• Instructions

    Spirituality - AWAKENINGS - Big Mind...


    Re-Integrate & Meditate


    Work on the very basic counting breath for a few days to a few weeks…

    Journal Your experiences as they arise…

    Monkey mind, a wee wit ‘O calmness…



    When stray thoughts or images arise

    Treat them nonchalantly like a passing cloud

     and gently return your focus to your count...

    With each interruption in the count,

    Begin your count over from 'One'...


    When you can perform this simple breathing and counting with

    No distracting images or thoughts popping up

    for FIVE minutes

    You will be ready to begin your meditations with

    a few cycles of counting...


    Focus on Just your breath alone



    Proceed to

    Section 505

    ~ The seven perennial practices ~


    Scroll to the bottom section and Click

    Top Meditations for Essential Spirituality


    Read Through the first

    ‘Contemplative - Visualization’ Meditations


    Jump right in to this meditation.


    This is more of a ‘Contemplation

    under calm, relaxed and focused concentration


    Go through each of the

    Top Meditations

    For the first time - No pressure,

    Just get the feel of going through and

    exploring the sensations as best you can.

    When the mind wanders,

    Just gently bring your focus back

    Use no judgments, nor expectations….

    Just Be with it in the

    Ever Present Moment



    Scroll to the bottom section  -  Click and Read Each

    Top Mindful Ways for Daily Practice


    A lot of these practices will naturally become

    How 'one on this path' ...

    Will be inclined to view things to themselves

     and to relate to others...

    These help develop a  personal Life Practice of

    Putting 'Spirit Into Action'

    by Integrating ways into our daily lives that Deepen our

    Ever widening circles of Love and Embrace


    Learn the 'talk'

    Then - Learn How to

    Walk the 'Talk'



    Click on

    ~ Download 'PDF Doc' Versions ~


    Download my Highlights and Insights of




    This really ties together all of the Practices - A Must Read!


    This gives an incredible insight into the vast Wisdoms that were compiled

     to create these

    Essential Spiritual Practices

    that are in Harmony with all other Spiritual Traditions




    After reading my Highlights and Insights of


    Go through the Top Meditations


    Top Mindful Ways for Daily Practice


    Now with a more in-depth-ness


    By Now

    You will have had many days if not weeks to work on

    the basic meditation practice of

    Following the breath


    Journal each

    Meditation Experience

     as inspired…

    Make note of which ones you really resonate with

    Modify any Visualization concepts to better suite your perspectives

    whenever a more adequate vision arises.

    With each new meditation

    Focus & concentrate more & more

     on the subtle experience of


    Of Silence of mind




    Send along any questions

     & or journal entries





    The Next Section


    A Deeper Perspective






    course 606

    First – Enjoy the Pix

    Scroll down the page and

    Let the images of Maui take you away…


    This section does a very good job of

    attempting to help Describe the Un-describable


    Now Click


    and follow the 'bread crumbs down the rabit hole'


    ~ Please Click for a Deeper Perspective ~


    Highlights of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

    “I Am That”




    ~ Ponder and Journal any arising thoughts or questions ~


    The degree in which one comprehends or resonates with this section

    Is an Individual understanding

    The magnitude of this humble achievement of


    is the same nature as Sidharta da Buddha 'Awoken' to

    Along with

    Considerable less than 1/10th of 1% of our population that have



    Resonating or understanding just some of Sri Maharaj's Wisdoms

    Will go a long way towards the Deeper part of one's



    After this section sinks in...


    Follow the Rabbit down The Next Rabbit hole!

    Big Mind - Course 707


    Read thru Top to Bottom

    Reply with any questions.

    This lends itself to personal interaction which is part of 4-hour seminar on Maui


    we can go thru this process together for more insight through email or possible phone consultation if needed.




    The Next Phase - Course 808

    ~ Full Spectrum Mindfulness ~

    The Most Complete Perspectives of

    Human Conscious Stage Growth and Spiritual Awakening



    If you have ever wondered

    Why people and Societies

    generally do the things they do...


    How can some 'enlightened' ones be at the same time,

    Homophobic, Xenophobic, and ethno-centrically racists...


     The evolution towards a Higher Consciousness

    Must acount for both

    GROWING UP according to natural phychological stages of development

    and WAKING UP to the inner conectiveness to ALL

    This is Full Spectum ~ Spirituality ~


    Once you have earnestly read my course up and through this section,

    A lot of mystery of the unknowing will be resolved.

