Priceless Moments – a Luv Story

They met in April 2014 at a restaurant amongst mutual friends.

Two completely different people but they say opposites attract,

in this relationship that is a fact.

One thing we had in common was that both of our mothers were sick

and we were their only daughters.

Exactly 1 month and 20 days after making our relationship official,

Annie’s mother gained her wings and heaven gained an angel.

Before she passed, Ms. Kimberly gave her blessings if we choose to wed.

It was as though Annie gained one heavenly angel and received 4 earthly angels.

in her life she now had Sara, Tim, Jim, and her mother Ms. Windy

because only God knows what lies ahead.

Priceless moments with our boys and family time was pure love and joy.

In March 2015, Annie asked the boys if she could marry their mother.

With no hesitation they said yes, we would love another mother.

The boys picked the ring, we set a date, and finally we had the proposal set in place.

Annie asked MS. Windy for her permission to marry her one and only daughter,

with a smile on her face she look at me and said “Yes,

as long as you both truly love one another”.

Their mutual love for music would always set the mood

and one song in particular always stuck out “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran.

The surprise was set, as the music played all of our friends stood around to see her face.

Annie popped up from under the table giving Sara a sweet serenade.

Although, Annie can’t sing,

she sung her heart out on this day “all for my love” is what she said.

with tears rolling down her face and her heart in shock Sara said


 Plans were underway and the progress made had to come to a halt.

Exactly 362 days after our proposal, Ms. Windy gained her wings and heaven received another angel. Grieving once again the loss of a mother,

Sara and Annie stayed strong for one another.

Through all the hurt, love, joy, and pain our love has always remained the same.

Two completely different people on two completely different journeys,

paths aligned so they could be on life’s journey together forever.

Love is our Anchor!!!


Priceless Moments – a Luv Story Blessing

What a heartwarming Luv Story! 

I love that perspective of ‘gaining wings’,

as our departure from this ‘journey’ should be a blessed time


Opposites attract… Complement and Complete us.

Even though we were born perfect and complete as Beings…

The unconditional love of a soulmate

helps inspires us to Be

All that we are meant to Be.

The fact that together, you both overcame and transcended

such bittersweet challenges that are deeply personal to each one of you

creates a depth of compassion, connectedness and love for each other

that is now stronger than one could have imagined before.

Compassion is measured by how well one can relate to another’s experiences,

based on our own experiences.

Going thru such similar challenges together,

Connects with each other a compassion that is immeasurable.

The four Sacred ‘Immeasurable virtues’ are integrated into True Love

Allowing us to Abide in the Marital Bliss of

Compassion, Joy, Loving kindness and Equanimity.

Every Soul created strives to become more in tune with our True Nature.

Sometimes it takes the insights of a compassionate companion

to see the Divinity in ourselves that we ourselves don’t always see.

Our unconditional Soulmate can help us connect to our higher Self

In a way that seems like they complete us…

Yet we are Always Already Alright, complete and whole…

The light of their Love shines an Awareness of how it feels to be whole.

Love is our Anchor!!!