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At Maui Marrying Man,
we have extensive resources of wedding essentials,
from marriage license to Hair & Make up, to photography to location scouting.
Our team even offers many spiritually enlightening insights that show true compassion and a
connectivity towards uniting couples in the most sacred of all unions.

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We also bring together the
Soul of the South Pacific with the
Spirit of Aloha
to Unite couples in the deepest expression of love


What Sets Us Apart

We have decades of experience in the wedding industry. You can count on us to take all the stress out of the planning stage and make it an exciting destination wedding adventure. Our group has an extensive network of wedding professionals on each Hawaiian island. This way, we ensure that no matter where in Hawaii you want to get married, we will be there for you.

I have an Extensive Resource of
~ Essential Wedding Wisdoms ~
That cover all the bases from:
Photography - Videography - Location Scouting
Along with...
A Full Spectrum of Spiritually Enlightening Insights

This is an inspiring collection of True-Life Luv Stories 

from some of the couples that we’ve “Maui’d”. 

I include my Luv story Blessings 

based on a lifetime of Deep Spiritual Practice 

and inspired by their personal Luv Story. 

The photos that go along with the Luv Stories 

tells the story in high-definition beauty 

that will bring your Heart, Soul and True Love to the shores of Paradise. 

Buy all 4 volumes today and 

Let these romantic expressions of Love inspire your own Dreams of 

Marital Bliss on a Tropical Island Paradise.

This book takes into account my lifetime of personal and Spiritual inquiry.
The conclusions of my lifetime of spiritual philosophies and the life practices that are just basic common sense yet offer a liberation from the heaps of pain and suffering we all plough through in our lifetimes.
Rather than a religious based theology perspective, this reflection of inquiry comes more from a spiritual philosophy point of view and accumulates in ‘non-dual’ unity of Oneness that awaits the Deep end of one’s Path.

As one becomes more ‘seasoned’ with age, a volition inspires a drive to become more ‘at one’ with a life philosophyThe classic:
“What is the purpose of this life of mine”.
“What is my place in the timeless wonder of it all… and beyond”

Many people of conscious are finding solace in Deepening their personal spiritual Path.
This book is for anyone of any religion or non-religious and even atheist to help sort out "Ultimate Truths" from distractive info that is just an ultimate waste of time.
I do not intend to promote any 'one' religion as the best or only way to pursue Deep Spirit.
All organized religions have conundrums and contradictions to be considered.
Life is a personal Path.

Our Sailing Adventures

We sailed on our boat Hipnautica for nearly four years, then moved to Maui. A decade later, we sail once more on our new boat, Chat d'O.

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Deeper Insights

Moments in Our Sailing Experiences

Watch videos of the views we captured from our boat. We’ve recorded all the places we have visited.

Hipnautical Sailing & Musical Adventures

Views of Hipnautical 01 - Ventura Cal to Mexico

SOUTH PACIFIC - Views of S/V Hipnautical 02

TONGA & Minnerva Reef – Views of Hipnautical

Fiji & New Zealand – Views of Hipnautical

Views while Cruising Hawaii 9 15 21

MinReef with text
GOPR0788 Chat d'O with text-edited

Experience Unconditional Aloha

We will make you feel right at home on our tropical island paradise! Let us plan your dream beach or garden wedding in Hawaii and help you have the time of your life. Reach out to us now to get started.

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Say Your “I Dos” on a Romantic Tropical Island

To start planning your union with the love of your life
Check out our Hawaii Wedding packages and Enhancements now

Serving all Hawaiian Islands

For the Adventurous Destination Wedding Couples
that Desire the Ultimate Tropical Island Experience
The Original Marital Dream Team is now personally performing weddings
at two of the most awe-inspiring beaches in all of Hawaii…
and perhaps anywhere in the world.