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  • Photo Fusion Video - the Modern Media version of ye 'ol Wedding Book

    My Photo Fusion Video Productions takes the

    Classic Wedding Photo Book to Grand New Living Visuals…


    Instead of the big 'ol fat book with tiny photos stuck in there…

    Just have the iPad or tablet out on the coffee table or

    better yet, play it on your big Tv


     This highly captivating production will tell your Love Story

    like a Custom Made Dream

    Brings still shot photography to life and yet is

    more intimate and dynamic than a standard video


    The Beauty of a 'Standard Video' is capturing the main Wedding Ceremony with it's

    Captivating Hawaiian Blessing, Conch Shell Blessing, Flute Blessing

    Clearly recording the audio & dialog of the Heartfelt Ceremony along with all of the emotions

    that come out  when a  couple exchanges their Vows in a once in a life time True Love experience

    Request the Two Camera Shoot ~ It's more than Twice as Nice !


    Where as the wedding ceremony video documents the event

    Photo Fusion Video Productions brings out Intimate Details that

    By Far ~ Exceeds the normal dynamics of the standard wedding ceremony video

    Utilizes key footage from the ceremony and bonus footage of our wonderful Maui Beaches

    Pictures taken in my 'Fully  Documented Wedding Photography' style are set up to

    Reveal their magic in the production of a photo fusion video

    Request the 'Big Bang for your Buck' Deal and a Photo Fusion Video by the end of your photo shoot &

    receive a $100 coupon for any printed products at Zenfolio


    Consider the Timeless Wonders and Value of Integrating my

    Fully Documented Wedding Photography, Wedding Ceremony Video Shoot

    and your own Custom Made Dream ~ Photo Fusion Video


  • Considerations for Selecting Wedding Photos


    A surprising number of wedding couples at first only consider wanting to have "just a few shots"

    the obvious money shots and standard poses

    What is hard to image to most couples is

    how many emotions per minute will be  happening in an average wedding

    Oh sure, once they all get into place the view does not seem to change much.


    By creatively zooming into the enchanting dynamics that -

    In a matter of moments go thru a bit of nervous anticipation,

    tears of joy, explosive laughter to a most adorable look of affection


       These Emotions Rock Us Right To The Core

    They are not captured in any sort of scripted poses that

    typically make the 'Wall sized prints', but

    sincerely tell the True Love Story of those most special moments


    More and more of my Wedding Photography clients are taking advantage of my

    Fully Documented Wedding Event Photography

    This is my 'Forte' ~ my Specialty & Highest Value

    Where as alot of couples only wanted a few pix originally...

    after viewing thier full galleries with Maui's finest beach settings

    and the overwhelming emotions of True Love on  a Tropical Island Paridise...

    all couples have  greatly upgraded thier pix selections with more than half going for my

    Flagship Photo offer to get all of the wedding photos taken enhanced with the

    fully mastered High Resolution image files delivered on our Island Style Bamboo USB drive

    But heck

    for less than a lot of other 'rock star' wedding photographers (with 'Golith marketing campaigns)

    charge for just a small number of ridgedly posed 'concept photography' shots

    you can have 100's of  very high resolution imiges that

    Fully Document the Wedding's Entire Emotional Experience

    often for less than a Buck apiece !


    Not to cheapen the quality of the photography in any sense with the number of high res images you can get

    I may only have a grass roots 'mom & pop' marketing budget

    but with my 30+ year career in Hollywood's Film, Tv and Audiophile Recording Studios

    My ultra top of the line gear and most importantly...

    My eye for documenting each and every emotion during your most precious

    'Once in a Lifetime event' -

    The Value of this Unique Photography is Unparalleled and Certainly Not Equaled Anywhere!


    You will still get those priceless stunning money shots

    shot and enhanced to a master digital image of perfection that alone

    would justify the cost of the entire gallery... but heck

    for less than a buck a piece

    You can Continue to Experiance your Just Maui'd Moments for a lifetime with my

    Fully Documented Wedding Event Photography

    or Affectionately referred to as our

    Big Bang for Your Buck deal!

    Like Your Love...

    It's the spark that set the universe in motion!


