Cause and Effect – 2cd Insight Stage

and The Three Characteristics

In the stage of Cause and Effect,

the relationships between mental and physical phenomena

become very clear and sometimes ratchet-like.

There is a cause, such as intention, and then an effect, such as movement.

There is a cause, such as a sensation, and there is an effect,

namely a mental impression.

The joy and wonder of Mind and Body have left,

and now the interactions between the mind and body

start to seem somewhat mechanical.

Attention, intention, and movement interact in unusual ways,

as this is a sign of progress.

In general may get a sense that they are able to

intuit aspects of the workings of karma in a way they did not before.


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 The Progress of Insight

Inspired by Daniel Ingram’s book Mastering the Core Teachings of the Buddha,

With this section “The progress of Insight”

Inspired by Mahasi Sayadaw