The “Beloved Community”

Zenfully Quool Quotes by Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh

When I met with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

for the last time a year later,

we spoke about our dreams of building community.

He called it the “beloved community.”

A beloved community is a community of people

who share the same aspiration and

want to support each other to realize that aspiration.

If we want to grow on our spiritual path,

we need a community and spiritual friends

to support and nourish us.

And in return,

 we support and nourish them,

like cells in the same body.

On our own, without a community,

we cannot do much.

We need a community of like- minded friends and colleagues

to help us realize our deepest dreams.


Zenfully Quool Quotes Quommentary

by rog

I’ve been a ‘lone wolf’ since I set out to tread my own ‘Path’.

The “communities” I’ve encountered have for the most part been

the teachings of various Masters from a wide spectrum of traditions.

Not being limited to only one tradition,

has opened up many profound Insights

that would have otherwise been stifled by any tradition

that refuses to transcend to higher, wider, deeper aspects of ‘the Practice’…

which is the case of most ‘traditions’…

organized religions are far more restricting.

As I quote the Masters like in this case

Thich Nhat Hanh,

I always get inspirations that go far and beyond the original quote.

This helps immensely with my practice.

It is my sincere hope that my humble spiritual insights will eventually

someday offer some inspiring insights to others in the same way in which

 others will gain much more Wisdoms than my original writings contained.

It is with those inspirations…

to build a larger, wider, deeper outreach and ‘community’

of other like-minded Kindred spirits….

So that they are so inspired that they will

expand their circle of influence further than just myself.

Please share any of my posts to a million of your closest friends 😉

Sri Maha Rogg Dogg