    This finite bit of Knowing will alleviate much undue suffering in the form of


      of the previous unknowing.

    You will now be able to put things into proper perspectives

     with a liberation a little light of wisdom offers



    Highlights of Ken Wilber's Fourth Turning of Buddhism

    The Essential Next Stop of Transcendence




    Buddha's Noble Eight Fold Path


 For Awakening Guidance Email Us!


  • Top Meditations for Essential Spirituality

    • Introducing ~ The seven perennial practices ~


      This is not magic - it is mind exercises

      As such,

      It will take time to blossom, but with time the feelings will go from

      Slightly subtle to an accumulation of real inner Growth.

      ------------             ---------------           ---------------           --------------

      Numerous Spiritual traditions use the breath

      As the most 'centering element' of

      Deepest Prayer and Contemplative Meditation,

      While Psychologists use the breath for them

      Deep meditative, relaxing and analyzing work.


      Breath in Deeply from the diaphragm,

      Allowing our lower tummy to relax and expand to bring in the breath

      To our deepest capacities and chakras.


      We bring our awareness to the air and Universal Light that begins to waft by the nose

      Down towards our lowest chakra, then visualizing a rush of Light building up from our depths and washing up the back of our spine like a wave churning white and foamy.

      This wave washes all the way up to our shoulders and the crown of our heads.

      Building with a gathering intensity, then radiating right out towards the infinite


      That’s my visual that comes to me, soon, in various times and places,

      A visual will be inspired within that resonates with us even more,

      And more…

      That’s what it’s all about… Just simply follow your breath…

      It will lead you within…

      And beyond.


      With the experience of daily morning deep meditations, this breathing process can be evoked many times throughout the day to immediately bring you to your zone.


      Breathing in I Smile

      Breathing out I relax

      This is a wonderful moment


      In, out

      Slow, Deep

      Smile, release




      The seven perennial practices are:

                            * Transform your motivation: reduce craving and find your Soul’s desire.

                            * Cultivate emotional wisdom: heal your heart and learn to love.

                            * Live ethically: feel good by doing good.

                            * Concentrate and calm your mind.

                            * Awaken your spiritual vision: see clearly and recognize the sacred in all things.

                            * Cultivate spiritual intelligence: develop wisdom and understand life.

                            * Express spirit in action: embrace generosity and the joy of service.


      These Sacred ‘Ways’, by themselves, can be an all encompassing

      ‘Call and answer’ meditation.


      Glide into your zone…

      Take a breath and release… - Read the first practice

      Take another breath and release – contemplate the meaning of the practice,

      While following your calm and steady breath…

      Take as long as it takes to follow what ever arises through the inspiration of this practice.


      Repeat for all 7 practices



    • The Buddhist Sweeping Meditation

      Glide into your zone...

      Once there - turn your attention to the top of your head, if there are any tensions there,

      Mentally loosen & let 'em go.

      If they are really 'glowing' then take a moment to massage your head for a moment,

      Then gently return to your breath... And your head...

      Then your forehead, then the back of your head, the base of your head. Eyebrows, checks...

      Flex your face with a big smile, a big 'O', a big pucker....

      The let 'em all go.

      Work your way down your entire body

      First, imagine a muscle or body part, then flex or tighten,  then release fully.

      Work your way all the way down to your toes.


      Allow your focus to universally be at one with your entire body.

      Feel it glow, breath....  Feel the calm power of your being


      All is

      As it should be


    • Visualize Your Future Self


      Look to see where you are and what type of environment you are in.

      Does your future self look different in any way? What is your posture like?

      How do you feel? What emotions are predominant?

      What fears are gone? What strengths are obvious?

      What new capacities are evident?


      Now imagine being your future self and ask,

      “Of all the things I have done, what makes me happiest?”

      Allow a moment or two for an answer to arise from the wisdom in your mind,

      And take time to savor and reflect on the answer. When you are ready,

      Move on to the following questions and repeat the same process for each one.

      Ask yourself:

      * Of all the things that I have done, what makes me most satisfied?

                                          * What is the most valuable thing I have learned?

                                          * What is the best thing I have done to help other people?

                                          * What are my most satisfying relationships like?


      When you have responses to these questions, then ask:


      In order to achieve these goals,

      * what strengths and capacities do I need to recognize in myself?

      * in what ways do I need to stop underestimating myself?

      * What could I do now to begin achieving these goals?


