Chontelle & Steven – Luv Story

Romantic Just Maui’d Beach Walk
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Chontelle & Steven – Luv Story

I met my husband in 1999 while working as a Substance Abuse Counselor with the Ca. Department of Corrections. Steve is a Correctional Officer and at the time he was married with 3 children…..we worked very closely together on a day to day basis as he supervised the inmates that were in our substance abuse program.

After 3 years of working together on a very professional basis the time came where he put in for a job change and was removed from our program. After a week or so of not working together as we had done for the past 3 years, 5 days a week I believe we both felt that something was “missing”. Honestly it was the craziest thing ever to sit back and think that I never realized or felt that I had such deep feelings for this man and not only that, but that we had fallen in love with each other which neither of us realized while we worked together.

It wasn’t until he changed jobs that we both realized we had feeling for each other and was not sure how to go about it. To cut to the chase, I had never been married before and have no children of my own to date (I’m 48 and we got married when I was 38)

He took a lot of chances (was married for 21 years) and as he says; he just did not want to risk losing a good woman (that would be me) when he knew in his heart of hearts he was not a “complete” man and he felt I “completed” him. It was a very rocky start as you can imagine his children’s lives changed overnight when they heard there was a divorce in the works. His daughters did not speak to him for 3 years, his son accepted me immediately and to date we have 6 beautiful grandbabies and a relationship not only with the kids, but we spent Thanksgiving with the ex-wife and her husband with all kids and grandkids!

It’s about the grandkids and not the adults and we actually all enjoy each other. I don’t know what you can do with this, but I feel we were against all odds, and we beat them. We have an extremely healthy relationship with so much love and respect for each other and we cannot imagine life without US. There were so many chance’s that were taken, feelings hurt and so many unknowns I just know that GOD put this phenomenal man in my life for a reason. I believe whole heartedly that he is my gift from GOD, and we couldn’t be happier. The odds were against us and we beat them all and to this day Steve says that through all of the bad there is good, and we are GOOD. We decided to go to Maui for our wedding as his girls would not have been in attendance for our wedding at home and it was really about us and not everyone else. We feel we have come leaps and bounds in our relationship with kids, grandkids and our life is just really good which is why it is important for us to renew our vows. To celebrate amongst ourselves our accomplishments in life and love.

This is it in a nutshell and it could be a novel 😉

Enjoying the afterglow of Love and a Maui Sunset
You in a Heap of trouble boy!

Chontelle & Steven – Luv Story Blessing

Steve’s an officer – I have a few relatives that were officers, retired now, but my uncle was the chief head honcho in Albany Georgia.

If ya ever recall that commercial about the southern cop that pulls the young Yankee over and tells him “Boy, you in a heap of trouble” …. That was my uncle personified 😉 

Back in the good ‘ol days, in the good ‘ol south, he’d come home from work with confiscated guns from bad guys… they had a lot of guns around the house.  My childhood memory of visiting my uncle, finding a pair of cowboy ‘6-shooters’ playing cowboy quick draw with them – too young to know they were real AND LOADED…scared the bajessous out of my Aunt 😉

Getting to know someone at a workplace is a great test of getting along on a professional level.  After 3 years, 5 days a week the professional respect merges into an admiration that only surfaced when ‘distance’ was finally in place… soon the hearts grew fonder in ways that one really realizes how complete each other make each other… and how incomplete they were, but something inside was just …not right.

In life we face many challenges, ups & downs, pain and suffering…

We truly are not meant to be stuck in the rut of pain and suffering, the Buddha refers to this a Dukkha,  when we realize the source of our pain and suffering then find a way to Transcend that, it is our divine right to go with Transcendence… as we are not meant to perpetually suffer.  There is an aspect of suffering that with the right perspective of Awareness, brings us closer to ‘God’.  God, meaning the universal concept of all that is, and expressed as Unconditional Love, Compassion and Understanding.  We are not meant to perpetually suffer; we are meant to find meaning and learn something from that suffering.  If we don’t learn anything… we are then stuck with that suffering…

Dukkha – stuck in a rut.

There is a Divine force that flows thru the Heavens, across the ‘either’

and into our Being… When something feels ‘Right’, we know it in our Soul.

So, it is true, that ‘God’ brought you together, and you must have been Aware enough to pick up the Divine Path you were meant journey through this life upon.

Embracing True Love under the Tree of Love in Maui
Bare foot with toes in the sand Enjoying Maui Marital Bliss