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Traditionally the sacred union of Marriage

has been a Spiritually based ceremony that combines the

Love from the Heart and the Ground of one's Being

People have the intrinsic inspiration

To express their deepest expressions of Love

to not only their ‘Love’ and loved ones…

but especially to the ‘Divinity’ as they resonate with


You now are Blessed with the choice in choosing

The most important part of being a Human…

One’s Higher Calling...

Your personal path of growth, a Spiritual connectedness to

the Divinity within your own True Nature…

A balanced perspective of abiding in a Bliss

that is not affected by materialistic drama


Sometime after the 1960’s,

we slowly started toward a path of personal inquiry

Feeling a bit like a Spiritual experience, as perceived in

the deepening of understanding in

finding and Abiding in one’s ‘center’


A connectiveness arises that seems to

Resonate with ‘the Ground of our Being’

An inspiration becomes envisioned to pursue a path to

Integrate Mind, Body and Spirit….  To understand ourselves more

and our place in the ‘timeless wonder of it all’


Along each step of this Path, we gain the experience of our True Nature

The more in touch we are with our ‘center’… or True Nature…

The less we are vulnerable to the inherent pain and suffering resulting from

the ignorance of our True Nature and disconnection from our ‘center’


When we can find the space to calm our body, quite our mind and

Rest with Awareness in the empty spaciousness of our Being…


Joy, Compassion, Unconditional Love and Equanimity arises naturally


No matter where you are along your Path, just being Aware of the

Inspiration to Stride along towards the next stepping stone of personal Insights…

That in itself is a Blessing


Those so Blessed will naturally be compelled to integrate their Spiritual Inspirations with a ceremony from the Heart and Soul by

a Spiritual Minister that is

Deeply connected to a personal Practice of Higher Consciousness


I create one of a kind ceremony that resonates with your Luv Story

and connects deeply with your personal Spiritual Insights and asperations


I invite you to send along your Luv Story…

What first attracted each of you… and what was the ‘glue’ that made it stick

Any challenges that had to be overcome that ultimately

made your love and appreciation stronger.

Goals as a couple, Personal goals… professional goals… and

Spiritual goals insights and Inspirations…

Describe your Spiritual Practice

or include inspiring words from Saints and Sages…











A common concern for most Spiritual traditions, particularly Buddhism

is an appreciation of the present moment

The most meaningful experiences in our lives

Can only occur in the ever-present moment

The Four Tibetan Immeasurable Virtues of

Unconditional Love, Joy, Compassion and Equanimity

can only arise

if we are not distracted from the present


The way to enjoy Eternal Marital Bliss…Is to

Be fully present and content in the Ever-Present Moment

Be Here Now!

and enjoy a Deeply Meaningful relationship of

Unconditional-Love and Spiritual Awareness


Engaging in A Better Understanding of

the Most Important Person in Your World


When you can Calm your Heavily Distracted Mind

And Truly take the time to ‘Look Within’…

You will experience the ability to

~ Give Love ~

on a Simple yet Powerfully Deep and Natural level.


The Spiritual Connection of Two True Loves that

Grow through this Spiritual process together

has countless profound benefits.


Even though each will have their totally Individual

Perspectives, Dreams, Goals, Professional Paths...

Sharing this most Intrinsic, Deeply Embedded Connection

to the Spirit Within...

Carries a couple blissfully along the 'Path of Life'

Freed from the mental pain and suffering most couples

Unnecessarily put themselves through otherwise.


One that ‘practices’ Is naturally attracted to

Perpetuating a Calm ‘Witnessing’ perspective…

Not likely to allow

Out of control Egos and Emotions to drive their lives


Most other couples

Tend to let their egos and emotions rule their life

Causing them to fly into a rage or an argument over

completely trivial and pointless reactions

Attempting to defend their fragile egos from

 ‘perceived’ threats to their vanity…


A staggering number of marriages have hit the rocks

by issues as mindless as

Not returning the lid to the toothpaste


Soon it’s a battle of egos…

Which reinforce the Magnitude of the Egos,

Inflating them to

 Bigger than Life Proportions…


When it’s typically something as silly as

the ‘lid to the toothpaste’.




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Marital Enlightenment Guidance


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  • Spiritually 'Inclined' and Curious about

    Deepening an Awareness Within and Mindful Living


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    After many Wondrous Ceremonies of True Love...

    We all gaze out at the Sunset...


    There is often a deep expression or a Longing...

     for some sort of an 'understanding' of...

    ~ The Inner Pull ~

    Towards something that makes us inherently

    Feel like we must be part of something that is much bigger

    than what we are 'Normally' led to experience

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      towards the "Source" of that...

      "Inner Pull"

      From time to time

      There is often a deep expression that everyone feels from within

      This feels stronly like a 'gut instinct'...

      An Inner Pull toward something that makes us inherently

      Feel like we must be part of something that is much bigger

      than what we are led to experience


      One of the great tragedies

      Is that so few people know it is possible to 'Awaken',

      Still fewer understand how to do  it,

       and even fewer seriously attempt it.


