Chace & Clause – Luv Story

We met because we are both in a law enforcement training program 

with hopes to one day both be members of a law enforcement team. 

We hit it off pretty much at first sight and since then have been inseparable. 

I would say that being total opposites has kept us together the most because 

we learn from each other every day and can understand multiple viewpoints. 

When we met, he was a very strict Christian and I was not part of any religious group. 

I feel like that’s what really brought us together, when I started going to church,

 since the day he brought me to church our relationship has only grown. 

God brought him into my life at its lowest point and since then 

I have never been as happy as I am now, and he the same. 

We can’t wait to officially be married! 

Chace & Clause – Luv Story Blessing

So, you both met at a ‘Police Academy’…

Curious if was as fun as the movie made it look 😉

Opposites attract and the valuable virtues of integrating multiple perspectives 

is the key to a sustainable relationship. 

In Deep Contemplative Spirit, it is revealed that 

we are all inseparable from each other, all others and all that “Is”. 

God is the very essence of all that “Is”…

It’s just that we all tend to create ‘veils’ 

that block our perception of this Divine Inseparableness. 

When we meet a True Soulmate, they seem to be able to see past 

the veils of our perception and connect Deeply with what seems like 

the holy Ground of our Being. 

Also, in Deep Spirit, it is revealed that we are born perfect, 

Despite the miss-conception of less evolved religions that insist that 

we are all born worthless sinners, which simple is not true. 

Being born perfect Beings… we don’t need anyone to “complete” us, 

We are Always Already Alright… and ‘complete’… 


Connecting Deeply with a Soulmate does not just merely ‘complete’ us…

For ‘we’ will remain an individual creative Being in this ‘Here & Now’…

But the ‘Love force’ of your combined life energies 

Transcends you both to a Higher, Wider, Deeper collective union. 

Every Being created has an innate inspiration to connect themselves 

with something that is much more meaningful 

than we normally perceive in this ‘Here & Now’.

The fact Chace stated that he was not part of any ‘religious’ group, 

Nevertheless, he was no less Spiritual. 

It is a Blessing of Grace that Clause found a progressive church 

that accepts all of ‘God’s’ children, as opposed of the 

old fashioned outdated “traditional” churches that ignorantly proclaimed 

what they projected as “God’s Will”, of only embracing 

certain types of “God’s” children into their church of worship. 

This type of ‘divide & conquer’ mode of operation is not a 

forward-thinking sustaining way of Divinity and worship… and thus, 

those churches are closing four churches forever, 

for each new progressive church established.  

True Spirit Transcends.

In the Deepest Inquiry of Spirit, it is revealed that 

‘By any skillful means’ that brings you closer to the Divinity Within, 

Is your own Blessed Path to Grace. 

It’s great you have both found this progressive church, 

It will be your ‘conveyor belt’ to Heaven on Earth, ‘Here & Now’. 

Keep on being open to more and more progressive ways, 

You will feel what is right and True and what is just myth. 

Although it is a “Faith”… 

Know that we all seek to become closer to ‘God’. 

See the Divinity within yourself and your Soulmate. 

Then keep expanding this circle of embrace to all others. 

‘God’ is all that “Is”. 

Be in love with all that “Is” and you will never be disappointed. 

See the perfection in all that “Is”, 

experience this together in the ‘ever-present moment’

and you will both abide in Eternal Maui Marital Bliss