Insignificant Oblivion

There are more stars in our galaxy than there are grains of sand on Earth

In regards to dealing with my issues with

humanity seemingly going down an unsustainable path,   

Ignorantly wasting our infinite potential until we are now at the threshold of…


I seem to be among a very small percentage of those

that have become ‘crippled with compassion’  

on account of the ignorant waste of our resources,

in that so few own so much and the rest of us suffer a hellish life.

Even the more fortunate ones must struggle needlessly just to make ends meet

as the quality of life degrades

each generation.

According to Ken Wilber, a contemporary philosopher

specializing in the evolution of humanity…

He states that when a societal perspective reaches at least 10% of the population,

this creates a ‘tipping point’ that allows that perspective to exponentially expand to become the majority view. That’s when real transformation takes place.

That’s the situation when before Abe Lincoln became president,

less than 10% of society cared or wanted to end slavery.

But as he came into power,

it became a more moral perspective and it then it reached the ‘tipping point’ and… transformation became a


There are limited resources, but

we base our economy and lifestyles on the need to consume more and more…


greedily consuming it all right now with no mindfulness for our children’s children…

This is insane…

But hardly anyone seems to notice or care.

And now

with putin’s ego war and

our inability to find a harmonious ‘win win’ solution with China…

Our insatiable nationalist “patriotic” lust for those

super sexy hypersonic nuke missiles

that so many would gleefully vote to defund social security

so they can read more & more about those niffy new nukes…

WW3 is just around the corner

and those that embrace our Industrialized Military complex

can’t seem to wait to see us use those

phallic missiles.

A lot of people are blissfully ignorant of the world situations…

and are probably better off with that

ostrich like perspective.

One issue I can’t seem to fathom is that

there are religions that actually look forward to

the total destruction of our planet and all its species, especially mankind  

along with rendering it uninhabitable for countless eons. 

They believe that helping bring about the ‘end of times’

will allow them to gleefully watch their friends, family and neighbors

that do not pray just like they do

to burn in a hells fire while they are rewarded for their part in the

ultimate genocide of the entire planet and then get to ascend to heaven

to be at the feet of their projection of ‘God’ for evermore…

And …

these are the same ones that claim to be ‘pro-life’

and state that their projection of ‘God’ is pro-life…


this is the same ‘God’ that it is written in their holy book that

brought upon the death of every

man, woman, child and every species on the Earth…

except for those few aboard the mythic ‘Noah’s Ark’.


and they claim to be pro-life…

I just don’t get it.

I’m into Divine Spirituality…

not dogmas and mis understood doctrines


their faith looks forward to such end of times…

As long as there are no abortions… because they say they are pro-life.


they have missed the True tread of real Divinity.


The rest of the world has grown intolerant of our intolerance to share the

fair market value of money and our dominance as a world power and economic superpower…

the us dollar is being challenged. 

Many US and international banks are folding right now as I type this.

The stock market is a mess with no safe way of saving money…

It all is just a lose – lose quagmire.

The GOP keeps talking about doing away with social security

Because they want to spread a fear that socialism, they say, is bad.


It takes away from the profits of the uber rich which get them elected

and retain the power to broker themselves profits fit for kings

while humanity slides desperately into… oblivion.

In fact,

everything we once stood for is now up for restructuring in this

new world dis-order.

My heart aches for humanity…


That’s the reality of this life.

Instead of running our country with common sense, in a way that

seeks the best ways to deal with our challenges

and make a better life for all of humanity…

We have chosen to allow the most unqualified people, and

the most destructive excuse for running a country…

and that’s the gop and their demagogue ways, supported by,

The under educated, mentally vulnerable folks that far outnumber

the ones that do use critical thinking and have true compassion

for the betterment of all humanity and

are willing to be mindful of working towards a future for our children’s children. 

But it’s not really the fault of these folks!

No one should be mis informed and taken advantage of and fool them into

un-wittingly vote against their very own best interests and

condemn their very own children’s children future in the name of

power driven egotistical demagogue politicians.

It’s much easier to promote the big lie, the big almighty F-U, hate, division, racism, xenophobia…

Than it is to promote

unconditional love, union, strength through diversity and common sense.

We should do away with and transcend our self-defeating two-party system of representation.

We get the government we deserve…


We get the global society that we deserve as well.


As the whole shit show slides into its ultimate demise down the toilet of life…

There is only one way to look at just how insignificant it all is the big picture.

Because this world seems really big… by considering

how many grains of sand are contained in this entire world…

Then consider,

that our galaxy contains more stars than there are grains of sand on this planet.

Our little world of ignorance,

becomes just a wee less significant.

Then consider,

That most of those stars have a least a few planets…

There are then exponentially more planets than there are grains of sand on this planet,

just in our galaxy.

Then consider,

They say there are more galaxies that stretch out towards infinity,

than there are grains of sand on this planet.


When one takes into consideration that all of this is part of the known universe…

The ‘manifest’ universe…

It is known by science that this too is only a small fraction of the total ness of it all…

Which includes the ‘un-manifested’ universe…

like dark matter and the ineffable nature of the cosmos,

and the True Nature of consciousness.

Considering the vastness of the known and speculated universe…

Our nice little planet with the stupid humans becomes infinitely…


If we choose to let our egos ruin this planet…

The universe really won’t even notice.

And certainly…

The True nature of our Beings – Our True “Self”…

The eternal part that is just pure Awareness or conscious…

Will not affected.

None of this is really real anyhow.

Everything is Ultimately… Always Already Alright!

Be Here Now… while it’s still here.

Enjoy the moments…

This is really all ‘we’ have 😉