      Are you one that does indeed feel that "Inner Pull", and

      Would really want to gain a Deeper understanding of 'Such things'...


      You feel you are already too busy with the

      Overwhelming commitments that living brings...


      There are many one minute meditations that can be done

      when one really does have only 'a moment' of free time

      from time to time throughout their busy-ness day.

      There are many

       'Mindful Daily Practices' that can simply Integrate

      Into the daily tasks that one does normally in the course of their day,


      Bring a Deeper and more meaningful experience

      to the 'normal' life we already live.


      The first step towards Deeper Spirituality,

      Begins with

      Learning Deeply about yourself.

      This is what ancient Zen Masters, Buddha, Hindu, Tao and

      Many Spiritual Traditions have 'pointed out' over 2500 years ago.


      Our leading psychologists 'point out' that

      The fundamental core 'trait'  of "psychologically healthy" individuals

      Is the understanding one's self.


      Within My Guidance Course

      You wil find…


      Information to bring You Knowledge.

      By putting this Knowledge into Action,

      You will have the Experience to gain Wisdom...

      If one is simply 'Aware'


      The concept of gaining this Awareness is very easy to understand...

      One just has to  Click - Read - and Apply it...

      ~ Sorry ~

      I don't offer any "One Click" Enlightenments"

      This will require a wee bit of personal inspiration


      In this course I also present

      The Top Mediations & Mindful Daily Practices

      for Essential Spirituality

      Laid out in easy to read

      ~ Bite Sized chucks of Knowledge ~

      All You have to do is to read it and understand it,

      Then put Spirit Into Action,

      and let Your Daily Practices become a way of life...

      Then this knowledge will become Wisdom.

      With this Wisdom you will be Creatively Inspired

      To do your calling.



      Learning to meditate and

      Practice a 'Path' towards more 'Inner Understanding'

      Is kind of like learning music.

      At first

      One would look at a music score with all those notes & dots and symbols...

      You can't even understand the first thing about this...Languid of music.

      But with some basic lessons, you will learn to name those 'dots'

       And soon to be able to read & write music.


      From the very first song you write (or deep meditaion)

      It will be the best song you have ever written in your life,

       and even if it was less impressive than 'Mary had a little lamb',

      You will feel a profound sense...


      The next song (or meditation) you do will be even Deeper...

      And so it goes.

      Some students reach the "enlightenment" of

      Mastering their instrument, and devoting a lifetime

      of taking their music & or Spiritual Within-ness'

       through the Deepest stages.

      While others will at least be content with

      the Bliss of the 'Ever Present Moment'

      Knowing that 'Everything Is Already Alright'


      Deep music becomes Deep Meditation

      Deep Life becomes Deep Meditation


      The way in which wisdom literature is best read

      Is very different from our usual approach, so different that

      Deeply Contemplative Christians call it Lectio Divina, Divine reading.

      Father Thomas Keating,

      The originator of Centering Prayer, explained:

      We tend to read Spiritual writings as if

      They were just another book to be consumed.

      Lectio is just the opposite.

      It is the savoring of the text, a leisurely lingering in divine revelation.

      With sacred reading

      We are seeking Insight rather than facts,

      Transformation rather than information.


      The reading is slow and reflective,

      A few sentences or even words at a Time.


      However profound and inspiring Spiritual 'writings can be

      At best they are an Ineffable attempt to Describe the Indescribable

      That of which is

      Too great or extreme to be expressed,

      Described or Comprehended in just...



      ~  As the Tao states   ~

      That can be written...

      Is Not Tao


      Clear you mind of 'Mindlessness'

      and Fill yourself with 'Mindfulness'

      ~  da Buddha  ~


      May you seek, discover and embody,

      The profound peace, kindness and wisdom that is within us all



      Learn the Essencials to

      Live Life to the Fullest


      Simple Meditations that calm the mind

      Allowing Clear Tranquil Focus


      Daily Mindful Practices offer a

      'Zenful Way' to Expand Your Circle of Embrace

      and Well Being




      Enroll in an On-Line Course

      Self Study or with

      Personally Interactive Consultation

      The Perfect Prerequisite for a

      Cost Effective Maui Island

      Couples Spiritual Retreat Experience

      ~ Personally Fulfilling ~

      Marital Enlightenment Guidance


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    Nature brings out a Deep Inner Calmness

    that connects us to this... 'Something'


    Those that have found this 'Something' have a Calming, Peaceful, Loving

    and Compassionate Feel to their...  Personality and View of Life

    A sort of knowing that

    Everything is Alway Already Alright


    To Understand on a personal level how

    ~ Everything Is As It Should Be ~

    Will go a long way towards gaining the perspectives to

    End Un-Nessesary Pain and Suffering that is brought on

    by our inherent ignornace of our True Self


    Learn the simple ways to get in touch with Your True Self

    This 'Within-ness' is Liberating -

    It Is the Source of that 'Inner Pull'