For those that are very interested in meeting up with their ‘transcended’ loved ones…

Please find Solace knowing you can connect right now in every moment.
Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh explains:

By now you may already begin to see that

we are not limited to our physical body,

even while we are alive.

We ‘inter-are’ with our ancestors, our descendants,

and the whole cosmos.

We don’t have a separate self,

we are never really born, and we never really die.

We are interconnected with all life,

and we are always in transformation.

Our body is a masterpiece of the cosmos.

Our body carries within it the stars, the moon, the universe,

and the presence of all our ancestors.

How many millions of years of evolution has it taken

to give rise to these wondrous two eyes, legs, feet, and hands?

Countless life-forms are supporting our existence in this moment.

Reconnecting with our physical body takes only a few moments of

stopping and breathing with awareness.


We all have time for this, and yet we do not do it.

It is strange that we are

scared of what happens to our physical body when we die,

and yet

we are not truly enjoying our physical body while we are alive.

We have to learn to live our life deeply as a human being.

We need to live every breath deeply, so that we have

peace, joy, and freedom as we breathe.

When we see clearly that our physical body

is a miraculous wonder of life, a gift of the cosmos,

it is a flash of insight.

Once we have that insight, we must sustain it.

If not,

restlessness and agitation will take over, and we’ll forget.

We’ll no longer cherish the miracle of being alive.

So we need to sustain and nurture this insight in every moment.

It takes concentration.

But it’s not hard to do.

While we walk, while we work, while we eat,

we bring our awareness to our human body,

simply enjoying the feel of our body’s position and movements,

and the wonder of being alive.

But we should not be caught up in thinking that

our body is our self.

Our body is made entirely of non-body elements,

including the four great elements of

 earth, water, fire, and air.

Contemplating these elements,

we can see a deep connection between

the inside and the outside of our body.

We cannot draw a boundary between them.


The four elements in us

are one with the four elements outside us.

Input and output are always taking place.

In this very moment we are receiving and releasing

water, warmth, and breath;

and we can see countless cells and atoms from our body

 being nourished by and returning to the earth.

When we are sick or dying,

it can be very helpful to contemplate this.

But we don’t need to wait until then to do so.

We don’t return to the earth

only when our entire body disintegrates.

We return to the earth and we are renewed by the earth

at every moment.


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Besides the fact that most of the war’s humans have fought

were over an imaginary ‘god’ that does not exist

in the childlike naïve way most people project ‘God’ to be…

By duping people to believe in the

myriad of many man made up myths, magic, and miracles…

Particularly regarding our True Self, the true nature of ouf Being…


Pretending that we’ll get a ‘heavenly body’ or a ‘Buddha body’

and go to an imaginary place that does not exist,

Instead of allowing one to fully understand the real Ultimate Truths.

Knowing these real and common sense perspectives

will keep all the pain and suffering from disturbing us

with unnecessary trauma caused by the confusion and ignorance

of being misled about the real facts of life, our life,

how our life is interconnected with ‘all that Is’ and

offer a reasonable idea of what will happen after the body dies

that will allow us to not be so devastated

when reality doesn’t go like we’d like it to.


Even though most of the folks in these ‘popular’ religions and spiritual traditions

are completely believing in an all mighty, powerful ‘God’ that is ever Un-failing…

They are daily discontented with His reality…

Every day the ‘faithful’ petitions their projection of ‘god’

to do their bidding,

to change the reality that the “all mighty” has created

in order to satisfy some mortal ego-mind-body.  


The powerful influence of ‘traditions’…

along with a lifetime of ‘blind faith’ obedience

to the doctrines and dogmas makes it nearly impossible

for anyone to be able to use any depth of ‘critical thinking’

for themselves…

And so…

The pain and suffering continues…

Often to a point where people identify with this pain and suffering

as a major part of their personal identity.

If one was to follow the ‘deep end of Buddhism’ long enough,

All this unnecessary mental anguish would not even be an issue.


I one’s “Issues” are too indelibly imprinted…

Then the guidance of a professional psychiatrist would be necessary.

Note that,

Many psychiatrists integrate meditations and forms of the balanced psychological perspectives

that the Buddha taught.

Why wait until you need a shrink?

Start a non-theological common sense spiritual Path today!

You’ll find heaps of good ‘starting places’ for your journey

in the various categories of my articles of “Inspiring Spiritual Insights”.

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