A Test to show how many Stray Thoughts Bombard our Brains

This image has no mystical meaning and is not a symbol to represent anything

Have a good look at this image.

Then close your eyes and try to keep this image in your awareness for as long as possible.

Keep in mind only this image with no other thoughts.

You will be surprised at how soon random thoughts barge right into our awareness.

Our triune brains are like a super bio-computer…

Always running and always thinking about

the past, future, curiosities, and challenges.

But we don’t need it to constantly be on running full blast.

During our busy day,

we often need to focus on the subject at hand

and not become distracted by countless random non sequitur thoughts

that our super bio computers tend to spew out.

To remedy this is to practice Mindfulness in each moment of our day.

Whatever we are in the process of doing… we should just do, with focus.

You can’t hit a fast ball or thread a sewing needle while distracted with unnecessary thoughts.

A sitting meditation is the perfect place to establish

a ‘one pointed’ mindfulness perspective for our awareness.

Our super bio computer brains naturally wants to calculate things incessantly…

That’s what it does.

By giving the brain something to focus on will allow you to control the brain

and not the other way around.

Most people live their whole life like “the tail that wags the dog”.

The breath is the universal object of meditation.

The breath is automatic, and…

We can control it mentally with commands to deepen, lengthen and to relax

and just witness the body automatically breathing.

While sitting with a good posture, eyes closed…

First take a number of deliberate deep breaths.

Notice the cool fresh air that enters the nostrils…

And the warmer air that is expelled out.

Do this for a minuet or two…

Then just be the witness and be aware of the body breathing on it’s own.

When a stray though comes along,

Just take notice of that thought…

And label it… “thought”…

Then resume just witnessing the body breathing.

When thoughts come up, don’t follow them.

Typically, one though will pop up,

and then ‘we’ start a conversation with that random trivial thought.

Practice this at the beginning of each day.

And then,

Throughout the day,

be mindful of what your bio computer is thinking…

When you notice it’s ruminating on unproductive thinking…

Take a few deep breaths…

And get back to ‘being in the moment’.

You will notice that the longer you practice this,

The more you will enjoy all your ever present moments.

You’ll be able to hit that fast ball, tread that needle

and enjoy all you need to do with more focused concentration and joy.