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  • Spirituality


    The 'Path' One Takes Toward Deep Spirituallity

    Does Not Lead Away To... 'Somewhere'...

    It is rather, an Inward Journey of Personal Discovery

    It is quite simple to understand yet it will take you as Deep as you wish


    From the first focused Deep Breath of your first meditation,

    Most will realize the 'subtle awareness' of a

    Calming, Centering 'Oneness of the things'


    To Look Within

    Starts by quieting the mind of random, non-sequitur thoughts

    This is universally accomplished by following one's breath

  • Meditation


    Meditation is not 'magic'

    Don't expect to be transported to the 'heavens'

    or gain Amazing Psychic powers... at least not right away


    From Ancient Zen

    to Modern Psychology and most Spiritual Traditions

    Meditation is the core method towards Deepening one's Awareness


    Most will be surprised how much our 'monkey minds' jump around from

     Thought to random non-sequitur and often trivial thoughts


    A good Starting Foundation for the meditations is detailed in the On-Line Course

    is the universally common basic method of

    Following One's Breath

    Sit in a fairly comfy chair and use a pillow for your lower back if needed

    Arms can be on the arm rests , this helps support the pressure of your sagging arms

    or arms comfortably on your lap.

    It's not about twisting your legs into a pretzel and focusing adimantly on

    how this pain does not hurt and how will you ever walk again...

    Nope - It's about comfy...And good posture

    Of course advanced practitioners find

     a very deep and centering balance in the traditional 'Lotus' sitting positions



     You are being suspended by a 'golden thread'

    that is in line with your spine's natural posture

    Allow the curve of your back be in balance with this imaginary thread

    The Breath

    Is drawn like a trained vocalist would - Deep from the Diaphragm

    When you draw in your breath

    Imagine your lower belly expanding like a balloon is being inflated with your breath

    To breath out is just to relax


    It helps to visualize the air you breath in as filled with a

    'glowing golden light'


    The subtle 'Inner Pull' we feel inside during Inspiring moments in nature

    draws us Within and Beyond towards an omni presents that is

    Always Already shinning in every direction and illuminates even the darkest of places with this

    'glowing golden light'

    The Source of our Inner Pull is 'Visualized' as this

    Universal Glowing Golden Light

    Which we breath in slowly and deeply, feeling the air passing by our nose...

    The air we feel and the glow we see with our 'mind's eye' now travels down across your

    chest and heart, over your belly and down around your 'Lowest Chakra'

    Swirling across the front of your pelvic area and

    Rounding up the backside of your lower spine and hip joint area.

    The Glowing Breath

    Cycles up the back of the spine and builds a glow

    Illuminating your upper chest and head as it radiates the Light back to the 'Infinity'


    Within the On-Line and In-Person courses

    You will learn more about simple but essencial details help make it

    'Make Sense'

    Inspiring many "Ah-Haw" moments


    Pretty Easy So Far!

    Just Breath In - Smile

    then Relax - Let Go

    the breath will effortlessly expel


    Everything of 'Life' is Cyclic as you will learn more deeply with Spiritual 'practice'

    The cycle of Breath reinforces the universal and natural 'Way' of things


    This is when everyone discovers their own 'monkey mind'

    Here you are attempting to focus on something seemingly simple as breathing....

    but before long you find your mind wandering to the concert you went to last night...

    and the cute chick you saw there, then new paint job you want for your car,

     and the color of a cool bowling ball...

    By this time

    You begin to realize that these mostly useless unfocused distractions

    are running their course during each and every waking moment.


    ~ Breathing is one focus point we use to keep our mind on track ~


    While first learning to meditate we need a wee bit more to 'focus on'

    Counting our Breaths

    Is how we learn to 'Tame our Monkey Mind'

    Breath In - count 'One'

    Breath Out - count 'Two'

    Repeat up to 10... then repeat...


    When stray thoughts or images arise

    Treat them nonchalantly like a passing cloud and gently return your focus to your count...

    With each interruption in the count, Begin your count over from 'One'...


