By Any Name One Calls Divinity… It is still the Same and Only ‘Divinity’

When “God’s” children argue, divide their country and go to wars

to kill and hurt each other in the name of

their projection of what they imagine “God” is…

Is to miss the point of Divinity all together. 

At some point in the evolution of humanity,

In order to move from an existence of deficiencies…

To one of abundance…

We will all have learn tolerance, patients, and

Unconditional Love and compassion for all others.

Co Exist!

There is strength in diversity.

Without unity,

we are all in a self-defeating mode of existence.

There is more than enough resources on this planet so that

No one should go hungry.

Everyone could be gainfully employed in a fulfilling livelihood.


The divisiveness that so many mentally vulnerable sheep are fooled into supporting

keep us from evolving from a life of deficiencies…

to one of abundance.

~ ~ ~

It is a Noble virtue to feed the poor

and help educate the new generations

and to instill the qualities that will

expand unconditional love in ever expanding circles of embrace.

Be mindful of being told to only love those that

pray or act or look just like you do.

The Divinity that we all pray to is ineffable…

There are no words in any language

that can come remotely close to describing Divinity.


Whenever you hear someone say they know ‘God’s will’

Know that ‘God’s power is so infinite and natural…

there is no need for a will.


They know what ‘God’ hates, so,

you should be a good Christian and at the very least,

disenfranchise them or like some do…

often this mis guided devotion of ‘faith’ becomes fatal.

Know that they have been duped, deceived and

have totally distorted any message of Divinity.

To name Divinity…

Is to limit the otherwise limitlessness of Divinity.

~ ~ ~

May you be Blessed with a Noble passion of Virtue

to help all others in ever expanding circles of embrace.

Open your Heart Mind and Soul to be Mindful of the bigger picture…

And that is…

Love all, serve all and create no sorrow.