteem

       Self-esteem needs emerge at this level because a 3rd-person perspective means

      the individual can stand back from themselves, so to speak,

      and form an objective opinion about themselves


      The emergence of a real individuality, since self-reflection emerges

      out of the conformist role and herd-mentality of the previous stage.

      The worldcentric individual emerges out of the ethnocentric conformist,

      and within the worldcentric background, the self wants its own high

      Self-recognition, self-identity, self-esteem, and self-achievement.

      So this stage is also marked by the emergence of

      The drive toward

      excellence, accomplishment, merit, achievement, progress.


      This evolutionary leap to a higher level of consciousness and culture

      Marked the Western Enlightenment,

      With evolutionary gains that brought about

      The Ending of Slavery

      Womans equality in most nations

      Fundamnetal Religions now comonly referr to science for science issues,

      and 'big picture' science tips it's explanations of the 'Ultimate Kosmos towards Mystic realms

      French and American political Revolutions

      Transcending to a more representative government

      The rise of the environmental movements

      (off-setting one of the downsides of the Enlightenment, rampant industrial pollution).


      The emergence of this orange level of development was indeed

      The age of Reason and Revolution.

      And virtually every adolescent today goes through a similar internal turmoil of

      “reason and revolution” as they hit the teen years and orange rationality and

      self-esteem needs begin to emerge—and all of a sudden, instead of the previous

      conformist stage and its strong desire to fit in, to be the same, there is now this radically

      individualist stage and its strong desire to stand out, to be different.



      Between these two levels, which are you mostly?

      You want to fit in, or you want to stand out?

      Conform, or decide for yourself? Belong, or be an individual?

      Are you intensely patriotic, or do you feel more a part of a global village?

      National, or cosmopolitan?

      Myth, or reason?


      The world, right now,

      Is in a serious battle between these two particular stages

      Amber stage 4 mythic fundamentalist and conformist,

      often called “traditional values”

      and orange stage 5 Rational Achiever and Progress


      Amber began, in its earliest forms, around 6 or 7 thousand years ago,

      and dominated until the rise of modernity in the West, a mere 400 years ago.

      Since then,

      These two major value systems

      The traditional religious-mythic and the modern-rational scientific

      With corresponding governments of top-down control and coercion

      Amber monarchy, fascism, communism

      and bottom-up orange democracy

      These two have been at each other’s throats almost incessantly.


      Ken's Full Spectrum Mindfulness course

      will make that hidden subjective map

      a conscious object of awareness


      See these stage 5 'traits' directly,

      instead of using it as something with which and through which to see your self,

      your world, and your life.

      Look at it,

      instead of through it.

      Make that subject an object.

      And as you do so, simply rest in the resulting awareness

      An awareness that will be open, clear, relaxed, often silent and largely free of thinking

      Your awareness will be Aware of thinking, and therefore itself free of thinking;

      but if thinking does arise, that’s fine;

      simply let it go and bring your mind back to the object of mindfulness,

      and rest there


      Please Note:

      These are just Introductions to the concepts of

      Ken Wilber's Full Spectral Mindfulness


      To take full advantage of these Practices and learn them fully yourself,

      Follow the Link to Ken's Intagral Courses at the bottom of this list.


      "Dare to know."

    • Level 6— Green Pluralist Postmodern


      This stage was ushered in with the student revolutions of the ‘60s

      Starting in May, 1968, Paris

      which then spread around the world and eventually fleshed out movements

      only barely begun with the Enlightenment, including the important

      Civil rights movement in America,

      The massive environmental movement

      Worldwide, feminism on a personal and professional level,

      and multiculturalism in general


      In other words, the emergence of… Postmodernism.

      The “post” in “postmodernism” means that this next higher level,

      like all successively higher levels, brought a new and higher perspective into being

      Where orange rational modernity introduced a 3rd-person perspective,


      This new stage—known variously as :

      pluralistic, postmodern, relativistic, sensitive, individualistic, multicultural

      came with the emergence of a 4th-person perspective

      The capacity to reflect on, and criticize, 3rd-person perspectives, including science,

      Leading to a multitude of different or pluralistic views.

      And “pluralism”—

      The belief in many different but equally important approaches to reality

      can be taken to its limit, where it becomes


      The belief that there are only multiple approaches, with absolutely no

      universal or globally unified approaches—no “Big Pictures” that are true for everybody,

      just local, culturally constructed beliefs. Some developmentalists,


      Here is where everyone's opion is considered equal

      But this begins to point out the self contridicting

      and vicious cycle this stage is challenged with.

