Tina & Tucker – Luv Story

Roger Curley

Our love story is really very simple but not so simple.  This is a second marriage for both of us.  We both have children from our first marriages.  Tucker is everything I have ever dreamed of in a partner, and he says he feels the same. I couldn’t have created him any more perfect. I look at him and am more in love with him every day.  He says the same. We feel very fortunate to have met each other because we did not know that this kind of love was possible. We are very different and have very different opinions on many topics.

Importantly, Tucker is religious, I am not. He has the belief that God intervened and brought us together.  I think we were very lucky to have met. I believe most people do not have what we have. We met through mutual friends at a difficult time in both of our lives.  I think our souls were drawn to each other.

After that first meeting, it took us months to finally get together.  But we both kept thinking about each other even though we only met for a few minutes.  When we first started dating, I would tremble every time we got together.  That lasted about 6 months.  I think my soul recognized him.  I was told by a psychic that my current relationship is with someone I loved very deeply in a past life and our relationship was cut short by some sort of tragedy and our souls have been searching for each other ever since.  It sounds silly but I believe it in a way.  We dislike being apart.  We often talk about how nice it would have been to be young together and to have started a family together but maybe we met at the right time. We may not have been ready for this type of partnership when we were young and stubborn.  Tucker is always trying to be a better man and that makes me try to be a better partner.  We adore each other and can tolerate the things we don’t like so much.  We accept each other the way we are.  We saved the best for last.

Tina & Tucker – Luv Story Blessing

Tucker is religious and Tina is not religious in a traditional sense,
yet both met by an attraction that is bigger than their empirical ‘here and now’ presents.
One credits ‘God’ and the other with ‘Luck’ that brought them together.
When we speak of the ‘ineffable’ nature of God or even in a common word such as ‘Luck”,
both are too great or extreme to be expressed or described in words.

In the philosophy of the Tao – It is understood:
That which can be written or read in simple words, cannot be the Tao.
The concept of ‘God’ is such an all-pervading all-inclusive concept that
what is considered ‘God’s Blessings’ often appear as good ‘Luck’.

Although Tina does not ascribe to any particular form of worship in a traditional sense,
she is obviously very much in tune with her Spirit and her ‘True Nature’.
Both Tina & Tucker are Spiritual Beings, and both recognize these most sacred ways.

It is not silly at all to feel a connection to ‘past lives.
Even though there really is not a “we” that actually reincarnates…
There is an ineffable connection to the collective consciousness of all that is.
Perhaps we tap into the pain and suffering that others have endured and through our own challenges, we feel empathy for them…
and now we are motivated to liberate ourselves from this deep-seated condition.
this connection is veiled by the illusion we allow ourselves to feel is this “reality” of the ‘here & now’.
But there is ‘Karma’, not passed on from a previous lifetime, but a cause and effect that relates to experiences we have in this life.
And when two people see that the other person also has experienced a similar challenge, there becomes a connection between the two that feels like kindred spirits.
There is a comfort in each other’s presents that feels like being cradled in the arms of love, a safe sanctuary from the harshness of the world we’ve experienced so far… in this life.

Consider the deep philosophies of the Buddha, as he outlines the core nature of our True nature with his teachings of Anatta.
Anatta is the obvious result of ‘Being at One with it All’…
Not as an individual ‘here’ that is at one ‘with it all’… over there.
It’s more like there is no more ‘you and me’, no more ‘they and we’…
just Unity…
And yet,
Almost Mystically, at the ‘Ground of our Being’, those so inspired and inclined
will connect to this Divine connection and fulfill their Beings together
in a way that transcends the typical relationship.

These strong feelings of sharing a past life or
an intervention of ‘God’ cannot be ‘empirically proven’ but in our heart of hearts…
we feel it to be true… and that’s good enough.

Blessed are those that do connect with their True Nature.
Self-Realization is the key towards living in peace, joy and equanimity.
This allows us to live closer to our Higher consciousness, perceived by some as ‘God’…
but more than just a word from a projection of what ‘man’ feels ‘God’ to be,
Awareness of our True Self brings us the Peace and serenity that is meant to be experienced personally, not just told to believe.

A ‘second marriage’ is typically a much Deeper relationship
with much more ‘understanding’ of how ‘things work’.
Through the experience of a past love that didn’t turn out like we expected…
It did allow us to grow and transcend to become a person that can now love more unconditionally.
A humbleness and respect are gained.
You can obviously feel a mutual appreciation and thus
cherish this special Love even further.

Tucker may be more on the ‘religious’ perspective than Tina…
religion is a tradition…
however, both seem equally Spiritual,
and that’s the personal connection to ‘Spirit’, our True Nature and what ‘divinity’ is all about.
But ‘such things’ and even the concept of ‘God’ are not subjects that can be
’empirically’ proven by science…
These are subjects that are “ineffable” in nature…
Simple words cannot begin to explain the vastness of ‘God’,
nor the eternalness of our True Nature and how both are inseparable, a non-dual perspective that once realized will by it’s nature, liberate us from all our pain and suffering.

So, when a couple finds that special person that feels like they are home to their heart, the insights of a non-duel, inseparable ‘One-ness’ with each other creates the cradle of love that becomes each other’s saving Grace.

You were Blessed to meet and to be together…
and your children are blessed to have
new and fulfilling big brothers & sisters as it were.

Mahalo for allowing me to be a part of your Maui Marital Bliss.

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