A Hawaii State Marriage License

is easy and painless to obtain


There is NO waiting period and NO blood test required






then go to an agent's office once you arrive on Maui to be sworn in





You will both need to appear at the agent's office with a

Photo ID (drivers license or passport) to verify your identity


This appointment usually takes less than 15 minutes


After your Maui wedding, I will immediately record the marriage online


NO marriage license is required for a Maui Vow Renewal


Click here for the names and phone numbers of

local licensing agents to make an appointmen

You must apply and pay for the marriage license on-line

Click Here to

Fill out your On-Line Application


For the very curious - Even more info

~ Hawaii State Marriage License ~

Contact an Agent before arriving to Maui whenever possible

Confirm a time to meet before the ceremony


If you have ANY QUESTIONS or

If you Can't get in touch with an Agent

Contact the Muse Right Away!

(808) 494 4803


da Man!


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