Celtic Blues

06-23-2006 07-37-50pm

Celtic Blues

Solo Celtic Harp & Vocals

Traditional influence with a taste of Soulful Blues


A collection of Classic heartfelt soulful songs

that have inspired Bobbie Jo Curley to write a few more in this theme of Celtic Blues


Bobbie Jo blends her Traditional Celtic roots with modern contemporary styles bridging 100’s of years of

influential Harp and Vocal music


A master Harpist and a world treasure of Vocals,

Bobbie Jo brings her sincere passion to such spiritual, soulful lyrics and embodies them into captivating songs that

Enlighten for life times

Wonderful World

Always a favorite with the elderly and children…

It always brings a smile and a

sweet memory of that unique voice of

Louie Armstrong


Bobbie Jo has performed this song all over the world

to captivating audiences

You Are

Inspired by a shooting star

in the middle of Sedona desert

Bobbie Jo sees God in every one!



Songs for the soul, freedom of spirit,

Deep and meaningful lyrics.

Masterful Harpist, Angelic vocals

Knock, Knock, Knocking on Heaven's Door

A blast from the past,

one of Bobbie Jo’s favorite Bob Dylan songs

this one is surely a crowd pleaser

and everyone wants to sing along

Bobbie Jo delivers a passonate and soulful rendition

She's had audiences around the world singing along!

God Bless the Child

In tribute to Billie Holiday

we share the belief that money is not the end all…

It’s not what brings strength of character


Bobbie Jo Sings with a passion that is

born from an old soul


A very Moving rendition of Billy Holiday's hit


Got lots of 'Respect' while performing this

'down unda' in New Zealand

When I think on You

Written for her hundreds of choral students

before she left to sail the high seas with her family on  Our Sailboat ~ ‘Hipnautical’

Bobbie Jo assured them

she’d always think of them with fondness


Bobbie taught the entire elementary school

from 1st to 6th grade, they all took her program


After nearly a decade she watched them all

move thru the grades & grow up

On her last day at school

before sailing over endless horizons

each student presented her with large poster sized

Thank You Note

Thanking her and wishing her safe journeys


The last verse she wrote while sailing on her

1st overnight passage

a few hundred miles south of San Diego

the phosphorescence sparkled in a special way

as if she saw her students

gleaming in the wake of our boat.

Counting Blue Cars

This song really struck Bobbie Jo

when she first heard it…

Dishwalla’s lyrics are so engaging and their imagery is wonderful


“Tell me all your thoughts on God...

Bobbie Jo Delivers a very

passionate performance


Deep meaningful and Spiritual Lyrics

Her Harp strings play like the

strings of one's heart


BobbieJo Connects

with the Souls of her Audience


“Tell me all your thoughts on God,

‘cause I’m on my way to see Her

and ask her why we are… who we are


…tell me am I very far...

Wayfarer Stranger

A beautiful old folk song that speaks of the journey
to the other side…one we all will face someday. I’m goin
there,… to see my mother….I’m just goin’ over home.

Trouble in Mind

A Deeply moving rendition of a Classic


Her Harp plucks the

strings of our hearts 😉


A great old folk song I used to do with Banjo Fred (Starner)

The 3rd verse is one I penned myself

Troubles seems to float away on the waves when one is sailing happily under a big sky

Nighttime in Nevada

This was my parents’ favorite old folk song

Their harmonies were so beautiful

when they sang together

Such precious memories


A Heavenly Flute

calls to the Big Sky


Heartfelt Harp ~ Accompanies Soulful Vocals

bobbie jo voice and piano-1