    • Awakening Mantra

      Originally in Hinduism and Buddhism

      a word or sound repeated to aid concentration in meditation...


      Gently repeat your favorite name for the concept of God,

      First as a whisper

      Then soon just repeat within your mind.



      The intuitive knowing of "life"

      Primordial essence

      Fundamental nature of the universe

      The flow of the universe,

      The Universal Light,

      The One,

      The Great Mystery…





      In time…

      You will discover for yourself that

      "God's name cannot be heard without a response-

      Nor said without an echo in the mind

      That calls you to 'remember

      Which is the first steps to



    • Contemplative Prayer


      This technique is almost the same as the Awakening Mantra above


      Almost any phrase can be used, providing only that it is

      Spiritually meaningful and Calls forth

      Positive feelings of your heart and mind


      “The Light Within Resonates with the Light beyond”


      “The Universal Light illuminates my inner Light”


      “God’s Light illuminates my inner Light”


      “With Grace I see the Light within me, within All”


      “The Peace of the One is within me”


      “Love glows within me in harmony with the Love of All”


      When you have reached a point of

      ~  such calmness   ~

      That no thoughts arise, including the 'sacred sound or words' ...

      You then

      Make no effort whatsoever and simply rest in the silence.

      This silence of the mind

      Unveils the profound experiences of the Sacred

      That lie beyond thoughts and images...

      In the Silence of  the moment

      is where the languid of God is spoken

      in wordless feelings radiating from the Source of our Universal Inner Pull

      This is where we get our 'One Taste' of a 'non-duel' relation with ...

      The timeless Eternal part of our Soul within and our ever increasing awareness to Spirit

      with it's direct connection to the Timeless One of it All.


    • I Will Receive What I offer Now


      "I give, so shall I receive.

      I will receive what I offer now."


      Glide into your meditative 'zone'...


      Think of those experiences and qualities of mind

      that you would like to give to others

      And thereby enjoy for yourself


      To Everyone - I Offer







      Say these things in your mind slowly with feeling and meaning

      Visualize the people receiving and enjoying these gifts.

      Repeat over & over with the focus one follows the breath

      If your thought wanders, gently bring yourself back


      This exercise can be extended into other tasks of the day,

      Like dishes, gardening, watering....

      Simply pause, take few slow breaths and begin the sentences for as long as you wish


      In a meeting or other sort of group with an intense focus of subject:

      With the dynamics of emotions running high while creative results need to be...


      Take a few moments to get into a quick 'zone' and repeat these lines...

      Wishing happiness to everyone in the room and

      An encouraging vibe towards creativity and  the common solution.

      This can transform your feeling and make you a

      Calming, Haling Influence for others.


    • All Encompassing Love

      Put away all hindrances –

      Let your mind full of love pervade...The whole wide world

      - Above, below, around and everywhere -

      Altogether continue to pervade with love filled thought

      Abounding, sublime, beyond measure.

      ~ da Buddha ~


      Glide into your meditative 'zone'...

      Bring your Awareness to a sort of glowing sensation

      And feelings of warmth from 'within'...

      As you do

      Think of someone you love dearly

      Visualize the person clearly in your mind's eye

      Be aware of any feeling of warmth and love that arise as you see this person.


      When you are aware of warm feelings,

      Expand your awareness to include people around you.

      Housemates, close by neighbors....

      Let your feelings of warmth and love embrace them too.

      Continue to follow your breath and the golden light energy that cycles...


      Visualize a larger circle of embrace to include the whole block

      Then the city, the state, country, planet....

      Then the universe right up to the

      'Edge of the Big Bang' where you will

      Embrace nothingness and everything at the same time.


      This is wonderfully laid out with the light breath – buoyancy,

      Floating out to larger circles of embrace.

      … Until one gets to the edge of the big bang… Then further to pure emptiness…


      This is a meditation I came up with that helps

      Connect the focused breathing into a visualization

      That takes you to the edge of the Big Bang..

      Which then helps with visualizing pure emptiness


      Bring our awareness to the air and the Universal Light that begins to

      Waft by the nose down towards our lowest chakra,


      Visualizing a rush of Light building up from our depths and

      Washing up the back of our spine like a wave churning white and foamy.

      This wave of light

      Washes all the way up to our shoulders and the crown of our heads.

      Building with a gathering intensity, then popping right out towards the infinite


      Feel the sensation of this light washing up and filling your inner self with light.

