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This selection of pieces from the original album compiled by

Paul Culotta is a remix and tribute to my ‘adopted’ father,

friend, harp-maker, sailing instructor and confidant.

Paul passed to the other side in 2011 and his

line of Woldsong harps is now a legacy

that will live forever in all of the hearts of the harpists

and lovers of harp music that he has blessed with his art.


His goal in this compilation of songs

from these various artists was to

show the depth of versatility in the Celtic Harp

and how possible it is for this instrument to do

chromatic and complex pieces—

everything from Opera to Traditional to Contemporary.




Bobbie Jo Curley, Woldsong Celtic Harp/Vocals

Shawna Selline on Woldsong Celtic Harps and Vocals on

Note by Note with Dov on Violin

Suzy Yozgadlian (soprano on Barcarole)


Flying Cloud Reel

A spirited ditty that will get your feet moving

just like in the olden days…

with visions of ‘hills ‘o green and clouds ‘o white’

Lark in the Clear Air

This sweet Celtic love song tells of the

Depth of connection between birdsong

and lovers’ feelings for each other

Douce Dame Jolie

A beautiful song by Guillame De Machaut

14th Century Composer and Poet

Telling of deep devoted affection from a spurned paramour

to his ladylove…


The age old tale of unrequited love

Note by Note

This amazing piece by Shawna Selling

Daughter of Woldsong Harp Maker

Paul Culotta

will grab your hand and wheel you through

a beautiful journey of lyrical imagery that is truly unsurpassed


It is always everyone’s favorite song.

You will take respite with dancing trees and...

as a drop of water

Journey through watery rapids to

get to know the other drops...

as you know yourself

Sunday Bloody Sunday

As well as the

Likeminded individuals of this globe

Bobbie Jo shares Irish Rockers U2’s

Deep feelings against needless bloodshed

and the tragedy of minds bent for war


A very powerful piece coupled with the

national instrument of Ireland


Peace & Mankind Living Intelligently…

Lets NOT wait until

We’ve tried

Every Other Way :-O

Avé Maria - Schubert

This is another example

of the versatility of the Celtic Harp


It is a live performance

There is no overdubbing

In the Light

Bobbie Jo wrote this for her brother’s wedding

Steffen and Carin…

an inspiration that woke her in the wee hours one morning and produced visions of Cottonwood trees blowing in a haven

in the woods

As these two were married in this haven

which of course came to pass after the song—

unbeknownst to anyone

the Cottonwoods graced the ceremony

with flakes of down falling all around

Certainly a gift from the ether

Meditation from Thais

Another favorite of Paul’s and a

VERY challenging piece for the Celtic Harp


This also features Dov on Violin

As I was working out this piece

it was very imperative to

choose the voicing of my chords very carefully


It is not possible to achieve every single note

in a piece like this

but an arrangement is definitely possible!


Paul was always challenging people

to excel and become better musicians

He himself was a violinist and I spent many an hour with him accompanying him while he practiced


I was always amazed that his huge hands

could accomplish those difficult passages—

he was pretty good and always pushed himself to get better!


Tales of Hoffman, Offenbach


This was always one of Paul’s favorite pieces

Paul was a philanthropist

as well as Harp maker

He would put on concerts along with

scholarship certain people who

touched him with their talents


Suzy Yozgadlian was one of those

and is the high soprano for this recording.

Bobbie Jo is the lower Soprano

bobbie jo voice and piano-1