Will “We” Ever Reunite With Our Transcended Loved Ones?

If one really wants to know if they will ever reunite somehow

with their transcended loved ones…

The first step is to contemplate one’s own True Self.

Until we take this Path of Self inquiry to the fullest Realization of our True Self,

it will remain a mystery and we will likely settle into a false belief.

~ ~ ~

Very early on this Path of ‘Self-inquiry’, one will realize that

we are much more than just our  

body, mind, and egos…

Whatever ‘we’ were before ‘we’ were born

and whatever ‘we’ return to after this body dies…

will for the most part always be ineffable.

Words will never be able to describe

‘The Timeless Wonder of it All’.

To be ‘At One with it All’… is our True Nature.


To the question of:

Will “We” Ever Reunite With Our Transcended Loved Ones?

The answer is…

We are already united with them…

And the Divinity of all that ‘Is’…

It’s just that the veils we’ve created that

keeps us mis-believing that ‘we’ ARE our bodies and egos

keeps us seemingly separated from what is Always Already Inseparable.

~ ~ ~

This Self enquiry will wordlessly reveal the Grace

that removes the pain and suffering of our fear of death

and worries about what happens to ‘us’ after ‘we’ die…

This will be revealed as not the Ultimate reality.

One will experience a Wisdom of knowing

there is no need for concern.

Just as the profound questions a child might have…

As an adult,

those very questions are rendered as … no concern.

So too will one’s contemplation of Self enquiry.

Neti-Neti… mean not this, not that… 

Once we strip away all thing material things

that is obviously not “us”…

A true Wisdom will be revealed, that…

Everything is…

Always Already Alright!