The Simple Solution to Marital Distress – Part 2

In an open minded non-denominational light,

there are some profound Truths to be found in all Spiritual traditions.

If one’s inspiration is capable of only one single spiritual perspective…

then this Christian philosophical statement would be a guiding light for all:

It is written that Jesus said:


When one is inspired to go Deeper into the insights

that will bring forth the Bliss of our True Nature

and end the needless pain and suffering most of us

unnecessarily puts ourselves through in life…


The Buddha’s Noble Eight-Fold Path

is like a road map to Heaven and Nirvana

It just takes just a few steps along these Spiritual Paths,

To be liberated from the ‘hell’ we create and abide in

Peace in this life on earth, right now in this ‘here & now’.

“Right View”

Abide in the Right mental perspectives, which start with

the essence of what is written that Jesus said:

“Do on to others as you would have them do onto you”.

Ask yourself:

“Are my thoughts ones of unconditional love?”


Are they born of reactive egos and emotions.

‘Don’t let ‘the tail wag the dog’,

by allowing our egos and emotions to

steer our course through life and destiny.

~ ~ ~

Center yourself with the perspectives of Right View

Be liberated from narcissistic self-absorbed selfishness.

The “Right” moral thoughts of

Unconditional Love, Joy, Compassion and Equanimity,

Becomes the ‘Way’ one thinks…


The tendency to act out with any ‘wrong’ speech, intentions and actions

will naturally be curtailed before they happen.

“Right Intention”

The intention of harmlessness is:

Thought guided by compassion, aroused in opposition to

cruel, aggressive, and violent thoughts.

Compassion supplies the complement to lovingkindness.

Whereas loving-kindness has the characteristic of

wishing for the happiness and welfare of others,

compassion has the characteristic of

wishing that others be free from suffering,

 a wish to be extended without limits to all living beings.

Desire is to be abandoned, not because it is evil, but,

Because it is the root of all suffering.

We desire things that we think will make us happy,

But materialistic happiness is shallow and short lived.

We put ourselves through ‘hell’

when we desire materialistic things like a new iPhone.

We agonize with some degree of suffering as we waste our time

wishing for this shiny new thing while cursing our old phone.

When we finally save enough money to buy the new one,

the happiness goes away once, yet another new iPhone comes out.

~ ~ ~

This endless pursuit of happiness causes so much pain and suffering,

that we feel we’d be happy if we finally get that

new car, new job, new spouse…


When we get these things, the short-lived happiness fades

like how a child feels after the ‘new toy bliss’ wears off.


Renunciation – turning away from craving

and its drive for such gratification, becomes the key to happiness,

to freedom from the hold of attachment.

All objects of desire are impermanent.

Whether it be wealth, power, position, or other persons,

separation is inevitable,

and the pain that accompanies separation

is proportional to the force of attachment:

strong attachment brings much suffering;

little attachment brings little suffering;

no attachment brings no suffering.

Abide in and express outwardly “loving-kindness,”

an intense feeling of selfless love for other beings

radiating outwards as a heartfelt concern for their

well-being and happiness.

Not just expressed as sentimental good will,

nor is it a conscientious response to

a moral imperative or divine command.

It must become a deep inner feeling,

characterized by spontaneous warmth

rather than by a sense of obligation.