A Hawaii State Marriage License

is easy and painless to obtain


There is NO waiting period

and NO blood test required










Make an appointment with a local marriage license agent








You will both visit the agent's office or do a Zoom call with a

Photo ID (drivers license or passport)

to verify your identity


This appointment usually takes

less than 15 minutes


After your Maui wedding,

I will immediately

record the marriage on-line


NO marriage license is required for

a Maui Vow Renewal



~ For even More Info ~

Hawaii State Marriage License Requirements & Instructions

Just Click Here for the

Official State website


Contact an Agent

Before arriving to Maui

~ Confirm a time to meet ~

at least a few days

before the Wedding



or If you

Can't get in touch with an Agent

Contact the Me Right Away!


(808) 494 4803

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Romantic Adventure of

Getting Married on Maui is

Nothing less than a

Dream Come True


I offer my personal touch to

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Destination Weddings &

All Inclusive Wedding Packages


For Beach Weddings on a

Tropical Island


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Have Your Hawaiian Wedding with the

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Wedding and Vow Renewal Ministers

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 Enlightening Marital Bliss


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 On-Line Contact Form Let us help Your Dreams Come True