A Noble Act and The Perfect Expression of Divinity

After a couple years of touching base with each other

I finally had to point out what he must have been missing in my articles and messages…

So with all seriousness… I reached out…


Aloha my long time friend ,

I have enjoyed our messages

over the long time we’ve been doing so…

Your good will to help the many kids are both

a Noble act and the perfect expression of ‘Divinity’.

I do not want to distract you from your religious beliefs…

But you should know that:

Although I am deeply into ‘Spirit’…

My views on organized religions and “God”

have ‘transcended’ greatly since I was first catechism’d a catholic 

as a young boy over 50 years ago.


There are many commonalities with most

spiritual traditions and religions…

For these,

I am inspired to point out how all these different perspectives

are all pointing toward the same ultimate Truths…


Somewhere along the way…

Those once noble aspects of organized religions

have strayed far and away from those morals and virtues.

Instead of religions Uniting all of humanity…

It has become a devastating force that has

‘divided’ humanity with the conquest of

Conquering and killing anyone that didn’t believe in the

ineffable aspects of their ‘projections’ of what “God” is.

Most of the world’s wars were fought over naïve projections

of what different people thought “God” was

and that only their way of praying to the “God”

that they made up was the only way to live.


In the most UN-holiest of ways.

People all over the world have been killing and

torturing to death innocent people

in the name of their projections

of an all loving ‘pro-life’ “god”.

If you look back in the entire history of humanity:

Never did the Buddhist or other

Non-Theological Common Sense Spiritual traditions

ever start a war over a man made up projection of ‘god’.

(mainly because they are not distracted by such imaginations)


They do bicker and debate their interpretations of

their ancient scriptures…


It’s mostly done mindfully with loving kindness.

I strongly believe that torturing just one person to death

is wrong.

But the ‘church’ has the blood of torturing to death

over 100 million innocent people,

all for the mistaken idea that they were “evil” …

Evil, the ‘devil’… are just another man made up ideas.


The church tortured these people because

they had what the church wanted:

Property, wealth, political power, jealousy, paranoia…

And thought that many women must be witches…

The other insidious aspect of the ‘church’ was

if they thought an artist, musician or poet

was creating what they mis thought was ‘evil’…

They made contraptions that would break their hands.

They burned alive humanities smartest academics

who dare spoke of the obvious…

That the universe did not orbit earth, ‘god’s’ chosen planet.

Galileo was under house arrest and forbidden

to even look through his own telescope invention,

While at the same time the pope bought his

best and latest telescopes

to view the “heavens” …

It took over 500 years for a newer pope to apologize.


I had to ask myself many decades ago:

“If the church is wrong about torturing to death

over 100 million innocent people…

What else are they wrong about”?!

This inspired me to look as deeply as possible into

a deeper, less naïve version of ‘Divinity’.

I have been deeply practicing an

in-depth Spiritual Practice for many decades.

I have come to much deeper understand of the concepts of


These perspectives I’ve reached through spiritually based

psychology, philosophies and during the experiences of

the higher states of human consciousness

through very deep meditation.

What I have learned is:

The concept of “God” is so far and beyond any reference

that most humans will ever know in the normal course of their life…

Manly on account of these ‘Wisdoms’ are not widely available

 to the everyday common person.

It’s not their fault,


There is a deeper way to understand the concepts of “God”

that transform it from a ‘belief’ system…

To a Knowing…

But for all but the fully Enlightened ones…

This concept will remain….


Words could never describe what “God” really is.

All concepts of ‘God’ come from the imaginations of man.

It requires a life long Practice just to gain the Insights

that start to reveal, by experience

the True Nature of “God”…


our own True Nature.

Once “Self-Realized” …

It becomes obvious that there is absolutely

no separation between the two…

Divinity… is “Non-Dual”.

The bible does have some virtue and values…

If I could offer any advice for religions is:

To make it known that the

myths, magic, and miracles of the bible

are simply ‘metaphors’ to help explain

the ineffable nature of Divinity’.

