Are You at a ‘Cross Roads’ of Your Life?

Ponder this

What is really important in your life?

What really matters?

What would you be better off doing more of?

What would you be better off doing less of?

The basic Meditations and Mindful Daily Practices I write about are

Non-denominational and in Harmony with all Spiritual Traditions.

Every one of Every Faith Benefits Greatly

by following these guidelines towards

a life that makes more sense and gets less painful

from ‘unrealistic’ fears that don’t need to be fed any energy

once viewed from the proper perspective.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

All of this inspires one to love themselves

and radiate selfless love to all others.

Find that glimmer of inner peace...


Begin to expand your circle of Loving embrace to ultimately include

All living beings and this world we live on.

If only 10% of humanity truly took this to heart, 

it would be enough to create

the classic ‘Tipping Point toward a better life’

required for all of society to evolve their ‘world view’.

This alone would be enough to solve every man-made problem

that we have created with our High Tech and Low Human self-serving ways.