Each of us are born into a life of challenges

There are ways to transcend our challenges!



when we transcend these challenges,

we gain a sense of accomplishment.

Our confidence builds, so we become stronger

and able to overcome even harder challenges.

Through our experience of a challenge,

whatever knowledge we had

now becomes an unalienable Wisdom.

As wonderful it is to transcend challenges…

We often tire of facing the many variations of those challenges when they seem to incessantly keep knocking on our door.

This is when we need to develop a way of looking at the world that will help us not to be so affected by the chaos of our the world and all it’s challenges.

At the start of each day, tell yourself:

May I be aware of the boundless space that is my inherent Nature,

to allow all beings and situations be as they are without effecting my well-being.

When this perspective is fully realized…

We then become free to

Love all, serve all and create no sorrow.

A Grace that genuinely feels Divine will naturally radiate from our

Hearts, Mind, Body, Spirit, speech, and actions.


Making this world a better place…

One smile at a time.