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Heavenly Blues
"Has the 'Feel' of a Swanky Jazz Club!"

Bobbie Jo's "HEAVENLY BLUES" is a

Fusion of Celtic Harp & Soulfully Jazzy Blues!


Bobbie Jo's Masterful Harp work

recorded with a Live Rhythm section

including a Groovin' Jazz Drummer &

Soulful Fretless Bass Extraordinaire!


Countless months in the studio was spent

creating master piece Sound-Scapes

with a pallet of ear-gaz-mic textures featuring

Tenor & Soprano Sax, Cello,

6 string & 12 string Acoustic guitars,

hauntingly possessed electric guitars,

piano, a vast array of percussion instruments &

the most “Heavenly” vocals this side of the ‘Big Bang’!

Spiral of Souls- Bobbie Jo Curley
Color Sunday Blue

Oh To Become

When people can't talk things out

the heart can feel too heavy

Slow Down Your Heart

A Zen like call

to calm one’s anxious Soul

Look within and

Be at ‘One’

with your Spirit & your Life’s Path

This Game

Our ‘so called Rules of Life’

Are intended for our Forward & Upward Growth

If you are stuck in the ‘Game of Life’…

It’s time to break free & Truly LIve

The Choosing

Deep awareness of our daily choices

And what will be left for our

Children’s Children’s Children :-O


Inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s words,

“I have a dream…”,

this song reflects the idea of how much power there is

in dreams…

How much power there is in hope, love and peace.


There is power in dreams…

There is power in

Hope Love and Peace

Stillness of Breath

If it’s hard to say what needs to be said

the answer lies in the stillness of breath


The ‘deja vous’ of life is sometimes too powerful to ignore…
when you’ve felt you’ve met someone somewhere before…
awakening memories too real and tangible

We could be old friends, lovers, sisters, and brothers

from centuries past

Déjà vu….

have we met somewhere, someplace

in a different time, a different place?


Written for my honey, Roger…

when you love someone so completely and deeply

you can feel them from miles away…the love has no boundaries, no walls


Written about Mono Lake

on the east side of the Sierra Mountains in CA…

an otherworldly place…

like one has stepped onto a different planet

Beautiful, raw, dramatic, and once in danger of becoming a
salt bed like Owen’s valley by the diverting of fresh water into
the lake for the aqueduct that runs to Los Angeles.

Let’s hope it’s ‘saving’ is a lasting promise.

A tribute to Mono Lake, CA…another wild place

Threatened by man’s encroachment.


In the circles of life, coming ‘round and ‘round again…

We really fade back Into One.


If we have been around and around

with many different lifetimes,

how many times do we redo it all

before we start figuring it out?

Do we spend centuries in the search and then finally merge

Into One?


When we begin the awareness that we are all One

made out of One, and are integrally

a part of everything else

then we can see through the veils of separation


Your heart becomes my heart, your hands, my hands


What is Between the Sound and Silence?

Union of Souls

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