Heath and Michelle’s “Luv” Story

Love Birdz as found in Nature 😉
True Love deserves a Maui Beach Vow Renewal

I am sorry it took so long to write this. Because it’s not your typical love story, I really had to think hard and process what has been our glue that has held us together for the past 19 years.

The first time I “met” Heath was at a party in July of 1998. I had been divorced from my first husband for three weeks and had no intention of being in a relationship for a long time, if ever again.  Heath was in a bad mood because he had lost his football game earlier in the night, and I had a few drinks in me, so I was my normal ornery self and antagonized the grumpy guy sitting in the kitchen.

The next time I saw Heath was about a month later. We both were at the community college taking our placement tests. He sat next to me and he smelled AMAZING! I had a very hard time concentrating on my test and actually did poorly, and to this day I blame him! J

A few nights later we saw each other at the local club. Once again, I had a few drinks in me and walked up to him and told him that I blamed him for my bad test taking, because he smelled so good! That night was the beginning of almost 19 years.

A little back history: As I mentioned, I was newly divorced. I had three children who I shared custody with my ex- husband. My children were/are my world and I was not going to let just anyone around them.  Heath embraced my children and I think that was when I began to fall in love with him. Within a few months of meeting, we declared our love and he moved in (well technically, he was there from day one)- but our love and relationship became official in October of 1998.

In December of 1998 he asked me to marry him. I said “yes” and then the next day said “no”. I was good with living together, but NEVER wanted to re-marry!

In the fall of 1999- I learned I was pregnant. Heath had asked me four different times to marry him and I always said no. Even being pregnant, I was adamant I would never marry again.

In May 2000 I had our daughter. Her lungs were not developed, and we had to spend two weeks with her in the hospital.  Going through the experience of our daughter’s birth and time in the NICU, made me love Heath very much. He was my rock. I told him I was ready to get married. We were married on June 16th, 2000 in a small ceremony. We went to a buffet afterwards and then to his friend’s house. It was the worst wedding night ever.

The past 17 years have not been easy. We have had some very difficult times and have almost divorced on a few occasions.  Somehow, we find our way back and we choose love and as we overcome the hurdle that tried to tear us apart, we become stronger and more determined to make our marriage work.

Primarily due to Heath’s work schedule (working graveyard for four years)- we were living different lives. There were times I would only see Heath for 5 minutes a day and then not even talk to him. This year, from January to March, there were weeks I would see him one day a week, and on that day he would want to play D and D online with his friends (Jim and Rick). I was considering a separation. I was married, but alone. Then, a miracle happened. Heath was offered a new job! He now works Monday through Friday and usually home shortly after me. We are enjoying doing simple things again like walking the dogs, grocery shopping, and just talking and laughing with each other.

So, the glue? I don’t know. I do know he is a wonderful father to our four children and an amazing papa to our three grandsons. He supports my crazy love of animals and helps with our six dogs (three we acquired from being foster parents).  We may not have the perfect love story, but we truly do love each other.

The vow renewal ceremony was my idea.  I am looking forward to having a romantic ceremony with the man I have disliked at times over the years, but always loved. Sharing this evening and creating a new memory with some of our closest friends is the beginning of the next chapter of our love story.

Heath and Michelle – Luv Story Blessing

Most often, the challenges we face together, struggle with, then overcome, create a bond of love that is much deeper than we could imagine prior.

The most challenging work shift – Graveyard 😲  and the totally engaging entrapment of D&D… I knew some folks that would play 24 hours a day for days at a time, then continue it for weeks and months.  Some quite their jobs some got fired, some got help… I’m glad you guys Transcended that one 😉

Indeed, when one gets married the two go forth into the unexplored areas of life.  There will always be pain and suffering, and challenges we never ever thought “We’d” have to deal with.

When we face those challenges, like the struggle for the new life of your daughter, we are shaken to the core.  The help each other gives the other is often literally a life saving Grace. 

Love, True Love defies the laws of science in that the total love that is experienced far exceeds the sum of the two individual parts.

When a couple that has been married for many years, transcended the many issues of life and still has that love light glowing… a Vow renewal is that pivotal point in life that officially starts the

 “Living Happily Ever After” chapter in their book of Luv

Maui Marital Bliss
It’s hard to kiss when your smiling 😉