      This light expands and permeates our inner being and gives us subtle buoyancy.

      This buoyancy builds with each breath cycle.

      Soon our buoyancy lifts us from our perspective and we float just off the floor.

      Our loved ones we embrace those close to us is sent our glow

      We feel their happiness and content-ness.


      We breath in more of the Universal Light and

      Our buoyancy lifts us to view our neighborhood.

      With this perspective, we expand our circle of Love to embrace everyone below us…


      Then we breath in more Light and float higher to view the whole island or one’s country.

      We shine our glow towards all below, we feel their Love and content-ness.


      We breathe in more Light – Now we can see the all the islands or one’s state.

      We breath in more Light and we can see half the planet.

      We send them all our glow, and we feel their love and content-ness.


      We breath in more light – we can see the whole earth rotating in its splendor.

      We send our glow to light up the whole planet with our Love,

      Feelings of Peace, tranquility and rest.


      We breath in the Light and float past our moon…

      Then float past our planets, out past Pluto…

      Until the whole universe is laid out before us…

      Where we shine our glow to every being in every world

      and now feel the universe glowing with our own Light.


      We breath in more light – and soon we come to the edge of the Big Bang.

      Looking one way you see the scattered remnants of the universe…

      Looking the other you see nothing but ‘Pure Emptiness”


      Breathe in more light and now

      Float deep into the “Pure emptiness”

      This is a sacred place where we witness pure quite

      And the bliss of no thing arising.


      In Perfect stillness

      Is where you will feel the languid of the Universe

      Linger in this bliss for as long as you can…

      When you can no longer keep your monkey mind quiet,

      Backtrack your way back.


      ~   ~   ~

      - Another version –

      This can be done just like above or

      Just simply Focus on one dear one and work your way up to

      All beings in All worlds

      It’s best to start with YOU!


      Phrases like:

      May I be:

      Kind, happy, loving, and peaceful,

      Joyful, gentle, calm, and loving

      Then progress to:

      May you be...


      May ALL people be


      May All Beings in All Worlds be...

      Kind, happy, loving, and peaceful,

      Joyful, gentle, calm, and loving


      The entire Universe spread out towards infinity

      With your back towards the edge of the Big Bang.

      Feel that Love Light you shine out to the All…


      Turn around and face the Pure Emptiness and be at one with Pure Tranquility,

      Calm and peaceful


      ~   ~   ~  ~   ~   ~


      This advanced version

      Can be done after the above versions have been done a few times

      Start with

      Someone you really Don't care for

      Expand that to a few or a number of these types of people

      You really don't respect their actions

      But can offer peace, love and harmony


      ~   ~   ~  ~   ~   ~  ~   ~   ~  ~   ~   ~

      A very cool version of this:

      Visualize someone you love standing in front of you.

      Take a moment to experience the warm feelings you have for this person.

      Recall their characteristics that inspire you...

      Imagine that an Inner Light is radiating from within this person

      This glow grows in intensity until the body almost disappears


      Now imagine

      That standing next to your radiant friend is someone you do not like.

      See the light from your friends illuminating and filling this person…

      Until he or she begins to radiate light just as your friend does.


      Recognize the same radiance in them both.

      Now begin to feel their radiance illuminating and feeling you until your body begins to

      Fade into the background as you also become a radiant source.


      In this vision, there is no difference between you, your friend, and the disliked person.

      You have united with them in what Taoism calls

      "the radiance of the Tao within"

      Yoga knows this as -

      "The Inner radiance which is free from sorrow."


    • Recall Helpful People


      Glide into your meditative 'zone'...

      Recall two or three people that have been particularly helpful to you.

      Recall how they've been helpful.

      Take a few minutes to remember their kindness

      and allow the feeling of Gratitude to arise.


      Recall Loving People

      Bring to mind the gifts they give

      Consider their characters and personalities and behavior.


      What qualities make them so kind, helping and loving

      Take notice of your mind as you reflect on these people

      You may find yourself feeling grateful and loving because,

      Simply by directing attention to specific people,

      We begin to feel the qualities they express


      These wonderful people have powerful effects on us.

      Think of Loving People and Love arises.

    • Meditating to Sacred Sounds


      Nature has countless organically Sacred Sounds

      Waterfalls, babbling brooks, ocean waves,

      Trees with rustling leaves…

      and Rain

      Find a place in nature, even if it’s just right outside of work for a break.