      Hitler's opinion is just a s valid a Mother Teressa

      The town drunk equal to the Mayor

      We have Nukes so ...

      Terrorist and radical countries that hates for mythic releigious reasons

      should have Nukes too...

      "It's only 'fair'"

      There are no master opinions except ours that state there are no master opinions


       In short, they claim that it is universally true that

      there are no universal truths;

      They give a very Big Picture about why all Big Pictures are not true

      They claim that theirs is a superior view,

      But they also claim that there are no superior views anywhere.


      So this tendency to self-contradiction has to be watched

      in any postmodern movement or idea

      Including if it shows up in you,

      as we’ll see.


      It creates a political correctness to a Fault


      Postmodernism became especially identified with aggressive critiques of any “isms” or

      “Big Pictures” of any type—critiques of capitalism, of Marxism, of fundamentalism,

      racism, sexism, patriarchalism, ageism, speciesism, scientism...


      This was the basis of everything from the civil rights movement

      to handicapped parking spaces to hate crime legislation



      Believing that all people are absolutely equal—a view known as “egalitarianism”

      and that no culture is superior to another culture.

      yet global aid group go into countries to give aid

      and assumes that its own values are in some ways

      better than or superior to those of the culture it is helping


      why would it consider what it is doing as being “help”

      if it didn’t have something more valuable to offer

       than what those receiving the “help” presently have?


      Thus many global aid organizations go to work in a developing country

      whose major values are still at tribal red power (level 3)

      or traditional mythic fundamentalism (level 4)

      and attempt to impose their level-6 pluralistic values on the culture and population,

      and the whole endeavor backfires badly.


      as an all-too-common example,

      Imposing green democratic structures on such societies

      results simply in the “free election” of the next military dictator


      One of the important discoveries of developmental research is that

      level-stages of development can be accelerated but not skipped or bypassed,

      and so it is literally impossible for a level-3 or -4 entity to move directly to a level-6 entity

      Any more than you can go from letters and words to paragraphs

      and skip sentences.

      Instead, a series of social and cultural systems,

      Growing out of the organic background of the developing country itself

      and not imposed from the outside,

       needs to be proposed and put into place, so that there are

      stations of life

      organizations, institutions, jobs and vocations, educational systems,

      governmental branches, and so on

      Each offering healthy and functional versions of each of the

      Major stages of consciousness and culture

      None of which, remember, can be skipped.

      With few exceptions,

      The “layer cake” of a culture

      Needs to be Organically

      Grown layer by layer by layer in order to take root at all


      In the United States, approximately 40% of the population is at

      amber traditional mythic-religious values;

      about 50% at orange, modern, rational scientific values; and

      about 25% at green, pluralistic, postmodern values

      (that doesn’t add up to 100% because of much overlap)


      Those 3 levels are both the 3 most common levels to evolutionarily emerge,

      and the 3 most prevalent levels in Western cultures.

      It is widely agreed that the Culture Wars are a battle between traditional religious values,

       modern scientific values, and postmodern multicultural values

      Exactly stages 4, 5, and 6

      They are fighting in:

      Education, in politics, in international policy, in medicine, in law, in history interpretation,

      in science and religion—virtually everywhere you look.

      These levels of Growing Up—these structures of consciousness—are very real,

      Very powerful, and very present.


      And the new pluralistic approach is not based on abstract rationality or logic,


      is based on feelings and comes straight from the heart,

      Not the head; thinking is out - feeling is in.

      The heart is the basis of all important truth,

      It must be “embodied” - anchored in feelings, not thoughts.


      The notion of “embodiment” is huge for this stage.

      All the previous approaches are “old paradigm,”

       and this new approach is “new paradigm”

      Old paradigm is rational, analytic, divisive, Newtonian-Cartesian, egocentric,

      Earth-hating and Earth-denying, sexist or patriarchal, racist, colonialist,

      built on rampant commercialism and profit/greed;


      The new paradigm is congruent with the new physics

      (meaning quantum physics, which is actually a century old now),

      is eco-centric instead of egocentric; is built on partnership, caring, and loving-kindness,

      is holistic and organic (not fragmented and mechanistic), i

      s congruent with systems theory; is feminist,

      Gaia-focused, Earth-centered, and glocal, meaning global and local oriented.