The self-defeating fact that the church demands that

these naive man made up fantasies are the literal truth

and to not get dupped into stating so is punishable by being

roasted and tortured in ‘hell’ for the rest of forever…

By an all loving ‘pro-life’ ‘god.

You have to admit…

That’s a contradicting perspective.

Most non-theological spiritual traditions include a lot of

metaphoric stories to help explain the unexplainable

ineffable nature of ‘Divinity’…

But to demand that stories that are literally

all made up by man to be taken as the ‘literal truth’…

Is a devastating mis-service to humanity.

Because of that and many other issues with the

out dated concepts the church still promotes,

countless people are leaving the confines of

the limiting aspects of the church.

Which is a shame because,

It is our inherent human nature

to strive to find a connection to a part of “us”

that is much larger and ‘divine’

than we normally experience in this life.

The story of Jesus is a great one…

My favorite quote is:

“Do onto others that you would have them do onto you”.

This sentiment is expressed in a number of other religions.

But again, the story of Jesus…

It’s just a story that took over 400 years to develop into

what most people still take as their unshakable ‘belief’…

It’s fine to believe in something if you wish…


Just the act of believing really really hard

does not make it fact or real or the Truth.

The truths are:

In the time in history when the bible states when

all these ‘stories’ were happening…

There were many ‘holy men’, Saints, Sages, mystics, shamans, Rinpoche’s,

Swamies, Ajahns, spiritual mentors, teachers, wise men…

All from a wide circle of geological and ethnicities…

They all had greatly varying perspectives

of how to connect with ‘Divinity’…


Like spokes on a spiritual wheel of Dharma…

They all pointed towards the same ineffable direction.

In the bible,

they tell the story of how ‘Jesus’ obtained the ‘Christ body of light’…

This seemingly miracle is also witnessed in a few other traditions,

such as in Dzogchen when an Enlightened Master obtains

the “Rainbow Body”

and transcends this life while alive in deep meditation.

In many Hindu traditions,

an Enlightened Master can perform “Maha Samadhi”

as Swami Saraswati did in the presence of his disciples

in 5 December 2009.

The fact is:

There were countless ‘holy men’ and or Enlightened Masters

 from before the Buddha to the present day

that learned from intense experience

some of the aspects the bible portrays in

the character of ‘Jesus’ to have.


It is very much a distracting dis-service to humanity

for the church to still attempt to dupe their desperate followers

with the heaps of non-sense they still demand their flock to take

as the literal truth…

When the truth is…

They made it all up.

There is plenty of aspects of ‘Divinity’ that are fascinating

and fulfilling that don’t require one to be dupped into mis-believing.

Perhaps as time goes on…

A more ‘progressive’ approach can be found to teach ‘Divinity’….

For me…

I have found that “Path”.

I hope that,

with an open mind and a creative progressive approach,

you can find a way to express ‘Divinity’

without the excessive distractions that so ingrained in the church.

There is a ‘Way’…

I am confident you will find it by ‘Transcending’ to these

deeper more honest perspectives

while ‘Including’ the parts that don’t require

misleading ‘mythic literal’ coercion.


You are truly a living example of how ‘Divinity’ is expressed in action.

I can find no higher way to express how inspiring that is.




The strong ‘Faith’ people have with their religion

is a bond that is not likely to be transcended …

even when a Higher Deeper ‘Way’ is shown…

To the True “Believer”… it won’t be seen.

The challenges of this life are far too great for many to pause long enough

to take that chance that there is a more refined ‘Way’ to understand Divinity

than what they had believed in all their life.

By whatever means one has in this life just to get thru another day…

That will be good enough….

It’s gonna have to be good enough,

because there is no way to shine a brighter light on the only light they know.


Whatever comes after this life… Is Ineffable.

Without the ‘Right Effert’ of becoing Enlightened or close to it…

There is nothing in this life that one can use to relate or even conceptualize

what our True Nature is and what’s to come after the ‘story’

of who we take to be ourselves transcends this life.