      At times when you just can’t get to sacred nature sounds…


      With the sounds of nature or meditation music

      Allow the sounds help you focus and relax deeply


      There are clever ‘brain wave’ engineered sounds that are

      Incorporated into nature sounds that help resonate the brain to the

      frequencies they will vibrate or function at during the

      Deeper stages of meditation.


      It’s all about focusing one’s awareness on the moment.

      Be the ‘witness’ as the sounds arise in you.


      The same can be done with:

      Mindful Music

      Music has a remarkable power

      To evoke emotions and stir the soul

    • Mindfulness Meditation


      Designed to enhance awareness through Insight meditation


      We normally follow our breath and when thoughts come in

       We quickly but gently return focus to the breath and no thoughts…


      Glide into your zone and really

      Visualize the golden light of the breath's path as it cycles...

      Notice the ever changing current of endless sensations that make up the breath cycle.

      The more clear and sensitive your awareness becomes,

      The more sensation you can observe in a single breath


      Before long, another experience will catch your attention.

      There may be a sound nearby or in the distance,

      A tickle in the body, a thought or image in the mind.


      Whatever it is, if your mind is drawn to it,

      Allow your attention to shift to this experience and explore it carefully.

      If it is a sound, try to hear the vibrations.  If it is a body sensation, explore it deeply.


      Try to catch the subtle, fleeting, and powerful of all the mind's creations-

      Your Thoughts

      They whiz by fast & dissolve quickly... Or linger annoyingly.


      Simply observe and study them and they will change and pass away by themselves.

      When they do, simply return your attention to the breath and begin exploring it again.


      There is no need to struggle with heavy mental calculations and

      Engineering a solution to these thoughts...

      Emphasis on simply being open to all experiences without wishing they were different or

      Trying to change them, is a superb method for developing the patience and persistence

      Required to run this race of life


    • Commit Time To Silence and Solitude

      Make time for some quiet, introspective contemplation time.

      This is also and in conjunction with your daily meditations.

      You may, if you wish, Glide into your zone…


      I recommend finding a comfortable stance to gaze out at the

      The endless beauty of the nature you are viewing


      If you have more time, move to a relaxed, reclined-back comfy position.

      You may seek healing for recovering from a major ‘life’ event.

      You may need to ponder one of life’s hard choices.

    • Review Your Life


      If you haven’t done this for a few years or longer,

      You should set aside a reasonable amount of time to reflect your whole life.


      Look back on how you felt and dreamed during your life and

      How those feelings and dreams are now.


      Are you where you expected to be, or…

      Are you on the way?...


      Perhaps you are at a crossroads of Life… Again…

      You could be facing an uncertain future…


      You could be facing the same old boring future that you have endured for far too long…

      Ether way… It scares you… or at least is very  daunting and UN-inspiring.

      or somewhere in between…


      Everything could be going just fine…

      Except for that ‘mysterious Inner Pull’

      that is screaming subtly from our soul that…

      There must be something more to ‘It All’…


      Take some time to casually reflect your whole life.

      Being among the uplifting and inspiring places in nature

      may help invigorate ye ‘ol memories…

      After casually reflecting on one’s life for a period of time…

      Then sit with pen, paper or keyboard and put down your thoughts of:

      Where you are

      Where do you want to be


      How are you going to get there.


      It may help to sort of ‘re-create’ a diary of your life…

      As you recall each ‘new’ old memory… Others will pop up…

      Jot them down in your digital journal of choice.


      This deep process of reviewing one’s Life,

      Helps us understand ourselves more.

      Now we can put the many components of our life into a more ‘Integrated’ process..

      Kind of like the Zen-Psy “Big Mind” process.


      Once you’ve got your “Life” down on print,

      It’s right there in front of you… Nothing scary about your life…

      Just a few “To Do” lists…

      It’s All Good… Or at least as it should.


      This may take hours, days or weeks. But it is very necessary.

      You will now be able to enjoy the ‘Daily Reflections”.


      The end of the day

      Is a particularly valuable time for self-examination, since then we can

      Review the full day’s activities and their lessons.

      The goal is to

       Learn, not to blame; to grow in wisdom, not to fall into guilt;

      To appreciate our strengths as much as to recognize our weaknesses.

