Enlightening Marriage Guidance

A couple that begins a life together shares a Path of both mutual and personal growth.

Learning together the stages of

Awakening Soul Mates to their Higher ‘Self’

is personally fulfilling and offers a selfless love to each other.

This reveals a higher meaning of life and inspires a creative fulfillment  

that transcends all self-serving egos and negative misperceptions.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Learning together the practices to deepen Mindful perspectives

will allow each person to know sooner when they are

 having unproductive or unwholesome thoughts  

before it digresses into rude speech or inappropriate actions

that can’t be taken back.

This ensure the well being with a perfect blend of Loving kindness

for a marriage of Boundless Bliss.

 Premarital Guidance with these inspiring blogs

1.  Introducing couples to the Essential Elements of Spirituality

Establishing a common base of Calm Tranquil Mindful Practices

Enhancing Both Individual and Marital Growth

Balancing All Perspectives

Mind – Body – Spirit – Emotions

Through the perspectives of Mindfulness and

~ Equanimity ~

2.  Transition to Married Life

These inspiring blogs will

Facilitate and offer a process that enables the couple to discover their

Personal and Relationship strengths and weaknesses

and stimulates relational growth.

Important things to consider about

Individual & Marital – Goals, Dreams, Plans

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

3. Development of Relationship Skills

Starting with the basic responsibilities and contributions each will bring to ‘the Team’…

Then Integrating the growing ‘depth of Spirit’ as is arises

Through the Self-Realizations that each one will Awaken to both Individually

and as a Union of Two Interwoven Soul-Mates

4.  ‘Reiterate the Resolve’ of the couple’s decision to marry each other…

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