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    Spirituality - AWAKENINGS - Big Mind...


    Re-Integrate & Meditate


    Work on the very basic counting breath for a few days to a few weeks…

    Journal Your experiences as they arise…

    Monkey mind, a wee wit ‘O calmness…



    When stray thoughts or images arise

    Treat them nonchalantly like a passing cloud

     and gently return your focus to your count...

    With each interruption in the count,

    Begin your count over from 'One'...


    When you can perform this simple breathing and counting with

    No distracting images or thoughts popping up

    for FIVE minutes

    You will be ready to begin your meditations with

    a few cycles of counting...


    Focus on Just your breath alone



    Proceed to

    Section 505

    ~ The seven perennial practices ~


    Scroll to the bottom section and Click

    Top Meditations for Essential Spirituality


    Read Through the first

    ‘Contemplative - Visualization’ Meditations


    Jump right in to this meditation.


    This is more of a ‘Contemplation

    under calm, relaxed and focused concentration


    Go through each of the

    Top Meditations

    For the first time - No pressure,

    Just get the feel of going through and

    exploring the sensations as best you can.

    When the mind wanders,

    Just gently bring your focus back

    Use no judgments, nor expectations….

    Just Be with it in the

    Ever Present Moment



    Scroll to the bottom section  -  Click and Read Each

    Top Mindful Ways for Daily Practice


    A lot of these practices will naturally become

    How 'one on this path' ...

    Will be inclined to view things to themselves

     and to relate to others...

    These help develop a  personal Life Practice of

    Putting 'Spirit Into Action'

    by Integrating ways into our daily lives that Deepen our

    Ever widening circles of Love and Embrace


    Learn the 'talk'

    Then - Learn How to

    Walk the 'Talk'



    Click on

    ~ Download 'PDF Doc' Versions ~


    Download my Highlights and Insights of




    This really ties together all of the Practices - A Must Read!


    This gives an incredible insight into the vast Wisdoms that were compiled

     to create these

    Essential Spiritual Practices

    that are in Harmony with all other Spiritual Traditions




    After reading my Highlights and Insights of


    Go through the Top Meditations


    Top Mindful Ways for Daily Practice


    Now with a more in-depth-ness


    By Now

    You will have had many days if not weeks to work on

    the basic meditation practice of

    Following the breath


    Journal each

    Meditation Experience

     as inspired…

    Make note of which ones you really resonate with

    Modify any Visualization concepts to better suite your perspectives

    whenever a more adequate vision arises.

    With each new meditation

    Focus & concentrate more & more

     on the subtle experience of


    Of Silence of mind




    Send along any questions

     & or journal entries





    The Next Section


    A Deeper Perspective






    course 606

    First – Enjoy the Pix

    Scroll down the page and

    Let the images of Maui take you away…


    This section does a very good job of

    attempting to help Describe the Un-describable


    Now Click


    and follow the 'bread crumbs down the rabit hole'


    ~ Please Click for a Deeper Perspective ~


    Highlights of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

    “I Am That”




    ~ Ponder and Journal any arising thoughts or questions ~


    The degree in which one comprehends or resonates with this section

    Is an Individual understanding

    The magnitude of this humble achievement of


    is the same nature as Sidharta da Buddha 'Awoken' to

    Along with

    Considerable less than 1/10th of 1% of our population that have



    Resonating or understanding just some of Sri Maharaj's Wisdoms

    Will go a long way towards the Deeper part of one's



    After this section sinks in...


    Follow the Rabbit down The Next Rabbit hole!

    Big Mind - Course 707


    Read thru Top to Bottom

    Reply with any questions.

    This lends itself to personal interaction which is part of 4-hour seminar on Maui


    we can go thru this process together for more insight through email or possible phone consultation if needed.




    The Next Phase - Course 808

    ~ Full Spectrum Mindfulness ~

    The Most Complete Perspectives of

    Human Conscious Stage Growth and Spiritual Awakening



    If you have ever wondered

    Why people and Societies

    generally do the things they do...


    How can some 'enlightened' ones be at the same time,

    Homophobic, Xenophobic, and ethno-centrically racists...


     The evolution towards a Higher Consciousness

    Must acount for both

    GROWING UP according to natural phychological stages of development

    and WAKING UP to the inner conectiveness to ALL

    This is Full Spectum ~ Spirituality ~


    Once you have earnestly read my course up and through this section,

    A lot of mystery of the unknowing will be resolved.

    This finite bit of Knowing will alleviate much undue suffering in the form of


      of the previous unknowing.

    You will now be able to put things into proper perspectives

     with a liberation a little light of wisdom offers



    Highlights of Ken Wilber's Fourth Turning of Buddhism

    The Essential Next Stop of Transcendence




    Buddha's Noble Eight Fold Path


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