      We can learn as much, and sometimes even more,

      From our mistakes as from our good choices


    • Corrective Visualization


      Now that one has gotten this far along their ‘Path’…

      There probably aren’t many people you tend to piss off…

      Or at least without just cause


      Perhaps you are now recently achieving a new higher standard of awareness

      and your patience and tolerance can handle more

      ‘Unacceptable behavior’  without letting it get to you,

      Because you can now see past the exploding egos and

      See through to the real reasons ‘shit just ain’t right’.


      Issues are no longer Right and Wrong …

       With the wrong folks needing to be trounced.


      You are able to love them more, Inspire them more.

      With your new found wisdoms, you can educate them in loving thoughtful ways.

      People that happen to offend one with deep spiritual insights are in need of

      More understanding and less condemnation… More patience and Love.


      When you know you will have to face an annoying asshole,

      at work or some place you can’t avoid them.

      Perhaps this ‘asshole’ has ‘mucked’ with you before…

      and in geeky little ‘office wars’, you have exchanged some …

      “Dynamic vibes”…

      Take a few minutes to relax.

      Recall a time when you spoke or acted in a way you now regret.

      As vividly as you can, imagine yourself back in that same situation.

      Visualize the place you were in and the people who were there.

      Recall what you were doing and how you felt.

      Then allow yourself to watch the scene unfold and

      Watch yourself, make the error and observe the consequences.


      Restart the visualization from the beginning and again allow the scene to unfold


      This time see yourself making a wiser choice

      and notice how you feel as you do so.


    • Contact Your Inner Teacher


      We have within us this remarkable wisdom that will guide and help us

      If we learn how to recognize and draw on it.


      The following exercise is one way to do so.

      Close your eyes and relax.


      Imagine yourself in a beautiful place, perhaps your favorite beach, mountain, or garden.

      See yourself there and enjoy the feelings this special place evokes.


      In just a moment you are going to invite into that place an extraordinarily wise person.

      It may be a great spiritual teacher, or

      It may be an unknown wise man or woman.

      Whoever it is,

      This person will embody qualities such as

      Great wisdom, love, and complete acceptance of you just as you are.


      Think of these qualities and how it would feel, to be in the presents of being.

      This being of pure white light, or a Blue Light glow, an aura of one’s Higher Self or even

      an image you might imagine to be you in your ‘Highest’ form.


      Invite this wise person into your place of beauty and introduce yourself.

      Take time to savor the experience of being in the presence of a person of

      Deep wisdom and boundless love.

      What does it feel like to be with someone who

      Understands and loves you completely?


      What fears and defenses melt into nothingness in the presence of someone

      Who accepts you just the way you are?


      Here is an opportunity to learn and get advice about anything that concerns you.

      Take a moment to think of the questions you would most like to ask.


      Then ask your first question and wait quietly for the answer.


      There is no need to try to make anything happen.

       Simply relax and allow the wisdom within you to respond.

      When you are ready,

      Ask your next question, wait for a response,


      Continue with any further questions.


       Ask the wise person if he or she has anything to tell you.

      Again, just relax and wait for an answer.

      Then ask if there are any questions the wise person has for you.


      Ask the wise person if he or she will be available to you in the future

      at any time you request help or do this exercise.


      Express your thanks for the gifts of this meeting.


      Imagine yourself beginning to merge with the wise person so that your

      Bodies, hearts, and minds melt into one.


      Actually, you already are one,

      Because the sage and the qualities such as love and wisdom

       are creations and part of your own mind.


      Feel that you have absorbed the qualities of the wise person and explore the experience.

      What is it like to be wise?

      What does it feel like to be fearless and to have

      No need to defend yourself in any way?

       What is it like

       to feel boundless love and care for all people, including yourself?

      And what does it feel like

      to accept and love yourself completely, just as you are?


      After you have savored this experience,

      Gently open your eyes.

      Try to make the transition slowly and gently so

       You can bring back the qualities you experienced.

      Take a moment to reflect on the fact that these feelings

      Wisdom, fearlessness, love, and acceptance

      are not new or foreign to you.

      They are actually aspects of yourself that you projected onto the wise person.

      True, these qualities are not fully developed or always accessible to you yet, but

      they are available and await your attention to grow and flourish.


      Your Inner Teacher – Can help with your ‘Life Review’


  • Top Mindful Ways for Daily Practice

    • Introducing ~ Mindful Ways for Daily Practice ~


      The seemingly simple tasks done with a focused awareness can be

      a profound 'Awakening' for spiritual growth


      Transform Daily Activities into Sacred Rituals

      Turning Work into Service


      Much of what we do each day is already a service.

