The Distinction Between Love and Attachment in Personal Relationships

Zenfully Quool Quotes by my Mentor… Av Neryah


Love and attachment could not be more different;

they’re at opposite ends of the spectrum.

In a relationship,

true love is about experiencing oneness with the other.

This genuine love nurtures and supports without clinging,

allowing each person to flourish

while simultaneously being part of an unseparated whole.

In contrast,

attachment often masquerades as love but is driven by

neediness, fear of abandonment, and insecurity.

It seeks to possess and control,

driven by a selfish desire to fulfill one’s own emotional needs.

Understanding these dynamics allows individuals to

move from a relationship based on dependency and fear

to one based on mutual “sacred” respect and true companionship.

This transition not only improves the emotional health of the relationship

but also empowers each individual,

encouraging personal and spiritual development

as well as a more profound expression of that loving connection.

We also have to understand that societal expectations also play a role in this,

as they can deeply influence how people perceive and express love.

Cultural narratives and media portrayals frequently depict love as a

dramatic, all-consuming force that completes an individual,

subtly embedding the idea that without romantic love, one is incomplete.

They can also impose constraints that may suppress authentic expressions of love.

Such portrayals can distort our expectations,

resulting in dissatisfaction and an endless pursuit of an idealized, perfect union.

There’s no such thing here.

To find a perfect union,

you should find God…

your own true self.

From the ground of pure, unbounded, impersonal love,

we stop projecting our needs and insecurities onto others;

we actually learn how to appreciate and respect their own uniqueness,

creating a more compassionate and supportive relationship.

In an environment with less ego,

everyone thrives.

Av Neryah

has gone to the Spiritual Depths of the Practice and through those Insights…

he has Mastered the Fruition of ‘the Path’.

His in depth Wisdoms gathered from a wide spectrum of Spiritual traditions,

transcends the limitations of each individual tradition

with a common sense perspective that connects to the sensibilities of any aspirant

that seeks the deeper meaning of life.

With the Wisdoms of these Insights, challenges that once rocked your world will melt away

just like the concerns of a child ‘grow away’ when the child grows up...

and wakes up to a more Enlightened perspective.

All relationships will flourish with a wee bit of these Wisdoms… and

the “Right Effort”.