      Traits of this stage to be Mindful of are:


      Judging or Non Judging


      Right now, with pluralistic stage-6,

      There is another direct move to become more and more inclusive

      Pulled by that allure of the One Taste of pure unity consciousness.

      But the pluralistic stage is still just a partial movement in that direction,

      so it ends up not really liking any of the previous stages

      It loathes orange profit, capitalism, and business in general

      It despises amber fundamentalism and its belief in its one true way

      It even spurns the levels higher than itself, and vocally condemns them.

      ~     ~     ~     ~

      Please Note:

      These are just Introductions to the concepts of

      Ken Wilber's Full Spectral Mindfulness


      To take full advantage of these Practices and learn them fully yourself,

      Follow the Link to Ken's Intagral Courses at the bottom of this list.


      "Dare to know."

    • Level 7— Turquoise 2cd-Tier Integral


      This is the end process of

      Tier One  Growing Up

      This level represents the very highest structures of conscious that has evolved thus far

      At the same time - We are Spiritually approaching the end process of

      Waking Up

      Level 7— Turquoise Integral

      Begins the 2cd-Tier of Human Conscious Awareness


      Even if one resonates with this Turquise stage on many aspects

      There can be many lower stage traits that 'trigger' those Un-Transcended issues

      Working thru all of these stage levels will give insight and clarity towards

      Propertly Integrating lower levels traits into a healthy well balanced perspective


      Unique to this Level is the Transcend and Include nature of

      Integrating the Lower Level traits into their essential and most usefulness

      As opposed as the lower levels opinions where that

      'all other 'levels, stages or perspectives' were WRONG' and bitterly contested.


      This Turquoise Integral stage empowers one to fully utilizes the strongest aspects of the previous stages toward creative and inspirational ways towards the benefit for All.


      As we head down a new path of radically increasing

      consciousness, love, care, concern, morality, creativity, solidarity and trust,

       and universal human bonding and uniting,

      Opening the doors directly to

      An integral medicine that addresses the complete human;

      An integral education that educates across all quadrants,

      all levels, all lines, all states, all types,

      and thus educates the full and whole human being

      for the first time in all of our history;

      A unity-in-diversity

      That leads directly to

      Opening the doors to a truly World Federation,

      Not in a World Federation itself

      but in each and every member state, organization, and partner.


      Our technologically explosive discoveries and even a possible

       'singularity'  -

      'Radical changes in our society brought about by new technologies'

      will be viewed, not as they are now, as

      Isolated, independent, separate artifacts disconnected from the interiors of

      Values, meaning, purpose, goals, and mutual care and understanding

      but as

      Exterior facts deeply interwoven with interior values and meanings,

      The whole global complex moving forward harmoniously, developmentally,

      truly interconnected, and mutually interwoven.


      This is a new day, involving a new man, a new woman, a new

      society, a new beginning, a new dawn.

      And it is evolution come bearing the gifts of 14 billion years of transcend and include, transcend and include, transcend and include...


      (or reaching wildly beyond what went before via a stunning Eros)

      and the Inclusion

      Thoroughly enveloping, enfolding, and enwrapping all that has come before

      in an unprecedented integration via an all-pervading Agape

      Will radically alter the face of this Earth and the course of its history

      in ways that have never, never, been even imagined.


      Only a few decades ago developmentalists began to notice the emerging of this

      Highly Integrated Level.

       Abraham Maslow had called

      1st tier - “deficiency needs”

      and 2nd tier -  “Being needs”


      The 1st -tier levels are

      Partial, narrow, excluding, separative, and driven by deficiencies

      2nd-tier levels are

      Inclusive, embracing, comprehensive, integral, and driven by abundance


      Only around 5% of the worldwide population

      is at integral levels of development.

      It's lonly at the top

      But the Inspirations of creative wholeness tend to trend things upward towards more

       embrace, more integration of the lower levels...

      Those that are at levels near this will be inspired in subtle ways

      World views change and personal perspectives can make profound changes in the way

       we all look at life an it's challenges.


      The Turquoise level is referred to as

      Integral, integrated, holistic, strategist, systemic...

      It is the most

      Inclusive, the most sophisticated, the most complex, the most conscious,

      the most embracing

      And includes the greatest numbers of perspectives,

      of any levels to emerge in all of history,

      and truly marks a “monumental leap in meaning.”


      If you have a fair amount of this overall integral level in you,

      First and foremost

      You will be driven by wholeness.


      You will tend to seek out Big Pictures and Big Data.


