If One Really Loves God

If one really proclaims to love God,

Then why not spend your life ‘seeking’ a more direct connection

for a deeper personal experience of God?

Why be so complacent to ignore a deeper connection with

a direct personal experience with the Divine,

instead of taking someone’s else’s archaic outdated word?

Would you want your doctor to still be using archaic medical practices from the Middle Ages?

Not likely,

but when it comes to the most important aspect of one’s life,

and the ‘eternity’ that is assumed to follow, surely it would be a reasonable inspiration

to put in the ‘Right Effort’ and do one’s due diligence towards

a deeper understanding and experience of connecting to Divinity.  

If you love airplanes and studied their designs from the Wright brothers…

No matter how impressed you are with the first airplane ever made,

you would appreciate the improvements that came along in the century later. 

That is unless some organization came along and stated that

the airplane from 1950 was the only airplane one should ever admire, buy, or fly.

Then, 70+ years later, the leaders of this organization (airplane church)

wrote in their doctrines that anyone that even thought of a different or newer version

of the sacred 1950 airplane would be cursed and will crash and die and burn for eternity… they’d go to a place they made up called “airplane hell”.

Staying with an outdated religious belief seems just as silly as the ‘airplane church’…

Or still worshiping the caveman ‘god’s or the egotistical Greek gods.

But so many religions use a fear of God to manipulate the faithful

to keep the flock under control.

Proclaiming that it is blasphemy to even consider any other connection to God

other than in unfailing word of God’s bible that archaic misogynistic men wrote

from their power-driven agenda of dominance of the flock – Although…

church and state was the most effective military weapon ever created.


There are over 66,000 denominations of Christianity that proclaim that

the unfailing word of God and the first bible got it wrong, so

they made improvements on God’s “unfailing” word.


Perhaps it’s true what philosopher Ken Wilber and other human ‘evolutionist’ state that

one’s spiritual beliefs are in direct relationship to

one’s stage of psychological human development.

We are all born at the same level, then we grow through the stages.

There is no reason to ever stop growing and learning, even when at death’s door.

Consider this:

Even the most devout Christian does not consider it blasphemy to not still worship the cave man’s ‘god in the sky’ perspectives… nor the lighting gods, the earthquake gods, or the concept of throwing virgins into a volcano to keep the volcano gods happy.

But at the same time,

even Christians would be accused of being evil atheists to our early ancestors.

As we evolved further, again,

the most devout Christian does not consider it blasphemy to not still worship the countless Greek gods… they can see those ‘gods’ were just an extension and projection that the archaic world view of the times which attributed all the egotistical character flaws of man into the ‘god’s’ they worshiped.

Man invented these ‘gods’ in the image of what they would do if they were a god… like

“If I were a ‘god’, I’d be sure to have my way with the most beautiful earth gals”. 

This is obviously not Divinity, yet,

not buying into that unevolved perspective got a lot of evolved academics killed.


as over 2000 years after the bible was written by the hand of man

pretending to be written by the hand of ‘God’…

Why is it that although most of us have evolved beyond the cave man gods

and the Greek gods… why are so many still stuck on a version of the ‘sky God’

that was projected from a world view of over 2000 years ago? 

Would you still be referring to a 1950’s mechanical manual to repair your airplane today? 

Not likely, you’d be sure to get the latest manual.

~ ~ ~

In the history of man’s evolution…

When humanity evolves and successfully sustains an improving human condition,

we naturally adopt a ‘transcend and include’ mode of perspectives.

We transcend the out dated versions from our past knowledge to higher and deeper

more inclusive and knowledgeable concepts… while still including what remains viable.

When humanity does not ‘transcend & include’…

The human condition degrades to a point where sustainability is not possible.  

~ ~ ~

There is no ‘one religion’ or unity consciousness spiritual tradition that has

the ineffable nature of ‘God’ all sorted out. 

At best,

Buddhism, Dzogchen, Zen, Avaita Vedanta, and many others can only

point out’ the way one could gain this deeper understanding of one’s nature,

God and the inseparable connection to what we refer to as Divinity, or God.

The spiritual philosophies of the Tao states:

“Whatever can be written or read… is NOT God”.

But don’t take my word, or the words of the most Divinely connected sages, or

even the Buddha’s word…

One must find this personal ineffable connection themselves.

I was born, raised, baptized and even catechism’d a Catholic.

But the many fear-based doctrines and un-rational dogmas

failed to give me a reasonable connection or Path to God.  

The ancient myths, magic, and miracles which are demanded to be taken as the literal truth were just created to impress an archaic world view of over 2000 years ago…

this seemed a bit childish to my enquisite youth.


I’ve transcended the part that are no longer relevant, yet,

Included the parts that still make sense to our modern world view.  

I have asked many of those still practicing my former religious beliefs

to why, if they love God, are unwilling to learn more about their own true nature

and a deeper understanding and the connection of a personal experience with God.

Their answers were never based on Logic, intelligent common sense or

the pursuit of Absolute Truths…

They typically just parrot the same dogmas that they bought into.

~ ~ ~

In my recent book “A Lifetime of Spiritual Philosophies and Life Practices”,

I share my personal insights into what I’ve discovered.