Love Stories of Maui Marital Bliss – Melissa & Laura

Melissa and Laura – Luv Story

We met through Laura’s cousin about 7 years ago,

stayed friends throughout the years even though

Laura insists she tried to date me.

We finally started dating last year

and started traveling and enjoying life together.

I had already begun chemotherapy

and began more aggressive treatments and Laura just stepped up.

I tried pushing her away as I began to lose hair and get sick from treatments

but she didn’t like that very much.

She proposed by pretty much just telling me that nothing mattered.

She would stand by me and my daughter and she did. 

She took me to every appointment and took care of me when I got sick.

She truly is the best thing that has happened to me.

We spend our days laughing and pranking each other.

We enjoy trying new foods and going dancing.

We just began planning to adopt.

Melissa and Laura – Luv Story Blessing

They say:

“If you love something, let it go…

If it comes back it was meant to be”.

Your love was tested when you tried to push away…

But True Love didn’t want to go away,

Just to come faithfully Right back where Love belongs.

When you really know something deep within…

It just feels right

So very few of us have to face the mortal seriousness

of life’s ultimate challenge…

and that is coming to grips with how fragile and temporary

so many precious things really are.

When one contemplates the Spiritual perspective of our

Eternal “Soul“…

With the nearly ineffable concept that

Our True Being

… was never materialistically born… And will never die… 

such is the eternal nature of our True Being

as described by the Spiritual traditions


We still feel very attached to this life

with the limitless lessons and experiences to witness…

Even though we are eternal Beings of Light & Love…

This Life is Precious

It is a hard lesson in being a “Being

To come to a point in which one has to learn how to

let go of our expectations… let go of a lot of things…

To allow one to just let go and surrender to the

Unconditional love and selfless help Laura unhesitatingly bestowed.

And allow the challenging healing process to take its course.

We are blessed with the abilities of modern medicine…

But the best tool for healing … is Love.

The life force, the ‘prana’ , “chi” that flows through our Being…

Is helped, healed, cleared and uplifted…

By Love.

Saints and enlightened Sages have all stated in Spiritual traditions, the obvious…

“Everything that has happened… Had to.”

Through your experiences you have gained a perspective that instills

the depth of appreciation for each new moment to savor.

One of the most important ‘practices’ for our Spiritual Path…

Is to simplyBe Here Now”.

Be fully in the moment.

Take the time to not just glimpse the sunset from your car

as you speed along… Pull over and take it all in!

Take more and more time out of the ‘maya’, the illusion of the rat race…

Be with nature,

Be with Love,

Abide in your “Center”

And just…


And continue to breath in each Divine moment in eternal

Maui Marital Bliss.