Mr Hipnautical with his

Zenfull Guitar

mr. Hipnautical

Intriguing Instrumental Acoustic Guitar

I Perform with the Soul of the South Pacific

from my own Sailing Adventures and the

Spirit of Aloha here on Maui


This page provides an insight into my uniquely styled approach to instrumental acoustic guitar arrangements.


My live compositions generally flow like the sensations I experienced while living the dream at sea floating around on

our sailboat Hipnautical


There were at times, when the profound beauty of nature

deeply effected the state of one’s mind

to a very peaceful & serene harmony…

I would be there in the cockpit of my sailboat anchored in paradise, floating gently about in Rhythm of all the elements of Nature…

just playing what it felt like ‘being there’.

I go back to this memory like a living meditation.


Every note represents a special moment of bliss

inspired by the truly remarkable seascapes.


Every flurry of guitar extravaganzas represents the

furry of the ocean, the playful nature of a spirited sea & the invisible but very real power of the wind.


Every live composition will take you on a musical journey that will allow your mind to wander off towards meaningful moments of introspective centering,

A one-ness that connects us with our ‘higher-self’…


In other words I’ll play a mixilydian chordal scale into an Aeolian minor Gypsy pentatonic Arpeggio


...Just kidding! There is little to none of that structured format in my original compositions, I just play what I feel, if I happen to sound a little ‘mixilydian chordal scale-ish into an Aeolian minor Gypsy pentatonic R-ped-G-O… it’s really just coincidence ;-)


I’m ‘Making it up as I go along’ – my life’s mantra…’MIUAIGA’


Please allow yourself to be taken away from the rat race for a special moment of escaping to our dreams and enjoy my musical offerings! ;-)


"Hire Mf. Hipnautical ! You Deserve it ;-) !!"

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Diggin’ Deep in D & Don’t Fade on Me –

Diggin’ Deep in D is more like a theme than a standard song title

since I just Slack my low E down to D

and Dive into a live composition,

a flurry of musical emotions exploring the far reaches of the guitarist ‘riff-dom’


Those in the audience that are paying attention

are getting a rare treat,

however ,,,

others that are engaged in the heart felt companionship of their friends, family or lovers can enjoy the un-intrusive instrumental acoustic guitar music as an inspiration to their evening.


I then drop my high E down to D & meander through the dark depths of Double Drop D slack key tuning as an intro to a Tom Petty song called Don’t Fade on Me.

~  ~   ~

"Plenty of southwestern bluesy acoustic guitar acrobatic work with a touch of island slack key f

or the connoisseur of fine guitar pickin’ "


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Live Guitar Instrumental Composition 8-14-12 # 01

Mr. Hipnautical – The Sunset Guitarist


For this Live Guitar Instrumental Composition

I gather my inspiration from the marvelous Maui Sunset that evening from a venue in the Maui ‘up country’;

This inspiration works even better at sea level with the sun setting over the ocean that has fueled my sailing adventures for years of personal & worldly exploration.


Regardless the venue or even at my humble ohana abode,

I take over 40 years of guitar playing &

channel the worlds most awesome nautical sceneries,

recalling & reliving the sensational experiences of those

truly blessed wanderlust years of sailing throughout the

far & remote South Pacific island nations that only a

very few are lucky enough to experience.

Every note represents a special moment of bliss

inspired by truly remarkable seascapes.

Every flurry of guitar extravaganzas represents the

furry of the ocean & the invisible but very real power of the wind.


Hire me to provide an inspirational background

to your next private event.

The naturally relaxing sound of a fine acoustical instrument will enchant your guests even if they aren’t impressed with the

deep level of guitar work,

they will at least subconsciously be inspired by the spirit & soul of the Live Guitar Instrumental Compositions

created live at your event….

of course those guests that do consciously appreciate the intricacies of over 40 years of focused guitar playing

will be totally impressed with your choice of entertainment



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Chased on a stormy passage

I wrote the first part of this instrumental song while working at Chace Productions, still dreaming of sailing away.

Somewhere in the south pacific after a particularly stormy passage I wrote the rest while at anchor in a very tranquil but quite remote bay.


Throughout the nearly 8 years I owned my sailboat, I spent many magical moments among the marine scenes while anchored in far away tropical spenders, blissfully ‘at one’ with my guitar & these wondrous surroundings.


These ‘spiritual like’ connections are an inspiration that I recall to help guide my musical meanderings.

To just ‘be there’ in the moment of that ‘one particular place’, I can visualize how the place looked, but more importantly how it felt to be there fully at one with the natural way of things there.


After completing my sailing adventures, I am compelled to put into guitar instrumental music a vibe that takes me back to those far and remote places, feeling the natural slow flow of things in that manner and sharing that unique vibe.

Don't just be taken away to paradise! ;-)


The audio was recorded on 8-14-12.

The still shots & video clips were taken during my own sailing adventures cruising with my family.

I’ve presented here a fascinating picture story of blissful Pre & Post Storm times along with some very real passages being 'Chaced' by a storm on the high seas.