    When you can perform this simple breathing and counting with

    No distracting images or thoughts popping up for FIVE minutes

    you may begin your meditations with

    a few cycles of counting then focus on just your breath alone


    It may take a few weeks to a few months to really begin to tame the monkey mind,

    but with each meditation session your ability to concentrate and focus is sharpened more.


    You don't have to master your monkey mind before 'going over' the

    meditations and 'Life Practices' in the Seven Sacred Services part of the On-Line course


    ! Do This Experiment !

    ~ To Test Your Monkey Mind ~


    Begin a meditation as described above

    After a just a few cycles of counting

    Visualize the Image of a

    A White Circle

    on a Black background

    with a White Dot anywhere inside the circle


    If you find that even 'you' have trouble focusing on this image without the insessant distractions of random thoughts constantly popping into our thought process.

    Researchers have estimated that we have about 50,000 thoughts a day popping up... That's a lot of 'Pop Ups'


    Siddhartha Gautama ~ da Buddha ~

    Created the world's first 'Pop Up Blocker' for

    The 'software' in our Grey-matter




    Learn the Essencials to

    Live Life to the Fullest


    Simple Meditations that calm the mind

    Allowing Clear Tranquil Focus


    Daily Mindful Practices offer a

    'Zenful Way' to Expand Your Circle of Embrace

    and Well Being


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  • Seven Sacred Services


    Now that your Spiritually Inclined ways

    Have led you to begin Breath Meditations

    Bring your Awareness to Deeper more meaningful Levels


    The Instinctive Seeker would be wise to gain the core Wisdom from

    Buddha, Hinduism, Zen, Tao, Christianity, Judaism and Islam... for starters...


    The Seven Sacred Services include many Meditations


    Daily Life Practices that help

    "Pave the 'Way' to spiritual Awakening"


    The Seven Perennial Practices are:


      * Transform your motivation: reduce craving and find your soul’s desire.

      * Cultivate emotional wisdom: heal your heart and learn to love.

      * Live ethically: feel good by doing good.

      * Concentrate and calm your mind.

      * Awaken your spiritual vision:

                      see clearly and recognize the sacred in all things

      * Cultivate spiritual intelligence: develop wisdom and understand life.

      * Express spirit in action: embrace generosity and the joy of service.


    Practice refers to the discipline of cultivating a crucial capacity of mind,

    such as Wisdom and Concentration.

     Practices are rehearsals of desired qualities, which eventually become

    Spontaneous, Natural Ways of Being


    ~  Ineffable  ~

    Too great or extreme to be expressed, described or comprehended  in words

    That is the Nature of your True Self,

    your Awareness of Spirit and everything that is

    Always Already Alright in the Eternally Ever Present Moment...


    You can't just read about Spirit,

    You must go Within and experience it yourself


    To Fully Begin Your Journey Along Your Personal Path

    Engage in the Meditation experiences

    Outlined on the 'On-Line' course












    I am fulfilled by the Service to Spirit by helping others in their Awakening

    ~ Enjoy ~


    Learn the Essencials to

    Live Life to the Fullest


    Simple Meditations that calm the mind

    Allowing Clear Tranquil Focus


    Daily Mindful Practices offer a

    'Zenful Way' to Expand Your Circle of Embrace

    and Well Being


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~ Ponder this ~

                        What is really important in your life?

What really matters?

What would you be better off doing more of?

What would you be better off doing less of?





These basic Meditations and Mindful Daily Practices are

Non-denominational and in Harmony with all Spiritual Traditions

 Everyone of Every Faith Benefits Greatly

by following these guidelines towards

a life that makes more sense and gets less painful

from ‘unrealistic’ fears that don’t need to be fed any energy

once viewed from the proper perspective


 All of this inspires one to love themselves

Find that glimmer of inner peace... then,

Begin to expand your circle of Loving embrace to ultimately include

All living beings and this world we live on

If only 10% of humanity truly took this to heart, it would be enough to create

 the classic ‘Tipping Point’ required for all of society to evolve their ‘world view’.

This alone would be enough to solve every man made problem

that we have created with our High Tech and Low Human Awareness

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