All Hawaiian Islands


We sailed the South Pacific

for nearly four years on our sailboat HIPNAUTICAL

then moved on to Maui...

10 years later

we are going with the Nautical Flow once more

aboard our new sailing home -

Chat d'O

We completed our 24 day passage from Mexico to Maui on May 30th, 2020.

It was quite an ideal voyage as long rough passages go…

We managed to fix all the little things that broke along the way.

We have since been cruising around the Hawaiian Islands

getting used to our new Nautical Flow.


The endless horizons Bless us with world famous Hawaiian Sunsets

while our boat sails or sits at anchor in the clearest blue water on the planet.

Whale season is just beginning as I write this and several times this week

the whales we’ve seen in the distance during the day

come near our boat for a closer look just after sunset.

Dolphins and turtles (honu) often cruise by our anchored boat.


When you call or email us,

you too will feel our laid-back ‘Hang Loose’ Nautical groove

as you connect directly to our Luv Shopp on the Sea

aboard our sailing catamaran Chat d’O…

Which means ‘cat of the sea’.  Like a shadow…

we leave only a nice groove in our wake.


The enchanting part about getting married in Hawaii is that

we are worlds away from the chaos of mainland life.

Being that we run our Luv biz from our sailboat,

from your first email or call, you immediately begin to experience

a calming flow that radiates from the dreamy seas of Hawaii.


With our decades of Marital Bliss experience,

we take all the stress out of the planning stage

and make it an exciting destination wedding adventure.

On each Hawaiian Island

We have an extensive network of wedding professionals

to ensure that no matter where in Hawaii you want to get married at,

Our Marital Bliss Team will be there for you.

We help consult with all the ‘easy peasy’ details so

you are free to just lose yourself in the reverie of your upcoming

Hawaiian Dream Wedding.


Curious inquires welcome!


We bring the

Soul of the South Pacific

together with the Spirit of Aloha

for the benefit of joining loving couples

in the

Deepest expression of love

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We sailed the South Pacific

for nearly four years on our sailboat HIPNAUTICAL

The first video features our first cruising boat Hipnautical

Sailing all throughout our worldly adventures,

while the rest shows

Views from our boat in all the places we voyaged to


Enjoy the music & allow yourself to

Meander thru these Dreamy Idyllic places


 Hipnautical Sailing & Musical Adventures

Views of Hipnautical 01 - Ventura Cal to Mexico

SOUTH PACIFIC - Views of S/V Hipnautical 02

TONGA & Minnerva Reef – Views of Hipnautical

Fiji & New Zealand – Views of Hipnautical

Our Music