Suwarrow, Leo Pickin’ & more Live guitar compositions

This 10-minuet foray into my inner thoughts

in the form of instrumental guitar …

Flowing like waves on the sea

rolling along towards the endless horizons…


Starting with Suwarrow,

an instrumental I wrote from the inspirational time I spent on that tiny atoll in the south pacific with my family on our sailboat

700 miles west of Bora Bora & 500 miles east of Samoa

It was on this stretch of ocean that a million dollar catamaran had recently met it’s destiny on the low lying reefs in numerous places strewn through out the waters in which the charts say

“Navigate With Caution, Errors Found In Navigation Charts”


So even in perfect weather conditions it’s a major feat just to navigate safely there & into the atoll thru the somewhat tricky pass; we had yet another boisterous voyage &

one particular thunderous evening that managed to tear away

a pair of $700 carbon fiber windsurfing masts.


Once inside the atoll after the nearly week long passage we were rewarded by one of the most breath taking beautiful tropical island scenery we’ve had the pleasure of experiencing.


We also witness the ‘calling of the sharks’

a sort of real life re-enactment of a Polynesian fable

originating from Samoa

The eldest son of the caretaker sang the ‘shark calling song’ &

soon appeared lots of sharks, dozens of ‘em

Of course they’re there to get fed their somewhat regular ‘ritual’ of fish scraps from the big catches of that day

but what was eerily fascinating was they only came in

when the boy called them and then only one species at a time!

he called out to each species one at a time &

they swam right in for their feeding frenzy :-O


Check out the only ever wedding performed on Suwarrow by my wife Bobbie Jo

& this is how we got her harp ashore


Some where in there I’ve thrown in ‘Leo Pickin’, a tribute to Leo Kottke & his mind blowing guitar inspirations.


Fans of the 80’s rock band ‘Boston’ will recognize the ‘nood’ towards one of their instrumental riffs.


"Roger Curley performs solo as Mr. Hipnautical … Wherever Innovative Instrumental Guitar Soloist or Engaging Guitar & Vocal songs are enjoyed."

Rolling Stoned


Such a Night & more meaningful musical meanderings


In my Burlesque, Bawdy & Vaudevilley-ish styled songs,

this one tells the ‘old school, age of innocents era’ tale

of a naughty romantic encounter with a friend’s gal :-O...


“I couldn’t believe my ears, ya know my heart skipped a beat,

when she told me she’d walk with me

on the dark end of the street” :-O


with the funny rationalization that many of us guys use…

“Well if I don’t do it, somebody else will…”


more meaningful musical meanderings

more than 12 minuets of in depth guitar pickin’ ;-)


"Don’t just be entertained… Be enthralled & Have a Blast! "


mr. Bill Board

Live Guitar Instrumental Composition 8-14-12 # 03

The first 2 minuets & 22 seconds is

A moving journey like waves crossing the world’s oceans

Some gently raising & falling in a calming feel

Then other waves with their playful spirit

Invigorating the feeling of an awesome sailing moment,

Some breaking waves, following waves, bow waves


Recalling the many times running with huge seas &

occasionally breaking waves with gale force winds…

But after so many miles at sea you gain a confidence in the capabilities of the boat,

A calming ‘knowing’ that the boat can take care of us…

There is a strange but comforting feeling that allows us

to remain almost blissfully calm during quite exhilarating conditions


It is then when the true beauty of nature

comes through the strength of a storm,

the eponymous tempest…

yet we’re in a groove, all is well, we’re relaxed &

enjoyin’ the ride!


...Yes, that's all in this 'Calm among the Tempest' guitar improve!


The 2cd part is an arrangement I call ‘Jerry Pickin’

as tribute the funky finger pickin’ style Jerry Reed pioneered

“way back in the day”



Hire me to provide an inspirational background

to your next private event.



"The naturally relaxing sound of a fine acoustical instrument will enchant your guests by the spirit & soul of the Live Guitar Instrumental Compositions created live at your event "….

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Mokohinau - an original instrumental piece by Roger Curley


Mokohinau is an island off New Zealand which the local advise is

not to attempt to get near during 'unsettled weather'...


New Zealand has 'heaps' of unsettled weather

so it was a lucky few days of awesome natural beauty,

sea caves, time worn sandstone sculptures,

crystal clear water (...cold as!), kayak & snorkeling...


& plenty of time to play my guitar

to the tune of this temporarily tranquil place.


With our boat gently floating to our anchor chain,

we're snug within a labyrinth rocky islets, nooks & crannies;

we found a spot just past these monoliths to set our hook in

clear water with vertical cliff walls nearly all around us &

the water was unseasonably calm.

For hours a day I'd let the feel of this magical place take my music to calmer depths within.


Hear what the nations leading magazine is saying about Mr. Hipnautical…


"Tranzcendental wave-onic groove of Serintuptyness Splendor - Transcending the waves of watery worldz

by meandering musically"

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Maui Sunsets with

 Zenfull Guitar

Suwarrow Atoll

Hard Core Slack Key


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