FEAR – 6th Stage of Insights – Part 2 of THE DARK NIGHT

The clarity and intensity begin to return, but now

the stage of Fear can involve all sorts of frightening distortions of perception

when sitting, accompanied by intense feelings of

unease, paranoia, terror, dread, and/or “the willies”.

It can even sometimes seem that our body is falling in tatters through the floor

or that we are rotting away.

Nightmares are substantially more common in this stage.

Some people can suddenly experience extremely powerful feelings of

abject terror for no obvious reason at all, but

the mind has this odd tendency to create stories to explain how we are feeling,

to fabricate things to be suddenly afraid of,

even if those explanations and rationalizations are not the cause at all

and arose after the fact of the terror setting in.


Just feeling terror without an object can be very disorienting.

If we ride it, flow with it, welcome it, dive down into it, play with it,

revel in it, dance with it, and dissolve with it,

letting it tear down the illusion of permanence and control as it begins to do so,

we can appreciate that this is the third vipassana jhana,

which can be a fascinating meditation adventure given the right attitude.


Acceptance, honesty, and clear, precise awareness of

the true nature of the actual sensations that make up all of this

are the key in all the Dark Night stages.

The six sense doors and the three characteristics are the basis of

great insight practice in this stage and all the rest.

On the mild side,

this stage might manifest as just a slightly heightened sense of

nonspecific panic or anxiety.

As Fear passes and our reality continues to strobe in and out and fall away,

we are left feeling… MISERY


FEAR – 6th Stage of Insights – Part 2 of THE DARK NIGHT

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 The Progress of Insight

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