  • Big Bang for your Buck offer


    ~ For the Simplest way to get All your Wedding Pictures ~

    and the Fastest Turn Around Time

    Introducing my

    Fully Documented Wedding Event Photography

    This is my 'Forte' ~ my Specialty & Highest Value


     Avoid the Torturous Task of choosing which pix ya want to have edited

    which can take weeks or in some case months for those with a busy life schedule

    This option  gets you

    All the pictures taken at the photo session (150 to 350 +)

    in Both the Origanal As Shot Unedited 'RAW' Uncompressed or jpg files


    the Master Image Files Fully Enhanced to our silver standard formats


    Only A Buck Per Shots Taken

    I 'round down' the number of pix taken to charge and

    I include numerous 'Cropped versions'

    that creates a new dynamic focal point of interest

    When I'm inspired to create an Artsy photo experiment

    you would also get these images plus the originals


    This gives you all of your Just Maui'd Pix for Less Than A Buck A Piece!

    Including all of the uncompressed Raw 'As-Shot' image files

    You pay less than 50 cents an image!

    Having these High Resolution 'RAW' image files is like

    having the 'negitives' to your good 'ol film pictures,

    but in an uncompressed format that would allow you to

    enhance them again in 10, 20, 100 years...


    ~  ~  ~

    Order your Big Bang by the end of the photo shoot

    and Get

    a Free 'Island Style' Bamboo USB Drive !

    Watch your Maui'd Moments on your

    Big Screen TV While On Your Honeymoon!

    ~  ~  ~


  • Video Considerations

    Sure it's ok to

    bring your own

    video camcorder


    Before you assign a

    Loved One

    to be stuck watching the entire

    Maui Dream Wedding

    through the camera's

    tiny peep-hole...

    • Consider This :-O

      More often than not, that Loved one is NOT a Professional

      and may not even get the thing turned on and recording.

      I’ve also seen numerous times the battery dies out or

      the memory chip runs out of space part way into the ceremony.


      The times when the video IS recorded,

      The tiny microphones built into any camcorder can’t pick up the

      softly spoken personal heartfelt vows unless the camera

      is placed obtrusively close to the Ceremony,

      which also spoils the otherwise fabulous

      High Resolution still shots being taken.


      I have over 30 years in Hollywood’s Film & TV industry

      Along with being a lifelong Audiophile Recording Engineer

      I not only capture High Definition Video

      I capture the best possible audio recordings

      of the precious Vow Exchange

      Please also consider whether or not

      you would like to have your otherwise grand professional pictures of the

      darling wedding couple with the priceless Maui Island views sort of 'compromised'

      by having a bevy of camera totin' guests in the picture :-O


      I will shoot & include the honorary guests in my pictures as they are part of the ceremony...

      If you would rather see their lovely faces instead of camera holding human tri-pods...

      Let your guests know they should

      Take only an occasional shot & not stand there the entire ceremony behind a camera

      Be very aware of what the $$ Professional Photographer is shooting so as not to compromise otherwise priceless pix

      It is fine to have a loved one shoot video,

      but they need to become more of a 'Camera Crew' & less of a guest in attendance,

      They will need to coordinate their shots with the Professional Photographer -

      this way we both get great shots

      The Maui Marrying Man Photography includes a Free On-Line Professional Picture Proofing

      where all the pictures are available to view at full screen size & resolution

      with easy links to send out to Your Loved Ones - Anywhere in the World

    • All Photos & Videos Now Available on USB Drives !

  • Ideal Camera Placement

    Please consider that the

    Bride & Groom should Face the Sun


    The main view of the still shot camera will benfit for most of Ceremony shots.


    The video camera 'should' be pointed towards the subjects that are well light by the sun ...

    not pointing towards the sun

    This gives the subject nice pop, vibrance & contrast


    the view of the ocean will be 'whited out' by the overwhelming power of the sun and

    the faces will be hidden in the shadows


    Mornings favor weddings with an ocean background

    here on our popular west facing beaches


    You can have a sunset wedding with video & photography of course

    just expect the camera to be facing the

    direction the setting sun is shinning 'Towards'...

    in most cases that will be some sort of land view


    After the Ceremony the camera can be pointed towards the sunset

    to get footage during the photo session

    this can be edited into the end of the Wedding Ceremony video


    For morning weddings it's best to start about

    an hour to an hour & a half after the sunrise

    This will give the sun time get up & over Haleakala's summit

    Starting later in the morning may start

    getting hot & still windless


    by late morning you get the heat plus now the sun is

    shinning down from above those nice big eye brows we all have &

    the creepy shadow that is created gives off that

     'Frankenstein Eye' look...l

    Like at a campfire &

    you put your flashlight under your chin for a spooky look....

    same thing when the sun shines down from above



    Whenever possible it's a very good idea to

    check out some Maui beach locations

    at the same time of day you will be having your Wedding

    For Morning Weddings

    the best time is just when the sun clears the big Haleakala volcano

    and that the tree shadows are not covering part of the ceremony location -

    about 1.5 hours after the offical sunrise


    For sunset weddings

    Scout a location that appeals to you but pay special attention

    to what the Wedding Party's Background will be


    The Bride and Groom will be facing the sun and enjoying the ocean view,

    Look for what the the background might be viewing and

    Try to find greenery, trees or other non distracting backgrounds


    Try to avoid full blown condos & tourist traffic.

