Spiral Of Souls

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Features the soothing Angelic Voice & the

Spiritually tingling Harp work of

Bobbie Jo Curley

along with her musical friends of the

Harp, guitar, double harp, percussion, vocals, and harmonies

Once I Had a Sweetheart

…Features wonderful Celtic Harp arrangements.

Traditional Celtic Ballad style weaving the tale of Sailing on

Galleon ships to seek their fortune over the horizons...

missing their home bound lovers...

I am a Maid

weaving the tale of a Gal that dresses up as a Guy to gain passage on a Galleon ship to sail off to find her true lover.

In the Light

A Spiritual look within

Life Lives...In the Light !

Note by Note

A cascading waterfall of harp and voice

A most delightful song!

The Mermaid Song

Quintana Roo

Music of Souls

Forever Young

Bob Dylan's song

With Bobbie's core Spiritual & earthly wish...

May You Stay - Forever Young

Allie Calls

Sunday Bloody Sunday

Bobbie Jo shares U2 & Bono's Passion

about pointless war and Bloodshed!


A tribute to Mono Lake, CA…

another wild place threatened by man’s encroachment.

Under a Dome

Like the movie Logan's Run...

Maybe it's time to go back Outside 😉

White Bird

white bird just sits in her cage.

It's time to be Cage Free 😉

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