SAGEWING Under the Big Sky

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Magic flute and merry voices Sing of earth and sky...

Four hearts beat as family


Sound fills space/time With love and life -

The love of life,

Celebrate your vision one world aligned and full of life...

Streams of music ride forth upon the strings into the soul

All spirits dance together

Dance to remember the prime mover moves everything moves through all through the music, mind and matter to

 vibrate with your wings".

-Dale Wayne Jackson 7/16/94


Sagewing’s music is a

Transformational blend of chamber instruments

in a folk/rock style.

Celtic Harp, Violin, Cello, and Flute with

beautiful vocal harmonies touch your heart

reflecting the wonder of our natural world and the interconnectedness of all beings…


The Genesis of Sagewing--

Celtic Harp/Vocalist Bobbie Jo Curley, Violinist/Dov,

 Cellist/Harry Gilbert, and Flautist/Suzanne Teng

—centered around concerts that promoted

higher understanding of our connectedness

with all things around us,

and the quest for advancing

awareness and respect for our Mother Earth


Sagewing was selected to kick off the

1992 Earthwalk at Universal Studios

with 5,000 people listening to

Dov’s “Earth Day, Every Day”—

a song that tells us that there should be

more than one day a year to honor our Earth.


On the Earthday Creation CD,

Sagewing was produced by Nils Jiptner, Dave Hart,

 Roger Curley and live recordings by Brian May

who often hosted the band on his radio show

“Malibu Folk”.

Nature sounds connect the pieces into a journey.


Sagewing has opened for Iron Butterfly at the Roxy,

 performed the Hollywood Bowl Arts Fair,

The Annual Wildflower Show in Malibu,

numerous Eco Expos and Earthday Fairs,

McCabes in Santa Monica,

Concerts for the National Park Service,

the rededication of the Arroyo Seco to

Hahamongna Valley (the original name),

for Brian May and his Malibu Folk Radio show,

numerous coffee houses, benefits for Topanga Days,

 television and other radio shows (KPFK and others),

The Amazon and many other outdoor parks and

 wilderness areas,

The Earth Trust Foundation, Les Domes,

and countless other venues.

Through their musical messages,

Sagewing has inspired many people to

feel more connected to each other

and to the voices of our planet

Under the Big Sky

The Genesis of Sagewing--

Celtic Harp/Vocalist Bobbie Jo Curley, Violinist/Dov,

Cellist/Harry Gilbert, and Flautist/Suzanne Teng—

centered around concerts that promoted

Higher understanding of our connectedness

with all things around us,

and the quest for advancing awareness

and respect for our Mother Earth


Love Has No Walls

A Great version of Bobbie Jo's song 😉

Written for her boyfriend Roger while they were in the throws of young lusty love


A True Love can be felt across the miles between,

then together...even a simple meal provokes deep desires...



Let's keep the Wild Places...


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Topanga Dreams

Sagewing’s music is A Genuine product of the

Peaceful forest among the pleasant hills of


...a Transformational blend of chamber instruments

in a folk/rock style

Celtic Harp, Violin, Cello, and Flute with

Beautiful vocal harmonies touch your heart reflecting

the wonder of our natural world and the

Interconnectedness of all beings…


By planting gardens in our yards instead of grass—


...ok, ya grow grass... it's worth more than gold 😉


Protect our streams and water supplies—

desalinate ocean water for more supply.

La Paz does it!


Constantly move towards solar and wind energy—

recycle and reuse!!


Replace the asphalt and concrete in our schoolyards with

grass fields, trees, plants, and vegetables.


Choose your products carefully—read the labels!

Is it organic? Local food? A sustainable resource?

sagewing topanga dreams by suzanne

Learning the language of music and art—

Bring it back to the schools!!!!


Our dear friend Dov is like a true child of nature


His connection to the Peaceful Splender of Topanga

is revealed in the deep inspirational magic that

flows from this blessed place & into Dov's music.

Dov takes his Topanga roots to his

Hawaiian home away from Topanga

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Sagewing is all about saving our


World & all of her resources

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sagewing seraphinrhapsody by dov

Can't Look Back

After sailing halfway around the world to the west

then another world passage to the east finds our

good ship & crew in the heart of the Caribbean.


I found this cool Rasta gal Celay jamin’ on the steel drums

& singin’ in da Reggae Style near the waterfront in

Marina Del Rey while on a bike ride.


Took her card & months later had her come over

and record these roots Reggae vocal arrangements

that prelude the song.

Magic happened when she got into her part

and soon was making corrections to my phonetics,

she changed a few words around to better

‘be’ in da tropical island vernacular …

Instead of I have been sailing…it now goes “I B Sailin’”…


I recorded Celay’s vocal arrangements on a new

24 track 2” tape.

When we were done tracking her vocals

I mixed them down to the two track-mastering recorder.


Now the trick here is to record this vocal track back on to the

 main 24 track tape session at just the right time to be

in sync with the song…

It’s generally a hit & miss process,

cue up the two track tape deck’s vocal part,

press play on the 24 track machine & the two track

then put the 24 track in ‘Record’…

At best you can only hope to be reasonably Close,

but some how

with the first try the vocals landed on an

un-expected ‘up-beat’ and our vocal arrangement of

‘Oooohs & Aughs’ now took on a very different

but swanky funk feel.

(It was more sort of a “one-e-and- a” timing)


Listen to this funky feel just after the vocal prelude part &

right when the steel drums intro in the main song.


Celay continues to belt out authentic

Caribbean church choir power Oooohs & Aughs’

throughout the song.


Steel Drums are played by percussion extraordinaire

Ray McMamara, whom shortly after got a cool gig

with Jimmy Buffet’s steel drum player.

Ray is a Cal Arts Grad & his virtuoso performance

on this song really takes you to the

hopin’ beaches of Trinidad.


In the Ska tradition I brought together a horn section

with Trombone, Sax & Trumpet

that really laid down the slamin horn tracks

make the song snap.

The Trombone & Trumpet play inter-woven solos,

followed by Ray on the Steel Drums.


Taking the long jam home…the long way… 😉

is Charles Hayes of Ike & ‘THE’ Tina Turner fame.

This guys’ got character & so does his sax,

if you listen real carefully near the end

you can hear his pad smacking when levered with gusto…

 left it in as part of the magic!


A midi keyboard sample of a real Hammond B-3 organ

was played by Bobbie Jo Curley &

recorded into the midi sequencer computer,

which ran in sync with the smpte time code

on the analog tape.


When the song was beign mixed, the output of the

B3 organ sound was plugged into a real

Lesley Rotating Speaker System,

mic’d in stereo & added to the mix in real time.


While mixing the song & pressed the ‘slow & fast’ buttons

to change the speed of the Rotating Lesley Speakers.

At the end of the song you can clearly hear

the Hammond B3 swirling with all it’s glory

during the fade out 😉