  • More Photography Options


    I could cover the Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties but

    Nobody ever seems to want any evidence of those moments :-O

    But often requested -

    The bride's pre-wedding photos

    covering the wedding reception &

    even perform photo shoots on location

    during your Honeymoon vacation


    We can 'create' or 're-create' your wedding underwater

    on a SUP or floaty toy of choice ;-)


  • 10 Tips to Make the Most of Your Wedding Day

    • Scout Out Your Wedding Site Ahead of Time

      Most of our Beach Wedding Locations are easy to find


      Knowing Exactly where you're going on your wedding day is

      Very Calming and Essential to your Peace of Mind

      just before your 'Once in a Lifetime Maui'd Moment'

    • Keep in Mind the 'Ideal Camera Placement'

      When 'scouting out your wedding site' - Keep in Mind the 'Ideal Camera Placement'

      The wedding party will be facing the sun and the cameras will be

      Getting their best shots with the sun coming from nearly directly Behind the cameras

      So - Keep an eye out for what the 'Background' will look like

      Avoid full view condos & Heavy tourist traffic


      Consider a Morning Wedding !

      with a nicely contrasted ocean view and no Unsightly Condos

      Plus enjoy Two Honeymoons in one day!

      a HoneyNOON & and HoneyMOON

      You'd be like a HoneyMooner but a little bit Sooner

      After a nap & an optional Sunset photo session

      you'll go back to da shack for your 2cd HoneyMoon!


      A lot of folks tend to think that a sunset beach wedding location would feature the

      Sun setting on the ocean as the background for most wedding photography and video


      The ocean relfecting the powerful direct rays of the sun will typically appear completely

      Burned out white while the wedding party is silhouetted in the  dark shadows

      A nice effect if done right - Like the logo banner at the top of this page after heavy Photoshop

      As you can see, the couple is completly in the dark...

      Cool for a logo but not the main wedding ceremony shots


      The Wedding Party gets to enjoy this ocean sunset view

      while at the same time is nicely lit up by the sun

      Just Consider the background

    • Don't get Sunburned before your wedding!

      The Hawaiian Sun is Legendarily Merciless

      Cover up and use sun block in the days just before your wedding


      You won't want to glowing red skin with your priceless Wedding Photos


    • Keep Hydrated in the days & hours before your Ceremony

      and Bring a small bottle of water to the Ceremony

      We are near the Equator and the Sun's heat takes it out of us!


      Consider A Bathroom Stop!

      Most of our pristine Beaches are a lot like they were 100's of Years Ago...

      They still Have No Bathrooms!


      While 'Scouting out' your wedding site keep an eye out for bathroom


    • Don't Stay Up Late Boozin' it Up the Night Before...

      You are Expected to do that on your Honeymoon !


      for evermore if you wish, but...


      Moderate your Boozin da night before 'cause...


      You'll feel Woozy enough from Luv & Anticipation


      We've Maui'd many sunburned, dehydrated, happily Tipsy Love Birds

      That Enjoyed Every Moment!

      ... but Just Sayin'


    • Sunglasses are Cool - 'Miss Manners' was WRONG!

      but still...

      You should avoid wearing sun glasses during the hours just before the Ceremony

      This way you will have time to better adjust to the bright outside


      For the best photographs - the wedding party will be facing the sun

      So get those eyes used to the bright outside sun WITHOUT SUNGLASSES Before

      so you are not squinting throughout your Once in a Lifetime Maui'd Moments


      You Should plan on special poses and group shots

      Featuring Everyone wearing Sunglasses


      But if your eyes just can't adjust to our bright sun

      Sunglasses Are Way Cooler Looking Than Squinting!

    • Insist that your Loved Ones Join the Wedding - Not the Camera Crew


      Your Loved Ones will Look Much Better Standing Proudly By Your Side

      than having your otherwise grand professional pictures of the

      Darling wedding couple with the priceless Maui Island views sort of


      by having a bevy of camera totin' guests in the picture


      I will shoot & include the honorary guests in my pictures

      as they are part of the ceremony...

      But if they are swarming all over the wedding ceremony...

      Then That's What the Professional Photography will look like


      If you would rather see their lovely faces

      instead of camera holding human tri-pods...