      You want to know how things fit together, how they are all interconnected,

       how they all have some place in this wondrous Kosmos.


      You will tend to think that in any argument,

       not that one side is totally right and the other side totally wrong,

      but that both sides have some important piece of the truth,

      and a larger view embracing them both can be found.


       You will see connections everywhere,

      Believing that everything is related to and interwoven

      with everything else in some deep way.


      Knowledge is not divided into dozens and dozens of

       separate, fragmented, silo’d, isolated disciplines, but is somehow

      all interwoven into a holistic tapestry and dynamic meshwork.


      Relationships tend to replace isolated things,

      and networks start to jump out everywhere.


      You will see the world populated not by hundreds of separate races

       but by one glorious, all-embracing, universal humanity,

      albeit with plenty of individual and cultural differences.


      There is a unity-in-diversity that speaks directly to you.

      both the head and the heart become equally important

      The true self integrates with the heart & mind.

      you will value wholeness above virtually all other qualities.


      On a personal dimension, at this level the self-esteem needs give way to the

      self-actualization needs (a la Maslow).

      No longer the needs of the small ego, but the needs of the greater individual Essence

      A fully integrated body and mind

      Emerging with all of its extraordinary potentials of

      Greater creativity, greater awareness, greater inclusiveness, greater love and caring,

       and more phenomenal capacities in general,

      including being at least 10 times more efficient than any 1st -tier level.


      Those at or approaching this level will inclinded towards aligning their bodies with a

       natural healthy awareness, you might take up meditation, yoga, tai chi...

      Spiritual insights intrigue you


      With this levels perspective of:

      Relationships tend to replace isolated things,

      and networks start to jump out everywhere.

      You will be drawn to join Online networks to form personal 'Think Tank' forums

      Thus inspiring others instead of keeping it all to one's self.


      Employers will Integrate each employee into a whole-istic inclusiveness that put real

       meaning into all levels of work, creating a working environment that is fulfilling

      and can use work not merly as a way to earn money but to also be a means of

      Self-realization and self-fulfillment

      Business matters will begin to operate in a manner that is

      In harmony with all beings and the planet itself


      You will be Inspired to see a Transcendence of the two-party political system,

      from it's altogether too narrow and partial a view,

      Looking instead for approaches that include the best and brightest aspects of

       Both  parties, and candidates who seem to embody that holistic view....

      And then Transcending that limited two party approach to an unlimited

       perspective political approach

      That will only be conceived with collectively Higher World Views


      Thinking and feeling are brought together and tightly integrated at this stage,

      so that both the head and the heart become equally important

       at this stage

      “mind and body are both experiences of an integrated self”


      You will be inspired to view all things in a Global perspective

      How all things are interwoven

      And to consider the most effeciant solutions

      as Inspired by World-centric motivations


      ~     ~     ~     ~

      Please Note:

      These are just Introductions to the concepts of

      Ken Wilber's Full Spectral Mindfulness


      He will elegantly open your Awareness to the

      'Timeless Wonders of if All'

      In simple easy to follow ways.

      He really makes it All make sense.


      To take full advantage of these Practices and learn them fully yourself,

      Follow the Link to Ken's Integral Courses at the bottom of this list.


      "Dare to know."

    • Level 8—White 3rd-Tier Super-Integral


      The end process of Level 7— Turquoise 2cd-Tier Integral

      Growing Up

      Represents the very highest structures of conscious that has evolved thus far

      At the same time

      We are Spiritually approaching the end process of

      Waking Up


      Spiritual - Turquoise is very comfortable with and commonly at rest

      In the Awareness of the Witness perspective.

      This is stil a 'Duelistic' view - My earthly body and my True Self

      Plus an infinant seperate view of everything that arises...

      That's how we perceive this here & 'now-ness'


      We are naturally on a Path that will be moving from the

      Pure Witnessing Awareness and True Self, to beyond ...

      Towards the ever-present state of

      Ultimate Nondual Unity Consciousness


      The pure One Taste of the entire Kosmos itself

      and that taste is Divine, is pure Spirit,

      Is Your Ultimate Condition


      Where the Witness dissolves into everything witnessed,

      the subject/object duality dissolves fundamentally

      and there is just the simple Suchness, the pure Thusness


      The direct Isness

      of this ever-present pure Now-moment, embracing all time

      Past, Present, and Future

      In the ongoing endless nunc stans or the all-embracing endless Present,

      and that pure timeless One Taste of unity consciousness

      This means

      The entire universe is arising within you

      Supernovas are exploding in your brain; the stars like up the neurons of your awareness; the rain beats rhythm within the pulsing of your heart;

      The clouds float through the awareness of your own pure Consciousness;

      You swallow the Pacific Ocean in a single gulp,

      and enwrap the Kosmos in actual lining of your very own Being.


