Have a Sunset Soiree With our Masterful Musicianship Introducing our Unique Musical Experience A Perfect Fit for Your Special Event We Help Make Any Event an Awsome Experience!

We Connect You

with the

Subtle Aspects


~ Create our ‘Art’ ~

Each Note

Speaks of a Life Time


Gifted Inspiration

The Depth of Musicianship

Speaks to the Core ‘Being’ of Each of Us

We take you through

Many levels of

Musical Awareness





Our Hip & Nautical Duet

Performs an Enticing Ensemble of

Vocal Harmony and

Complementing Strings Sensations

Bobbie Jo's Depth of Range and

Very Dynamic Techniques Exude a Masterful Command of

Awe Inspiring Vocals

That Transcends the realms of

Concert Vocal Soloest

The same can be said about her Natural Talent for

Playing Complex Piano Arrangements

While Performing Very Dynamic Vocal Soloest Techniques

We Luv to Pluck In Public


6 Guitar Strings ~ 39 Harp Strings

230 Piano strings

Your Tropical Isle Location

Will be the Background that

Welcomes Your Guests...

Along with...

Innovative & Original Compositions

Performed in various

Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar Styles

Portraying the

 Free Spirited Adventurous Soul...

The Part Within All of Us that

Inspired Us

to be here on Maui Together

Watching a Sunset and

Kickin’ back by da Sea

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We are Available for Your

Private Party, Soirées or any Event


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They are not currently available for digital download but will be available at the Soirée