The Work Of A Buddha

Whatever our livelihood is—

whether we’re a teacher, an artist, a social worker, or a businessperson—

we can participate in the work of a buddha,

helping to nurture enlightenment and awakening

and to bring positive change to the world.

When we can be fully present and get in touch with the wonders of life

that have the power to heal and nourish us,

we will have enough strength to help others suffer less.

Someone who has not woken up

cannot help another person to wake up.

A non- buddha cannot make another buddha.


The same is true with someone that has not transcended their


They cannot even begin to be fully present for someone else

that is in need of some compassionate understanding.

The other end of spectrum is those that pride themselves of being

very, very, very, obnoxiously compassionate…

To the point they quickly become:

“Crippled by Compassion”.

When they encounter someone that has an ‘issue’ that just needs someone to

talk to, to listen… a shoulder to cry on…

Those that are ‘crippled with compassion’ just simple break down and join the ‘pity party’.

Instead of being strong, supportive, and helpful…

They just add fuel to the other persons fire of pain…

“oh your soo right, the world is such a mess, that person is such a jerk….”

And they too tumble to floor and blather on and cry histerically…

becoming ask broken as the first person.

There Buddhist teachings that one can learn how to be compassionate

without becoming crippled by their desire to help.

When one can maintain their equanimity…

they are free to come from a fully present mode of being

that allows creative intelligent solutions based from mindful loving kindness.

Without this perspective of mindful loving kindness,

Those in need tend to just keep their ‘issues’ to themselves…

Those ‘issues’ that get swept under the rug…

Don’t go away… they fester and build in complexities in the subconsciousness.

You don’t need to even be striving to be a ‘Buddha’,

to be fully present, compassionate, and understanding of others.

The metric psychologist use to measure one’s level of human development is…

The ability to take another’s perspective into consideration.

Taken even deeper,

an even more evolved person can take multiple perspectives into consideration

to help form an even better, more informed, intelligent reaction

to more complex social dynamics.

It’s not a coincidence that the characteristics that mark

a psychologically balanced person is the same as

a person that is aspiring to be a Buddha.

The Buddha Shakyamuni – Siddhartha Gautama

was the world’s first real world psychologist who’s teachings has now helped

countless millions of people look at themselves, their world, and their issues

in such a way that rendered their pain and suffering as simply…

not something that really has any concern at all.

The simplicity of the Buddha’s teachings creates a no non-sense antidote

to life’s most challenging conundrums.

Those that follow ‘the Path’ from a young enough age,

never get to the point where life’s ‘issues’ cause them such great distress

that they need a professional personal psychologist.


In the ‘west’… the careers in psychology is a booming industry.

So many people succumb to minor issues that get swept under the rug

and combine with all the other issues that keep piling up

until not even the Buddha could help.


These folks get drugged up on the other booming industry the west is infamous for…

A vicious cycle that prevents a disturbing portion of our population

from ever fulfilling their full creative potential.

It compares with when it was once considered ‘good medicine’

to use leaches to such out the bad blood in patients…

when they really needed to just have a better diet.

So many people needlessly suffered and died as a result.

Not much different with all the people that attempt to live a ‘normal’ life

but are plagued with disinformation that causes ‘wrong thoughts’…

the untrained ego takes these wrong thoughts and creates deliberating delusions

and chronic depressions.

A vicious cycle that most folks are not even aware there is a better way.

Our western society does not offer these simple solutions of Buddhism

as a way of life.

Be the evolutionary!

Seek out a non-theological common-sense spiritual practice…

And be well.

You’ll then be able to be of profound help to all others.  

Please note that:

one does have to be a ‘card carrying Buddhist’.

Even though I write extensively about Buddhism…

I don’t consider myself to be… just a Buddhist.

I find it’s best to combine all

Non-theological common sense spiritual practices

that point towards helpful solutions to life’s challenges,

While answering the most profound philosophical questions…

What is the True Nature of my Being.

What is my place in this life and the ‘Timeless wonder of it all’.


How to creatively fulfill my full potential.


 “Zenfully Quool Quotes”…

Currently featuring “The Art of Living”

By Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh

My aim is to present

a deeper, higher, wider, non-theological perspective

into common sense Spirituality

that most of us folks raised in the ‘west’ never get introduced to,

to fulfill life’s most intriguing questions…

Sri MahaRogg Dogg