Wedding Video starting at $395

High-Definition Professional Video can be added to most Maui photography packages for only $395. Premium locations and videographers may charge more, But often offer a nice cost-effective ceremony only video, And often offer an artistic in-dept very high 4K resolution production that features field recording mics, two camera angles and a roving camera that not only documents the ceremony, But also creates a love story from the fantastic footage Both video production versions include Hidden lapel Microphones Clearly Capturing the sounds of the Vow Exchange, the Ministers' Ceremony Any Musical Accompaniment, the Flute Blessing the Hawaiian Conch Shell Blessing

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Basic or Premium video editing with Pre & Post Titles Dynamic Panning, Zooming & other creative Video Imaging enhancements Combined with a Creative Soundtrack from the High Quality Audio Recordings of the ceremony Creates a Stunning Video Production.

The Bride & Groom's Softly Spoken Heartfelt Personal Vows will be Enticingly Captured as Priceless memories of the Magical Marital Moment and the Tropical Beach Ocean sounds can often be heard in the background.

All video files will be delivered via download that can easily be viewed on any device and can also be uploaded to YouTube or any social media you use.

Adding Live Music to a Wedding Video Will Enhance the production
by naturally becoming
"the Soundtrack of Love”