Develop A Strong Spiritual Practice Every Day

Zenfully Quool Quotes by Thich Nhat Hanh

It is up to each one of us to develop

a strong spiritual practice body every day.

Every time you take one peaceful step

or one mindful breath,

your spiritual practice grows.

Every time you embrace a strong emotion with mindfulness

and restore your clarity and calm, it grows.


in difficult moments,

your spiritual practice body will be right there with you

when you need it.

It is there with you at the airport,

in the supermarket, or at work.

Sri Maha RoggDogg

Zenfully Quool Quotes Quommentary by rog

Although the most rewarding aspect of a personal Spiritual Path is

the Ultimate Fruition of attaining Enlightenment…

The Wisdoms attained in the higher meditation states

reveal Insights into our True and natural Nature…

Through these experiences,

one gains the Wisdoms that will forever render all of life’s challenges,

pain, suffering, and confusions as… insignificant distractions

that will no longer distract the ‘Awoken’ one.


From the first earnest few steps along this ‘Path’…

Liberation comes in bit sized nuggets.

The Wisdoms born through deep ‘Insight’ meditation

can’t be attained through the conventional mind.


Through the knowledge of the basics…

One can begin to integrate Enlightened perspectives

from the first few steps on ‘the Path’.

The Buddha created ways for anyone to perceive all the aspects of life

in a balanced psychological way, along with instilling a reasonable

philosophic way to question challenging situations…

These ‘conventional’ wisdoms work right from the start to alleviate the pain and suffering

that one with an ‘unprepared mind’ will be unable to avoid.

The Buddha had many practical guides to help the beginning aspirant….


Treat everyone like an honorable professor or teacher.

They will all teach you a valuable lessen.

Once you learn this valuable, you can sincerely thank them.

Some people will indeed show you valuable lessons on how to be…


Will show you valuable lessons on how NOT to be.

Be grateful that these assholes have put in the effort and went way out of their way

to show you this valuable lesson…

This way,

You will have no problem being sincerely grateful.

You’re ego will not be encouraged to call this person out as

the asshole they appear to be…


Throwing in a ‘Namaste’… will at least remind you that…

Even though your ego does not like their ego…

You see their True Nature which is inseparable from yours,

And thus

This is where Un-conditional love exists.

The lesson I learned nearly from the begging of my ‘Path’…

Was to be mindful of any ego inspired emotions, such as:

Anger, vengeance, plotting revenge, jealousy, greed, self aggrandizing…

& … & …

Simply make a mental ‘note’…

That was just the ego!

I am NOT the ego!


Let it go… and Let it Be.