How We Can Transcend from an Existence of Deficiencies – To one of Abundance

At some point in the evolution of humanity,

In order to move from an existence of deficiencies…

To one of abundance…

We will all have learn tolerance, patients,

 Unconditional Love and compassion for all others.

~ ~ ~

There is strength in diversity.

Without unity, we are all in a self-defeating mode of existence.

There are more than enough resources on this planet so that

No one should go hungry.

Everyone could be gainfully employed in a fulfilling livelihood.

We have the resources right now so that humanity

no longer needs to slave away in a perpetual serfdom…

~ ~ ~

Once we humble enough self-centered egos

that insist on having so much, while so many go without…

We can transcend our current existence of deficiencies…

And move to an existence of abundance.

If humanity can survive itself long enough…

We can fill our time with more productive creativeness.

Mindless labor for the sake of mindlessly laboring

will no longer be required.