      Welcome home


      If this loftily talk seems to be

      Somewhere beyond your comprehension or understanding...

      Then you are normal and like most, In fact

      Less than 1/10th of 1% of the world is truly at this Ultimate Nonduel Spiritual perspective


      Those Seeking Further Insight into this Ineffable "Oneness" will be inspired by

      Ken's ability to 'Describe the UN-Describable'


      Not only has he figured out the necessary role in considering

      Human Conscious Stage Levels Along with Spiritual Waking Up...

      In my experience, I feel strongly that

      Ken has created Meditative Visualization techniques that start out

      Intellectually 'Going there'

      In some similar form as perhaps a psychiatrist would

      Peal back the layers of thought to reveal the true nature,

      Ken puts you there first,

      Then asks you to describe how it feels,  how does it effect you,

       what are the sensations, what comes to mind...

      He brings you back and forth from each stage perspective to the Pure Witnessing Self...


      What this does is sort of like

      Starting to life weights for the first time

      You start out with light weights and move up to your Ultimate Goal...

      Right from the start

      You are do pretty much the same thing as the heavy weights,

      You are focusing instensly and builiding strenght to reach that Ultimate Goal.


      Traditional Spiritual Hindu views like Sri Maharaj states

      "The typical path towards Nonduel Awareness is like Fruit on a tree"

      It takes a long time for the tree to grow and to finally produce the fruit

      but when it's ready it falls to the ground fully ripe in a moment


      Ken's approach allows one to jump right into the deep meditations that

      Bring a direction towards that Ultimate Nonduel perspective.

      Just like starting out with light weights,

      You start out goin through the meditations and at least

      'Intellectually 'Going there'  -  to that Nonduel perspective.


      Recal that the previous perspective of the True Witness,

      That perspective once was indeed Un-Comprehensible to us before,

      just as the next perspective is Un-comprehensible to us 'now'...


      Learn these 'perspectives' for a few weeks or months...

      Then simply Integrate them into your lifestyle

      Soon you will begin to find many times during your busy days that

      You will be more inclinded to "Be in the Moment"

      You will tend to "Rest in the Witness"

      Your daily thoughts and actions will become more "Mindful"

      You will by now at least begin to become 'Aware' of your dreams

      This will occur more frequently then soon

      You will become Aware of 'Witnessing' your dreamless state


      Many ask these Sages -

      "How does it really feel to have this Enlightened Experience"

      As again, words can not describe the Un-describable,

      but this Oneness with All is portraied as

      What ever is in your Awarenes... then You are it.

      Nonduel - Oneness - There is no room for Me and the One

      One is One - second to none... Just ONE with ALL

      "The sky becomes like a big blue pancake that envelops my head"


      Many ask

      "How will I Know I have had this 'Enlightenment'

      I will put it this way

      Recall if you can

      Going to a 3D movie where they give you those 3D glasses

      To view the movie without them, things look generally normal for images over there

      a distance away on the screen.

      Putting the 3D Glasses On

      Now the Images seem to come right up to you and even past you

      They are Everywhere

      This experience is un-mistakable...

      and yet

      This is just a subtle comparison... I'm told...

      Real Enlightenment

      Is much more Profound and Un-Mistakable'

      At this point, it is not an 'experience'

      It has transcended the experience of experiencing

      All earthly comparison can not relate


      We would expect that future levels of evolution would still be

      marked by many of the same characteristics that have marked

      each level of evolution so far

      That is, each higher level transcends and includes its predecessor,

      is therefore more whole, more inclusive, more conscious, with a wider identity,

      and thus more caring, more loving, more embracing.

      These higher possible levels are generically referred to as

      3rd-tier or Super-Integral levels

      Collectively, we just refer to all of them as level 8, color

      “clear light” or “white”


      There is strong signs that these Higher Stages exisit

      Exactly what they are is less obvious.

