Community – Zenfully Quool Quotes

By Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh

It is possible to transform not only our home but also our

work, school, corporation, or hospital into a beloved community,

into a kind of family, where there is love, understanding,

and true communication.

We start with a few colleagues who have the same aspirations,

and we build up from there.

Four people is enough. Five is good.

And more than five is excellent.

The key elements in a beloved community are

love, trust, joy, harmony, along with brotherhood and sisterhood.

When we can generate understanding and compassion

in our way of being and working together,

everyone we interact with feels that energy right away

and is able to profit Spiritually from it.

We can create moments to listen deeply to one another’s

insights and difficulties, or

a relaxing moment with tea and cookies

where we take time just to be fully present for each other.

Our community can become a source of support

and a place of refuge for many people.

We nourish our community in our lifetime,

and it carries us forward into the future.

Zenfully Quool Quotes Quommentary

by rog

Everybody goes through this journey of life…

Looking for ways to make it seem like it makes sense

and to be creatively fulfilling.

“Some of us are born with so much,

While most of us are chasing down a dream that we just can’t reach”.


Very rare are the ones with everything going just as they want it to be…

Most folks struggle with deficiencies’… Like:

a lack of money…

While a large portion of financially ‘rich’ people

take their lives in despair…

As they figured that they have enough money to buy ‘happiness’…

When all they can really buy is the false sense of materialistic ‘happiness’

which they disappointedly discover is just a short phase of joy

between two long phases of…’UN-happiness’.

Then BAMM! 

They dead.

Spirituality has been mistaken for religion…


It couldn’t be further from the dead end of traditions

that claim they have the ONLY way to ‘Divinity’

and know everything they need to know about archaic man’s “projection” of “God”

from the inspirations of egoic power driven,

misogynistic men thousands of years ago…

That didn’t know where the sun went at night,

The world was flat,

Women had no rights,

And slavery was perfectly normal…

Not much has changed in the church these days,

As while I write this,

The misogynistic men of the southern Baptist church

are meeting to discuss how they can get rid of the “evil” women

that have giving their lives up to preaching their religion.

Good on these women for trying…



It just perpetuates a sort of self-loathing aspect to all women

that have been indoctrinated into that misleading outdated

male-centric religious perspective.

Spirituality simply means:

To find peace, joy, and happiness that is not affected by

the chaos of the material world.

It can be understood on a very simple scale that:

One can be happy, and one’s well-being won’t be perturbed

if the traffic light turns red.

Or more intense…


At 63 years old I had an intense bike incident

with some sever rib cage injuries…

My happiness and well-being were not affected.

I could still smile and be ok with all that is…

Although laughing wholeheartedly was a wee bit painful.

Which just made me laugh more… Ha!

But as we all go through this journey of life,

I see most people trying their best…

Putting on their best ‘game face’…

in the face of life’s challenges.

If there is one thing about organized religions and church…

If you can look past all of the atrocities committed by the church in the past…

Which apparently most of the folks have no problem doing…

Most of the “faithful” have no clue that their church

has the blood of torturing to death over 100 million innocent Christians

for the fear that an imaginary ‘evil’ was upon them…


They were only guilty of having what the church wanted…


Property, wealth, political influence or unrequited Love.

English catholic martyrs burned at stake during reign of Henry VIII

But, never the less…

The community of other folks that, like you,

are struggling with their own challenges.

Church events bring people together

to help heal the wounds of life and give hope for a better future.


Music is the medium that gets the souls going into their natural Spirit.

To me,

The list of atrocities and distracting doctrines based on

myth, magic, and miracles along with the non-sensible dogmas

created just to keep a sort of fear of ‘God’ in a power driven way…

Along with the fact that all of it…

All of it is literally just made up…

While the church demands that this crap is to be taken as

the literal Truth

For the discriminating mind…

“This doesn’t fly Orville”

Religion has created a conundrum.

While it’s all based on man made up myth, magic, and miracles…

Even the story of Jesus… although it’s an inspiring ‘story’…

There was never, ever anyone even close to this person that ever existed…

It’s all just made up.

No first century secular evidence whatsoever exists

to support the actuality of Yeshua ben Yosef or a Jesus.

Read more about this:


Along with instilling a fear of ‘God’ and His almighty ego driven wrath of

jealousy, revenge, spite, and retribution… and His sadistic pleasure of

 torturing for eternity those that dare go against his…’will’…

All of these unevolved aspects man has projected onto what they otherwise call

the limitless power of “God”…

Obviously limits this “God”

with such egotistical characteristics that only an unevolved man could have.

Don’t put shame on me for pointing this out…

Shame on the religions and churches that keep perpetuating

this mistaken perspective of what “God” is.


There is a valuable part the ‘church’ does provide,

despite all the insidiously false aspects they are based on…

And that is:


It is our inherent human nature to want to belong to something

that is much more profound than our tiny, almost insignificant

story of our individual lives…

Our ego-mind-body has evolved to the point where

the body’s need to survive and sustain it’s self is inherent …

it’s part of the body’s DNA.

If our body has to die in this life…

then we can imagine a make believe place where some sort of part of “us”

survives and continues.

In True Spirit,

When we get in touch with our True Nature…

We can see that there is no “us” or “them”, or “you” or “me”,

There is only the inseparableness of Unity.

Non-dual Unity.

If only churches could provide the space for a community

built on absolute Truth

instead of the false and misleading doctrines and dogmas

based on man made up myths, magic, and miracles…

There would be a great conveyor belt of hope that would truly transform

more and more of humanity towards living in peace and

striving for the betterment of all humanity.


They create an ‘us’ vs. ‘them’ attitude…


They collectively vote for insidious demagogue politicians to do their bidding,

typically the issue and distraction of abortion…

with the blood of over 100 million innocent people tortured to death…

with a straight face, they claim they are “pro-life”.


While claiming that the worst excuses for a human are their sacred 2cd coming of Christ…


Which is quite confusing to see a room full of black people

worshiping an outspoken white supremist racists on countless occasions.


his ‘crusade’ against anyone that had compassion for ‘Black Lives Matter’

was sickening at best.

So now the church has demonstrated by their actions that ‘God’ has decided that:

Raping women in department stores is the new church moral.

Having an affair with a porn star AND and a Playboy model

while your wife is to disgustingly ugly to have your misogynistic way with …

While she’s pregnant with your child.


“God” is great, and American is great again,


When the church now embraces such utterly UN-moral aspects.

They want our country to go against the founding father’s vision of a

separation of church and state and become a “Christian Nationalist nation”…


They certainly don’t want a president that actually goes to church every Sunday

all of his life…


They want a misogynistic, grab a woman by the pussy president. 

Can anyone see the problem here?!!

I can go on…


It’s not hard to see…

We are on the threshold of devastating consequences…

Where will you be standing when the empire crumbles?

Find your peace within.

Find like minded kindred Spirits and form Communities of:

Non-Theological Common-Sense Spiritualty …

For Humanities sake.