Anthony & Michelle’s Luv Story

Michelle and I met in 2006 in Norwalk, CT

when I worked as an Assistant Principal in West Rocks Middle School.

I fell in love with Michelle from the moment she stepped into my office.

I could not stop staring into her beautiful eyes.

Before she left my office, she offered to take me out to dinner, and I accepted.

We married on March 27, 2013 in the city of Atlanta, GA in front of our family and friends.

It was a moment that we cherish to this very day.

With love and determination,

we have conquered and overcome all the obstacles that have entered into our lives.

Michelle and I are best friends and she is everything a man could want in a woman

who he would call his wife.

She is strong, determined, passionate, intelligent, and easy to talk to about anything.

Anthony went out of his way to aid my son in a difficult situation, and to thank him, I offered to take him out.  We met up for dinner, and when we met, I think we both knew right away that this would be the first of many get-togethers. 

He is pushy, likes things his way, very argumentative, as I am,

but filled with love and an enormous amount of compassion. 

We both complement each other and know that even though we are both head strong,

we do know when to concede to the wishes of the other. 

Our best times are those spent with our family,

and we are always looking for another reason

to roll out of the house together to go shopping. 

~ ~ ~ ~

We have weathered the storm and now celebrate five years of holy matrimony.

To a love that is unbreakable,

we are truly blessed and determined to love beyond measure.

Anthony & Michelle’s Luv Story Blessing

Michelle’s eyes were like a lens into her soul for Anthony. 

It is a mesmerizing attraction that seems to tell a lot about one’s soul,

just from eye contact.

Turning a child’s challenge into a parent’s dream come true…

How this magic manifests is an ineffable concept… beyond empirical explanations.

Love begets love.

Challenges are… well challenging.

No one wants to look forward to the annoying struggle of such hardships,


when we transcend those challenges, and

a love deeper than one could have ever imagined

 is born from the ashes of those challenges, turning those challenges into

doors of fulfillment and Grace.

Half my relatives are from Georgia and the other half from the north east…

My uncles and cousins were ‘divine hell raisers’ while my Mom was born an angle….

There is a connection there, as there is a connection with all sentient beings.

Love is the common denominator for all.

When two souls connect in the most sacred ways, a fulfillment and completion

of the deepest expression is experienced.

Abide in that sacred space of love that brings two hearts, two souls, two earthly people

together in a ‘non-duel’ embrace… At one with each other…  

So, in tuned and entwined with a One-ness.

Many synchronicities and coincidences bring our seemingly random encounters;

some of which turn out to be the integration of soul mates,

a match made in Heaven…

‘The Flow of the Divine’.