      And remember,

      We don’t get much help here from the Traditions,

      because they were generally unaware of structures and structure-stages

      They focused on Waking Up,

      Not on the higher stages of Growing Up,

      which were only discovered

      a century ago

       Ken puts this perspective to light so elequantly that to transpose these words would be senseless

      Direct quoat - Ken Wilber

      “Every time you think an Integral thought; every time you conceive an Integral idea;

      every time your pulse quickens with the thought of a more beautiful,

      more truthful, more ethical world tomorrow;

      Every time you read and study, or create and write, of Integral notions;

      every time you even ask, ‘What can I do to bring this about, to speed this up?’;

      every time you dream the dream of a more inclusive tomorrow,

      the dream of a more harmonious future,

      the dream of a more balanced and cherished Earth,

       the dream of a Spirituality that touches the God in each and every being alive,

      and gives that God an embodied home in your own being;

      Every time you reach out for a future that is even

      Jjust a little more Whole than the one today;


      Every time you imagine any human activity

      From education to parenting to medicine to government to law

      Redrawn in a more inclusive and Integral fashion;

      Every time you look into the eyes of a young child, perhaps even your own,

      and wish for them a future of greater love and compassion and care and concern,

      and see them smile in the radiant halo of that embracing tomorrow;

      Every time you think a moment a little more Whole than the previous one,

      or see partialities brought together in the patterns that connect,

      or reach out to a future where all God’s children are judged in Kosmic terms,

      not parochial or prejudiced ones;

      Every time you make a choice that is in favor of the betterment of humankind

      and all living beings in their entirety;

      Every time you see broken pieces and fractured shards

      and torn and tortured human beings brought together

      in a more unified and inclusive and caring embrace;

      and every time you yearn for a tomorrow even slightly more unified and inclusive

      and embracing than today

      every time, every single time, you do anything like any of those,

      you are yourself directly, immediately, and irrevocably building interior Integral objects that are instantly being stored in that real Kosmic storage bin,

      adding a few inches to the size of that

      tsunami racing in our direction now.”


      The ultimate Freedom of the pure Witness rests on an even deeper truth

      You are not any one of those objects that are arising moment to moment,

      because in your very deepest Nature you are ALL of them.

      You are all objects and subjects and things and events arising anywhere and everywhere.

       You are actually in an ever-present state of unity consciousness,

      where your True Witness is one with everything that it Witnesses,

      whether gross, subtle, or causal.

      Ken will help you experience that…


      I have experienced this, but in a highly focused concentration methiod

      that took years to fine tune

      I became the object to any degree imaginable

      this took the view of magnification all the way to a super zoomed in view that created

       huge spaces between the molecules

      Rendering sold objects as vastly porous and easily penetrable.

      Please note that this is practically a complete waste of time but the experience of that perspective is so beyond words.


      This Nonduel perspective can be achived at any Human conscious level


      The the lower the levels will interperate their enlightenment

      in very limiting ways according to their particular stage level and view of life...

       ether egocentic, ethnocentric of World-centric

      This makes a huge differance in what one does with this enlighenment

      Someone around the year 500 would have an archaic egocentric power stage

      waring tendancies with an emergance of ethnocentric mythic faiths

      They could be 'enlightened' but have big ego issues that hurt so badly that they

       must lash out decapate nearly 1000 non believers in a single day


      Practice Mindfulness

      and be Mindful of the lower stage issues.


      ~     ~     ~     ~

      Please Note:

      These are just Introductions to the concepts of

      Ken Wilber's Full Spectral Mindfulness

      Regarding that highest state of Waking Up—namely,

      Nondual Unity Consciousness

      Ken has some very engaging exercises

      for directly glimpsing it.


      To take full advantage of these Practices and learn them fully yourself,

      Follow the Link to Ken's Intagral Courses at the bottom of this list.


      "Dare to know."

    • Full Spectrum Mindfulness Guidance Course by Ken Wilber

      For anyone that Seeks "The Way"

      This is the Perennial Pinnacle of 'Path Perfection'


      After studying with my site to get up to speed on the basics of

      Meditation and Spirituality

      You have at least 'touched base' with the Zenfull 'Big Mind Process'

      You have gotten a good feel for the Non-Duel state by reading

      Sri Maharaj's "I AM THAT"


      You are ready for the Full Immersion of both Human Developments

      Growing Up and Spiritual Waking up


      No one in the History of the planet has complied a greater more in Depth and

      All Inclusive Understanding of the many aspects which play critical roles in our lives.


      Click here for a Link to Ken's Guidance courses.



      As with all of my Serverices of Spirit - My fulfillment is in the Awakening of others,

      I make no commission or income from promoting these Links



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