Maui Commitment Ceremony

Marriage, they say, ‘Is an Institution‘,

Non committal commitment ceremonies of True Love
Non committal commitment ceremonies of True Love – Big brother does not need to know you or your Love Life

One that was created a very long time ago

for various reasons that made perfect sense to

those that were part of that old world view.


in most cultures, married women had very few rights of their own,

being considered, along with the family’s children,

the property of the husband

as such,

They could not own or inherit property,

or represent themselves legally.


Our country is in the process of de-evolving towards

a misogynistic Christian national men’s view that

women should not have a say in what they can do with their own body,

particularly regarding abortion.

The ‘church’ and their political power drives are a big part of this de-evolution…

More and more free-thinking modern women are choosing to

stand up for themselves and not be exploited by such archaic doctrines and dogma.  


It’s not that most religions are intrinsically bad or wrong…

It’s just that most have lost the thread of what they were originally based on,

Such as, morals, virtues and to connect anyone with the ‘Absolute Truth’ of their nature and the inseparableness with ‘Divinity’.

Out dated doctrines and dogmas created by politically power driven men do not represent True Divinity.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely…

all organized religions are susceptible to falling prey to unholy political power drives and corruption.


Over time,

A lot of these ‘non-Equanimeous’ perspectives have been Transcended…

Another big step up in the

Evolution of Human Developmental Stage Growth is

the Transcendence – From politically motivated power driven

Myth, Magic & Miracle Based Ethnocentric ‘religious’

or “Sky God” views…

And moving up to the next stages:

Modern Rational

Post-Modern Rational

Pluralist (everyone is equal)

To Finally…

Integral. Beginning the 2cd-Tier of Human Conscious Awareness

Of which about 5% are currently now operating at.

There are some very valid points to consider with stage growth,

You can’t skip stages…

At best you can accelerate your growing process…


for a lot of people,

They are stuck in a ‘traditional’ religious rut.

The downside of ‘traditions’ is that,

it keeps a lot of Progressive Higher Perspectives



De-evolution does not make any country great again…

That’s a big myth that too many mentally vulnerable people are duped into with

traditional religious political power drives.


Way back ‘when’…

No specific ritual was prescribed for celebrating a marriage:

“Marriage vows did not have to be exchanged in a church,

nor was a priest’s presence required.

A couple could exchange consent anywhere, anytime.”


Decrees on marriage of the Council of 1563

made the validity of marriage dependent upon

the wedding taking place before a priest and two witnesses


Establishing the Doctrine of

Bringing in the fear of God and the Dogmas of Church

Into controlling Love.


Still today,

about 40% of Americans are currently drawn to this perspective…

Which seemed like the ‘thing to do’ 500 years ago,


At that time We had just started to figure out the Earth was Not indeed less than 7000 years old,

Earth was not ‘Flat, and the sun and entire universe did not actually revolve around Earth – God’s chosen planet, as the church had emphatically stated back then.


The ‘Theology’ of those times, mixed up with combining the power of the state

Gave a mighty strong authoritative pressure to

believe in the unbelievable and keep women in their place and

have an un-rational ‘Faith’ in the Myth, Magic, and Miracles

required by Church & state for an imaginary ‘sky God’ before your

True Love could be ‘sanctioned’ in accordance to Church Doctrine.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

A few hundred years ago, humanity began the transcendence towards

the next higher 3rd-person perspective, called:

~ The Modern ‘Rational‘ ~

The capacity to take an

Objective, Scientific, Universal Perspective

and thus,

the switch in identity from a

Local Ethnocentric identity


a universal or global world-centric identity.

A switch from “us”

to “all of us.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

In the late 1960’s,

The emergence of… Postmodernism.

Where Traditional modernity introduced a 3rd-person perspective,

This new stage-known variously as:

pluralistic, postmodern, relativistic, sensitive, individualistic, multicultural

came with the emergence of a 4th-person perspective

The capacity to:

Reflect on, and criticize, 3rd-person perspectives,

including current science in favor of a more informed science…  

Leading to a multitude of different or pluralistic views.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Only a few decades ago human developmentalists began to notice

the emerging of the next Highly Integrated Level.


This begins the 2cd-Tier of Human Conscious Awareness

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Abraham Maslow had called our current state of humanity at

1st tier – “Deficiency needs”

and 2nd tier – “Being needs”

The 1st tier levels are:

Partial, narrow, excluding, separative, and driven by deficiencies

2nd-tier levels are:

Inclusive, embracing, comprehensive, integral, and driven by abundance.

Only around 5% of the worldwide population

is at integral levels of development.

The Inspirations of creative wholeness tend to trend things upward towards:

More Embrace and more integration of many perspectives…

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

To the ones that have transcended Ethnocentric religious perspectives of

only accepting and unconditionally loving those within their group of followers,

those at a wider ‘World perspective’ of Higher developmental growth stages

can no longer ‘resonate’ with constraints of Lower stage perspectives

But yet

Still feel Inspired to Express their Love to a Higher Source

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Our Commitment Ceremony is a Non legal and Non-Binding

Integration of True Love that recognizes the Eternal Being in each other.

A Union of Soul Mates

Not a pesky Bureaucratic Formality.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Those on the emerging second tier of Human Developmental Growth

are on the cusp of Personal Awakening.

They have grown as far as the leading edge of society

and now are Naturally inclined towards a Spiritual-ness that resonates with an Absolute Truth that is not filtered by the biases of out dated doctrines and dogma…


Love all serve all and create no sorrow.


A key aspect of Spirituality is the ability to

Be‘ in the moment.

In ‘this’ moment, a life together is fulfilling

Later down the Road of Life…

The ever-present moments may bring uncharted directions to pursue

for Inspirations we can’t see currently.

To Limit one’s ‘self’ with a legally binding marriage,

along with the huge burdens legally required

to buy yourself out of a legally binding commitment,

seems quite the unnecessary expense of wasted time and money.


If the heart is just not in it anymore,

there should be a natural conclusion to move on…

In a friendly, amenable way.

Not a new car’s worth of Lawyer fees and court costs.

Loosing a house and often the kids…


When one faces such devastating consequences to their bank account and wellbeing…

It tends to bring out a very ugly divorce

that leaves both parties facing detrimental consequences resulting in vicious anger and revenge.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And Oh Yea… No One Is Going To Hell

for Not accepting ‘Mythic literal’ Doctrine of a Church wedding


for being among the 41% of first-time marriages that end with nasty Lawyers.

The societal trend is towards more couples choosing the path of

A Commitment Ceremony.

For More Enlightening Info Please Check out this Resource:


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Divorce stats

41 percent of first marriages end in divorce.
60 percent of second marriages end in divorce.
73 percent of third marriages end in divorce.

~ Don’t become a ‘Negative Stat’ ~