We All Need A Spiritual Dimension In Our Life.


Our spiritual practice body grows from our buddha body.

Spiritual practice is the art of knowing how to

generate happiness and handle suffering,

just as a gardener knows how to make good use of mud

in order to grow lotus flowers.

Spiritual practice

is what helps us to overcome challenging and difficult moments.

It is the art of stopping and looking deeply to gain deeper insight.

 It is very concrete.

We cultivate our spiritual practice body—

which we can also call our “Dharma body”—

by cultivating the seeds of awakening and mindfulness in our daily life.

The more solid our spiritual body becomes,

the happier we will be and the more we are able to

help those around us be happier and suffer less.

We all need a spiritual dimension in our life.


 “Zenfully Quool Quotes”…

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By Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh

My aim is to present

a deeper, higher, wider, non-theological perspective

into common sense Spirituality

that most of us folks raised in the ‘west’ never get introduced to,

to fulfill life’s most intriguing questions…

Please note that:

one does have to be a ‘card carrying Buddhist’.

Even though I write extensively about Buddhism…

I don’t consider myself to be… just a Buddhist.

I find it’s best to combine all

Non-theological common sense spiritual practices

that point towards helpful solutions to life’s challenges,

While answering the most profound philosophical questions…

What is the True Nature of my Being.

What is my place in this life and the ‘Timeless wonder of it all’.


How to creatively fulfill my full potential.

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