Who are “We”… Really?

There are two fundamental ways to look at:

Who are “We”… Really.

From a scientist perspective…

It is said that anything that exists… can not be destroyed…

Matter just transforms into other shapes and forms of…


Our bodies are a form of energy, “potential and or kinetic”.

This energy can not be destroyed, only transformed.


In most deeply spiritual traditions, it is widly excepted that…

“We” are NOT our bodies. 

The goal of all serious spiritual traditions require

the fulfillment of the contemplation and inquiry into…

Our True Self … our True Nature.

This is called “Self-Realization”.

It is accomplished in part by a series of ‘negative deductions’

Called ‘Neti-Neti’ in Sanskrit.

Such as:

We are not our bodies, as they die, deteriorate, decompose

and turn into other matter which is …

Not us.

We are not our brains, that’s just a body part.

We are not our thoughts, which is a function of the brain…

But nowhere can “the mind” be located in our bodies.

Nor our hearts,

although the heart metaphorically is a symbol of love and compassion…

It too is just… another body part.

When this contemplation reaches its final fruition,

There is no “I” within “us” that is truly… “Us”. 

Compare those findings to what neuroscientists and psychologists have

repeatedly confirmed with the MRI machine.

When hooked up,

a person can be asked questions to be answered with a yes or no answer

by consciously pressing a button.

The MRI operators can monitor the part of the brain that registers

when a decision has been made.

In every instance of this test…

It proves that:

By the time “we” are consciously aware of a mental decision…

That decision was already made by the sub-minds

and sub-conscious mind systems.

In other words:

“We” are the last ones to know what’s going on.

There is no “Us”… that is in control.


There is no “I” or ‘self’ that can be located within our bodies

that truly is ‘Us’.

Buddha’s teachings of ‘Anatta’ –

In deep spiritual philosophy, our True Self is actually ….

No self at all…

The closets names or descriptions of our True Self is…

Pure Awareness, or Pure consciousness.

The nature of our True Self does not contain our egos, emotions,

thoughts, memories, likes, dislikes, personality, and

whatever made ‘us’ good… or bad.

One can learn by experience that…

There is no self… no “I” within us.

During the deepest states of meditation,

one will experience a sort of ‘disembodiment’…


The awareness of the ‘self’ ‘we’ always considered ourselves to be…

the ego-mind-body…

Is nowhere to be found during these meditations that manifest  

the highest states of consciousness a human can experience.

Once this experienced for the first time,

There is no doubt about there not being the ego-mind-body self

we mistakenly identified our life up to that point.

Our True Nature is described like a movie screen

which can display all sorts of drama, trauma, fires, and destruction…


The screen remains unaffected.

In that sense, it is widely known that,

The only thing in life that suffers… is our ego.

Since ‘we’ are not our egos…


Our True Self is….

Always Already Alright.


All that stated.

We are left with basically two fundamental ways to look at .

Who are “WE” … really.

One would be the body.

Which is very profound in that it consists of the highest evolution of matter

since the latest Big Bang.


The spiritual perspective is:

“We” are Pure Consciousness.

99.9% of humanity mistakes their True Identify to be the ego-mind-body…

and thus,

they assume their loved ones to be that as well.

They are attracted to the personality, character, and the aesthetic look

of someone’s body surface...

They mistake their loved ones to be these shallow surface qualities

instead of ‘Realizing’ their True Nature…

so when a loved one’s body dies… they are devastated.

Many carry this grief to their death bed with the misplaced hope that

they will reunite with their loved one’s ego-mind-body in the afterlife.

Ether way to look at it,

To most people our True Nature and what happens after this life will be ….


Except for those that took the effort to become Enlightened…

There is nothing in our experience in this life that offers us a clue of

how that will be once ‘we’ transcend our bodies.

However it will ‘feel’ like…

It will be as natural as the falling rain.

There will be no thinking or actions required on ‘our’ part…

Which is a natural common sense perspective

since a brain and thinking won’t be possible… or necessary.

