An Enchanting Luv Story Mike & Denise

We were married in our home state of NJ.  So, our 15-year anniversary is this September 21.  We met in February 2000.  Thus, we have been together for 17 years. 

Back in 2002, I had just graduated from Law School, taken the NY and NJ Bar exams and started working as a lawyer in a large firm in NYC.  Mike had already graduated from law school in 1998 and was already working as a lawyer in a large firm in NYC.  Around 2005 we started to try to have a baby.  That proved to be more difficult than we expected but we persevered and finally became pregnant and gave birth to Molly in 2008.  At that time, we decided that I would leave my firm job and stay home with the baby.  We did not expect to have the second so soon, but we then had Darcy in 2010. 

Around the time we had Darcy, Mike began to travel a lot for his career.  So, the greatest challenge to us over the bulk of our marriage has been Mike’s travel away from the family.  For the last 5/6 years Mike has split his time between NJ and London.  For about 2 years we thought we were going to be moving to London.  We have taken the girls to London several times and have even needed them to interview with private schools for admission.  We did not move for serval reasons, but the possibility is still on the table.   

Mike’s travel and the uncertainty of our living situation has made it impactable for me to go back to work.  Thus, our greatest challenges as a family has been Mike’s travel and time away from the family.  However, despite the travel and the stress it causes, we have grown together in love and friendship.  We are stronger than ever as a family and are bonded though the nutty experience of all this travel. 

We wanted to renew our vows really so that our girls can witness their parents recommitting to one another.  We thought it would be special for us as a family especially since Mike and I honeymooned on Maui 15 years ago.  It is very special for us now to take our girls there for the first time 15 years later.

An Enchanting Luv Story – Mike & Denise Blessing

Wow, that’s a lifetime of … Life!

If it was easy, even monkeys would want to evolve and enjoy the struggles us humans have

raised the ‘bar’ to achieve.  …yuk, yuk 😉 A little lawyer humor…ok, very little


My wife and I spent about the same amount of time ‘working hard’ to get pregnant…

funest ‘work’ we’ve ever done 😉

~ ~ ~

The highly spiritual minister attending our wedding told us prophetically that

there is a boy waiting to join our family…

How she knew of such things was beyond my comprehension, yet

less than two years later our son Robin was born…and now off to college.

Raising children is a very profound opportunity to gain many insights

and spiritual Wisdoms…

A chance to experience Loving Kindness and Unconditional Love

deep within a perspective otherwise oblivious to our normal ‘me first’ instincts.

Proper parenthood is a path to Sainthood.

As few other human endeavors place the importance of others

above and beyond our very own welfare.

You have chiseled out a hard-won endeavor to become a lawyer

in the two most demanding states to be an expert on law.  

Then, to have what it takes to put that aside to be that

angel of loving kindness to your little gals.

The struggles and challenges of life are so more easily transcended

when the ‘team’ is behind each other 100%. 

Working between the two most dynamic cities on the planet takes a lot of…


Marital Teamwork pays off in Divine Dividends exponentially  

To the actual outlay of individual effort.