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Celtic Harp Instrumental Meanderings

These Solo Harp and Flute recordings features

Bobbie Jo Curley completely live in the studio

Playing both Harp & Flute at times


Enchanting you with her

Heartfelt and Soulful musical improvisation…

… Much of this beautiful recording is quite

organic and free flowing

These recordings capture her seemingly

Spiritual Connection to her Harps & Flutes


a Meandering of...

...Musical Meditations


Bobbie Jo plays her Apache Spirit Cedar Flute

at the same time she plays her harp in this beautiful meditation—with a shaker on her foot!

This sweet little flute has only 4 holes so,

on certain notes in the melody she took her left hand

and plucked the lower strings of her harp.

Bobbie Jo loves to experiment with the different tones you can
produce from the harp by lightly touching the metal bass strings after they have been plucked.

This produces a ‘sitar’ kind of sound

that she also uses in the next song.


A musical journey into the many sounds of the harp,
particularly the ‘sitar’ sounds that can be produced by lightly
touching a vibrating metal string.

Bobbie Jo has great fun with this sound as she continues with
you on this meditative stroll through musical bliss.


Bobbie Jo

melding with the ethereal and ancient sound of the harp


Exactly what it’s named, Bobbie Jo meanders through
variations on some of the Masters of Music’s motif themes. A
bit of this and that woven along with the New World
Symphony…as she’s always believing we can create our New
World with grace and harmony.

Fur Elise

This Beethoven piece shows how versatile the Celtic Levered
Harp can be. Bobbie Jo is always attempting songs that are a
bit of a challenge for the lever harp, believing that with the
opening of the mind and stepping out of the box,
one experiences a much more colorful life.

Modal Meditations

Bobbie Jo takes you through every degree of the major
scale in the modal meditation…The greeks had names
for these musical modes: Ionian (Do), Dorian (Re),
Phrygian (Mi), Lydian (Fa), Mixolydian (Sol), Aeolian
(La, Natural minor), Locrian (Ti) and back to Ionian (Do).

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