      Let your guest know

      They should Take only an occasional shot &

      not stand there the entire ceremony behind a camera


      Be very aware of what the Main Professional Photographer is shooting

      so as not to compromise otherwise priceless pix


      Fine to have a loved one shoot video or pix

      but they need to become more of my 'Camera Crew' &

      Less of a guest in attendance

      They would need to stay Behind me at all times


      They will need to coordinate their shots with the Professional Photographer or

      always stay behind the main photographer

      this way we both get great shots


      Best Advise is to Insist

      Your Loved Ones Stand Proudly At Your Sides!

      They would look much better as Honorary members of the wedding party

      and not become a pile of paparazzi at a presidential press party


      All of your pictures and videos are soon available on line for all to view

      So there really is no need to have

      a bevy of camera totin' human tripods in each and every shot


      Uncle & Auntie will feel obligated to get some of their own footage

      with thier new smart phones & amature cameras...

      The Best time for your honorary guests to become your Personal Paparazzi

      would be before a Sunset Wedding or after a Morning ceremony


      Right after the ceremony I take full group shots while everybody is

      Still in the Posin' & Smilin' mode

      After all the sub-group shots I take the couple off alone for

      More exclusive & Private photos

      at this point your Personal Paparazzi  should bust out thier tech toys


      Instead of Burdening your Loves with Attempting to Capture Your

      Once in a Lifetime Just Maui'd Video and Photos

      Let us professionally Produce your Wedding Ceremony Video with Great Audio

      Utilize My Fully Documented Wedding Photography and get All your Pix with the

      Big Bang For Your Buck Deal

      Then Consider a Custom Made Dream with a

      Photo Fusion Video


    • Request Our Cost Effective Full Media Services

      Allow your Loved Ones to

      Put Down Thier Tech Toys and Enjoy the Wedding!


      Request a cost effective Two Camera Video shoot

      Which Includes the 'Far Too Often Overlooked & Forever Endearing'

      Audio Recordings of the most Enchantingly Emotional Day of Your Life

      ~ ~ ~ ~            ~ ~ ~ ~            ~ ~ ~ ~          ~ ~ ~ ~

      Utilize My Fully Documented Wedding Photography and get All your Pix with the

      Big Bang For Your Buck Deal

      ~ ~ ~ ~            ~ ~ ~ ~            ~ ~ ~ ~          ~ ~ ~ ~

      Which Then can be used to Produce a Custom Made Dream with a

      Photo Fusion Video


      All of your pictures and videos are soon available on line for all to view

      So there really is no need to Bourden your loved ones with Camera Duty

      and Save Your Wedding Ceremony Photography from

      a Bevy of Camera Totin' Human Tripods in each and every shot


      These Videos are shot, produced and delivered at 1920x1080 HD resolution

      They are available for private 'unlisted' viewing


      Our Photography includes a Free On-Line Professional Picture Proofing with Zenfolio  where all the pictures are available to view at full screen

      So you and all of your loved ones can view each and every photo professionally taken


      Create your own custom gallery of just the pix ya wanna 'em to see

      Then Send a link to for your loved ones to view


      If you do Facebook, we immediately post the Top 10 to 20ish pix

      so you can share with all your facebook 'friends'

    • Request Bobbie Jo to Perform her Celtic Harp, Voice and Ukulele

      Enchanting the Ceremony During your Maui'd Moments and

       Forevermore as the Soundtrack to your

      Wedding Ceremony Video & Photo Fusion Video

      Recorded with Audiophile Precision


      Bobbie Jo's Music Talents are Impressive from the First Note!

      Her Lifetime of Gifted Performances allows her music to

      Deeply Connect with the Higher Spirit of Love During the Ceremony


      This Is Bobbie Jo's Unique Specialty

       as such you Benefit from the Cost Effective Music Upgrades she has to offer

      that elsewhere would cost much much more

    • Please be mindful and curtious of other beach goers


      While scouting your wedding site and during your own wedding day

      Please be mindful and curious of other beach goers and other wedding parties


      No one has Exclusive rights to the beach

      our beach permits only allows us to be there


      We must not intrude on other beach goers or wedding parties

      If there is another wedding in progress or a photo shoot

      be very mindful not to blunder into their shot


      It's always best to go around Behind the cameras &

      ask permission when ever possible without disturbing a ceremony in progress


      If another Photographer has some 'virgin sand' they are trying to use in the shot

      Try to be Mindful and not walk through their set up


      We may have scouted out a section of the beach

      and had our hearts set on that exact location

      but if someone is there before we are

      we have to find our own more secluded spot, which is never really a problem

      And we can always keep an eye out for our favorite spot to open up later