There will be no judging.

There is no ‘god’ in the sky that will stop pure awareness or a decomposing body

to be judged and then gleefully tossed into an imaginary fire in ‘hell’

to be roasted and tortured

for eons…

like they love to scare us with.


But the fact that whatever will come will remain ineffable

to all sentient UN-Enlightened beings…

is one of the main reasons why so many people eagerly buy into

the fantasies that organized religions offer about the

afterlife, heaven, heavenly bodies…

Similar to the shallow end of Buddhism that has their made-up versions of

imaginary places to be reincarnated and hell realms.

The problem is …

a solace or bliss based on ignorance is shallow and naïve…

Doesn’t really work.

The longer one buys into the distracting fantasies that organized religions

and shallow spiritual traditions dupe their flock with…

The harder it will be to fix the pain and suffering caused by the

confusion and ignorance of the misidentification of the nature of our True Self,

And allow one to flow with a reasonable perspective and understanding of

what happens after the body dies based on the

highest degree of ‘Wisdom’ possible.


The fact that, for most people,

whatever comes after this life will remain ‘ineffable’.

Though I recommend taking the steps along ‘the Path’ towards full Enlightenment…

This is a lofty goal in which significantly less than 1/10 of 1% of humanity

reaches this goal.

and the fact that significantly less than 10 % of of humanity doesn’t even know

what being Enlightened is or that there is a reasonably simple “Path” towards it…,

If more people were aware that they can attain

the highest states consciousness humanly possible

and have life changing perspectives that will liberate them from

the pain and suffering caused by the confusion and ignorance of

not knowing the true nature of our being….

Then these sparse numbers will someday certainly gain traction…

as humanity evolves.

Human evolution cannot be placed on a timeline.

Traditions keep the majority of humanity locked in a self-defeating vicious cycle

that perpetuates ignorance and undermines humanity from gaining improvements of  

knowledge, wisdom and improving the human condition.


So as long as one feels the need for solace for what most people have

a devastating dread about…

About the mortality of their life, and missing loved ones that go before we do…,

Believing in a fantasy about what will happen after this life is very common. 

Many years ago when my mom passed,

Somehow I had the idea that when we die, if we were a good person,

that we’d be able to choose how we spent the rest of forever.

I must have read it in a new agey book and I grasped onto it because

it seemed to help me look at my Mom’s passing with a more positive attitude.

I felt certain that my mom was tending a heavenly garden

under a canopy of giant trees with an ever-present

Bliss Joy and eternal happiness.

Since I believed strongly in this fantasy…

I didn’t perceive it as an imaginary fantasy,

and this vision of my mom delightfully tending her garden

gave me what felt like a real peace, comfort and solace.

It took over 20 years to come to a higher level of understanding

that I’ve laid out above and in countless other articles.

Even though this ‘higher level of understanding’ has helped me immensely

to render all challenges of life along with the inherent dread of our mortality

and what happens after the body dies and how our transcended loved ones are…

For most people,

If they can find enough comfort and solace believing strong enough

in their own fantasy’s or those that a religion or shallow spiritual tradition

will have them believe…

If they can believe this blindly enough to have a strong faith

It will be as close to solace that they will find.

And for most…

It seems to be enough for them… but sadly,

most folks just don’t really find the solace that is…

Always Already Alright

through a non-theological common sense Spirituality practice.


I have been on both sides of that perspective.

The fantasies were a comfort for a few years…

But once I started down ‘the Path’ of higher, wider, and deeper Wisdoms…

Each step brought a deeper understanding that brought

a deeper level of comfort and solace than the

fantasies from my imaginations.


But now that you’ve read this…

You’ll have to use your ‘Divine Free Will’…

And choose if you still want your Bliss to based on ignorance.


 “Zenfully Quool Quotes Quommentaries” …

My aim is to present

a deeper, higher, wider, non-theological perspective

into common sense Spirituality

that most of us folks raised in the ‘west’ never get introduced to,

to fulfill life’s most intriguing questions…