      Whether it is cleaning, cooking, or accounting, a lot of it is for the benefit of other people, whether they are clients, friends, or family.


      Whether we do it as service or drudgery, however,

      Is up to us.

      Take a few minutes to think about your daily activities.

      Is there one you would like to do for a day in a spirit of service?


      It could be a complex technical task at work or something as simple as shopping.

      Choose an activity. Then think of ways in which it helps people.

      Perhaps your work will allow others to get their work done more easily;

      Perhaps the shopping will feed your family and friends. ..


      Concentrate on these benefits, then choose to see and

      Do your task as a service to these people.

      With practice

       The rewards of helping become increasingly obvious.

      As they do,

      You may wish to see more and more activities

      from the perspective of service until it becomes

       A natural way of life.


      Even the simplest tasks of opening a door

      First, take one deep, calming breath, and then in direct calm focus

      Efficiently open the door, no longer hurling the door open and barging right in.


      Those few seconds of focused calmness are just enough to put one into a tranquil groove

      as you glide into where ever the door has led you


      Driving: - Start by leaving a few minutes earlier!

      Open the door like just mentioned, starting with one calming breath

      Don't just hop in quickly - Take your time to just glide in efficiently, no rush.

      Once settled, take another calming breath... -  Then start the motor, do your seat belt & mirrors...

      When you're all set to go,

      BREATH two or three calming breaths.... Then calmly make your way

      Enjoy the ride, and be…



    • Dedicate Practice to Awakening

      Before beginning meditation,

      a practitioner will repeat words such as,

      “I dedicate this practice to my awakening

      in order that I may serve and awaken all beings.”


      At the end of the meditation, the practitioner will close by

      Dedicating the benefits to others with words such as,

      “I offer the benefits of this practice

      to the welfare and awakening of all beings.”


      Say a 'Dedication'

      Before, during or after any worthy task


      Not in a meaningless rush to

      Say 'Grace' & stuff one's face in a big hurry


      Be truly thankful for the many people that did their part to

      Help bring this food to your table


    • See Teachers Everywhere


      Find a reason to feel Grateful to each person you meet


      View everyone you meet as a teacher

      Treat them with 'some amount of' reverence, kindness and delight

      Not so much that you overly inflate their egos,

      Encouraging them to spout more self centered, non sense.

      but yet,

      Set a neutral, but inspiring natural tone, vibe or personality.

      Be aware of the qualities of each person that you like and inspire you to be like more often


      Be aware of the qualities that you do not like, but inspire you never to be like


      When someone is being an 'asshole'

      - Just smile and thank him -

      Internally thankful for the real life lesson

      – ‘Live and in person’ -  to demonstrate

      How Not To Be!



    • Tell the Truth for a Day

      … then continue everyday

      If you find you are beginning to lie or stretch the truth or over exaggerate


    • Give Up da Gossip


      Avoid gossip in the obvious ways of being cruel and mocking some one that is not present.

      If there a moral to the story that must be told, try to say it about an anonymous party.

      Keep the tale about the moral of the story & not to 'disenfranchise' another.


    • Do No Harm


      Being harmless is a wonderful gift.

      It means we are not acting from, and therefore reinforcing anger in ourselves

      and that people are safe in our presence,

      This allows them to let down their guard, set aside their defenses and pretenses

      and feel at peace


    • All Encompassing Love


      For each activity you encounter - Focus your entire attention on the task at hand

      Don't let your mind wander

      Focus on your breath during your task, especially when your thoughts wander.

      Do your task in rhythm with your relaxed breath

      Even if it requires your full thought power...

      ~  all in rhythm with breath ~

    • Transform Interruptions


      Another way to embrace your ‘Mindfulness’

      Taking a moment to relax and let go of any annoyance

      When an issue or a boss cries out

      Allows you to be calm, cool and collectively reassuring

    • Become A Good Listener


      Listening carefully and attentively as someone speaks is a gift.

      Other people will enjoy your full attention, while you learn more about them,

      Train your attention, and sensitize your awareness

    • Find Beauty in This Moment


      Treat yourself to taking a moment - Two or three times each day,

      to look around and find something of beauty.

      -  It could be anything –

      Relish the simple beauty of the clouds, or sunset, or happy child...

      then bring your awareness to your 'inner self',

      Notice how it feels inside too

      Relish these sights and sounds of beauty.

      Then bring these feelings along with you into the day's groove.

    • Mindful Speech


      Carefully observe and refine the emotions and motives of your speech


      Are you trying to look good, to impress, belittle someone or defend yourself?


      Is your intention to speak born out of a desire to

      Inform, help or heal?


      Become aware of your intentions before you speak and you will begin to

      Integrate the practices of awareness, ethics, and emotional transformation.

    • Open to the Sacred in Nature


      Plan to put yourself into nature as part of  your practice

      Even if it's just a walk around the block, even if you live in the ghetto the sky is beautiful

      Take a bike ride to get out of da hood a bit further that will take you to a spot of beauty.

      Find new reasons to pull off the road for a scenic view.

      Treat yourself to the splendor of nature and breath it all in.


      There is no need to do much.

      Simply open yourself to the surroundings and appreciate the magnificence of the scenery, the varieties of plant and animal life

      Feel how being in such beauty naturally soothes and heals.

    • View and treat everyone you meet as a Saint


      View and treat everyone you meet as a

      A holy person or a peaceful, loving, compassionate one of Wisdom


      with reverence, kindness and delight!


      Seeing the Sacred in others,

      Helps us recognize the Sacred in ourselves.

    • Practice All-Embracing Kindness



      Be as kind as you can to

       as many people as you can


    • Awakening Service


       Involves three steps

      1  -  Begin an activity by dedication to a Higher purpose larger than your own satisfaction.

          2 -  Relinquish attachments to your ideas of how things ought to turn out.

          3 -  Learn from the Process

    • Daily Mindful Ways


      Start your day with a long morning meditation and some yoga stretches.

      Be very mindful of your lower spine and all it’s connections

      as your core chakra for centering posture.

      Get ready for your day without a radio or TV going, just focus on the shower, teeth brushing

      Prepare your meal with focus;

      Eat your meal with a dedication and gratitude for your nourishment

      Enjoy the subtle details of the tastes, the textures, the aromas.


      Take your time to chew in a non-rushed manner,

      because you have set aside time to eat relaxed


      Continue your day as such - Driving without the distractions of the radio

      Breathing steadily, calmly focused on all aspects of driving safely and most of all

      Enjoy the Ride!

      Some people actually get into a sort of zone while they drive... That may be too deep,

       As we need to not let our focus drift off the task of being alert to our task of safely driving


      No cell phones while driving unless purpose mounted smart phone for maps only...

      Better to learn your route before you head out


      But when you do talk to someone one the phone - Give them your absolute full attention

      and breath calmly and enjoy each moment,

      No rush, but be time efficient with most non personal calls


      Later, when we do want to relax with Tv or Music - Then Do JUST that ;-)

      Turn on the music at a reasonable level and just sit there and enjoy it as fully as you can

      Even close your eyes and watch the 'concert' with your 'mind's eye'... and Breath like a meditation.

      Some 'music' or relaxing audio can really take your meditations to Deeper levels, and Get you to your zone in quickly by helping to focus your concentration and calm your monkey mind


      If you need your Tv fix - Pick out a 'quality' show

      Get your snack & drinks, dim the lights & breath calmly... when ya can ;-)


      If you go to a restaurant, pick a quiet one so you can either calmly enjoy your meal

      or be able to enjoy conversation with your dinner friends...


      Eat your meals with the single task of enjoying your meal.

      Don't eat while you work - This is inefficient for ether task of eating or working.

      Don't watch Tv or listen to the radio or even read.

      Reading is a big pleasure,

      But it distracts us from being aware of the subtleness of the meal and  really enjoying the meal.

      Mind and body are multi tasking in opposing ways.

      When you just simply enjoy your meal, the aromas, the textures, the tastes...

      You whole digestive system gets in sync with the eating process,

      Your stomach becomes receptive to the nourishment that's coming it's way.

      Taking the time to enjoy the aromas, even before the first bite, actually gets the 'juices flowing'

      Your mouth waters a bit getting ready to 'grease the skids' so the food just glides right on down

      To your stomach that has started to do what  it does with the food that coming' on down....


      Again - Even a 'Born again Atheist' could appreciate these benefits

      While the Spiritualist is Aware that bringing your meditative focus to all tasks at all times is an essential step to Higher and Deeper stages.


      Most Spiritualist tend to flow into a "voluntary simplicity lifestyle"

      Less cluttered by excess activates and possessions,

      A life outwardly simple yet but Inwardly rich.

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